Australian Parliament Passes Marriage Equality with Incredible Reaction
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Australian Parliament Passes Marriage Equality with Incredible Reaction

November 18, 2019

The Prime Minister has the call. What a day! What a day for love, for equality,
for respect! Australia has done it! Every Australian had their say and they’ve said
it’s fair, get on with it and the Parliament has got on with it and we have voted today
for equality, for love. It’s time for more marriages, more commitment, more love, more
respect and we respect every Australian who has voted — those who voted yes and those
who voted no — this belongs to us all. This is Australia! Fair! Diverse! Loving! And filled
with respect! For every one of us, this is a great day. It belongs to every Australian.
The 45th Parliament is doing its job, delivering, getting on with it. It’s fair. We’ve done
the work. We’ve done it together. Let’s do it. Let’s finalise this bill right now. Cheers
and applause. Just before I call the leader of the opposition, I just need the prime minister
to formally move that the bill be now read a third time — and Mr Speaker, I move that
the bill be now read a third time. Thank you Prime Minister. The leader of the opposition.
Hear hear. Australia, we are going to make marriage equality a reality in minutes. The
Australia of tomorrow begins with what we do today. At long last, LGBTIQ Australians
will be equal under the law. Our law will speak for a modern Australia — inclusive
and fair. And those of us in Parliament, privileged to serve, we understand that we do so with
humility. The humility to recognise that the passage of this law does not in essence belong
to us, but the credit for the passage of this law belongs to all Australians. And I say
to those who voted no, I recognise that now is the time for healing, to put this debate
behind us. And when this law is passed, we should declare that we are no longer a nation
of people who voted no or people who voted yes, we are simply Australians one and all.
And I say to LGBTIQ Australians in particular, you have given us a gift. This Parliament
when we pass the Marriage Equality law is not a gift from us to LGBTIQ Australians.
Equality is never a gift to be given. Equality is an inalienable birth right of every Australian
and this equality is long overdue. Hear hear. And I say the gift that LGBTIQ Australians
have given all of us is that when we are a nation who includes all of our people who
values all relationships and all families then we are a better nation altogether. So
as it is written that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity
under the heavens, it is now a time to heal, a time to build, a time to laugh, a time to
embrace, a time to love and now at last, a time for marriage equality. Hear hear. Order.
The question is — the question is that this bill be read a third time. I call the member
for Melbourne. Thank you Mr. Speaker. Well what a big day for love because despite the
years of bigotry and hate and despite the years of violence and lies and the ignorance
and fear, love has won and it’s time to pop the bubbly. And I’m gonna keep this short
and sweet because it’s time to let the bells ring and let the people sing because love
has won! Order! The question is — order! The question is that this bill be now read
a third time. All those of that opinion say aye. Aye! To the contrary, no. No! Laughs.
I think the ayes have it. Division required? Are there two voices? Division required. There
are two voices. Division required. Ring the bells. Just for the members in the public
gallery, I just want to say that at the end of this division there’s just still a couple
of procedures or one procedure that needs to happen so I just thought I’d… So I say
to members as well, when the doors are locked and I’ve read the result of the division we
do need to hear from the clerk to finalise the bill. The clerk does get the last word.
Laughter. Lock the doors! As there are fewer than 5 members on the side for the noes in
this division, I declare the question result in the affirmative in accordance with standing
order 127. The names of those members who are in the minority will be recorded in the
votes and proceedings. The clerk. Third reading. A bill for an act to amend the law relating
to the definition of marriage and protect religious freedoms and for related purposes.
Cheers and applause! We are one, but we are many. And from all the lands on Earth we come,
we share a dream and sing with one voice: I am. You are. We are Australian. We are one,
but we are many. And from all the lands on Eath we come, we share a dream and sing with
one voice: I am. You are. We are Australian. We’ve got some other
business to do…

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  1. Thank you for uploading. So proud to be Australian.
    Warren Entsch getting his name chanted was beautiful, if not for a moment. He's a top bloke who campaigned for the longest time for us. Thank you.

  2. Speaking as a 49 year old, straight, fat white guy who's as far from politically correct as you can get, this video moved me to tears. Never thought that a Parliamentary Youtube video would do that. Today, we can actually be proud of the institution we have in Canberra, the Government, Our Government. Today, we saw the very best of the democratic process. Government, of the people, by the people, for the people. We saw the wishes of the people of this nation acted upon and made into law. A privilege that less than half the people of the world enjoy, a privilege that our forebears fought and died for. Today, our Parliament did good work, they made us proud, perhaps they have even regained the respect of the common man & woman. Again, I am proud to say, I am an Australian!

  3. The BIRDS and the BEES do NOT allow FAKE marriage. The following places also do NOT allow FAKE marriage: ISRAEL, BERMUDA, MEXICO, NORTHERN IRELAND, ITALY, SWITZERLAND, GREECE, AUSTRIA.

  4. The general public sheople, are brain dead , easily distracted, what ever happened to the separation of powers , there is government over reach in action and the sheep cheer them on , love has nothing to do with it , it is all about contract law,
    Now if one partner dies the other partner gets to pick up all the pieces and pay any debts .

  5. What a great Leader! He's creaming his jeans over this shit when jobs are being lost in droves and Australia's economy is going down the gurgler. You'd think he'd reserve such passion and unbridled enthusiasm for a new plant, railway or hydro-electric dam that would put thousands in work. But No! The days of Curtain, Chifley and Menzies are well and truly gone. Master stroke of Statesmanship, Prime Minister. Tiberius, Nero and Caligula would be proud.

  6. The bit I heard wasn't the national anthem Australia has lost her way, Turn to the true Savior Jesus and God Bless this country again. cheree

  7. The flag and the national anthem are gone within five years, and both will be racist (perhaps illegal) within ten years. Lock it in Eddie.

  8. Honest Aussie, don't you have something better to worry about. Maybe Ice addiction, or the fact that 500,000 children in Australia have fetal alcoholic syndrome because their mothers were alcoholics, or that huge numbers of people are addicted to cannabis. What about the fact that 50% of children are leaving school so illiterate that that have no hope of participating in the new high tech/knowledge economy. But no, you are banging on about gay this n gay that. There's no trickery, conspiracy for social engineering. From your obsession with this subject, I;m starting to wonder if you are actually a closet homosexual yourself.

  9. What a sick immoral society we live in! Sex with children, sex with same gender, .. the list goes on. Is this what God wants for us?

  10. Very proud about all the Australian. This make me so happy and this moved me to tears. No words to explain.

  11. Terrific! Very proud of Australia, This is not a bill against anyone. It is simply acknowledging the reality that has existed longer than the bible, in all likelihood. I think even the people who were against are likely to appreciate what has happened after the apocalypse they are worried about doesn’t materialize.
    I have something to say to anyone harbouring bad feelings to any group. This is also what I apply to myself when I find the condition existing in me. Make a commitment to meeting and making friends within the group. I know it’s highly unlikely that a bias will not be eliminated after making these friends but there is a wonderful bonus too! Your world will have expanded in ways you never even imagined. You also will be changed into a more understanding and secure person because you will have that many more friends to support you when you are having a rough patch.
    Welcome to a new world Australia!

  12. I absolutely do not hate gay people. However this has nothing to do with love. God does not have a problem with a man LOVING another man. Love is great. God does have problem with a man having sex with another man. No amount of cheering and singing changes the fact that a man having sex with another man is an offense to the natural and to God. You can ignore God all you want. There are consequences to sin. You can hate me for saying this all you want. It doesn't change the fact that God created the body. God designed the body. God designed sex for a man and a woman and not for man to insert his erect penis into the anus of a man and ejaculate into it. This is an abomination to the Creator of the body. This was not the reason for the design of the body. Disobedience of God and fully accepting the ways of Lucifer only leads to death. Lucifer is smiling from ear to ear.

  13. Australia surpasses the USA–more bigot in the Divided States of AmeriKKKa than in other more enlightened and educated nations.

  14. I'm happy that marriage equality in Australia was passed,justice,fairness will be felt by all Australian, particularly LGBT as for me congratulations……

  15. Yes, the rainbow flag displaying only 6 colours of the actual Rainbow of 7 colours created by God.
    Just as the White House was adorned in the same 6 colours on 26/6/2015 when the Supreme Court made SSM law in all states in the USA.
    The Senate in Australia passed the SSM Bill on 29/11/2017 exactly 888 days after 26/6/2015 so it was easily predictabe that the Lower House would make the SSM Bill law a further 8 days later on7/12/2018.
    888+8 days = 896 days = (7+7+7+7)x(8+8+8+8) days.
    Great timing!

  16. haters…keep hating…well there's no one here who gives a shit about your comments coz it already happened…#equality won#love won#peace won.

  17. I admit it's a tautology, but people who are against this kind of progressive change to society need to understand: Everyone benefits when we live in a society where everyone benefits. Because you are part of the collective of "everyone".

    The more free, open and equal a society is, the better a place it is to live for everyone. Including you.

  18. Thankyou so much for posting this video, in which I can now watch over and over again for the rest of time. I'll never forget this day, as many of us won't. It was actually the next day after this I went to a YES party, it was a lot more fun after the bill had been passed. As the songs said, I am, You are, We are Australian!

  19. Who creates such astonishingly perfect symmetry as this?

  20. It took Australia the longest of time to pass this law. Behind so many countries, including South Americans…. But still a great fantastic step.

  21. I remember walking out of a school test and getting a text that the vote was a yes! Was in Europe when the legislation was passed!

  22. I bet that the dislikers come from Homophobic especially Indonesia. The country is too fucking overwhelmingly homophobic country because they’ve been intoxicated by religious extremists especially Islam!

  23. Why are atheists allowed to get married yet Pauline Hanson is not allowed to wear a Burqa? Marriage is between a man and wife. You can't change the definition.

  24. I love my male rooster chicken,when can I marry him legally without being discriminated against, we're in love ,a man and his chicken in love is a beautiful thing and should not be judged on.

  25. A sad day for Australia and the death knell for future generations of broken children raised by same-sex couples. This whole process should have been done through a referrendum, not a plebiscite.

  26. Just like America! Every senator and these guys need to be voted out!! God didn’t make a mistake! It’s a mental disorder that is vile! Ffck the government! Every man and woman in USA has the right to vote and own guns! I vote republican and own many guns unlike Australia! The bad guys in Australia have guys! You just went against GOD !!

  27. What a weird parlament. Ours is boring, everybody hate each other and if they could stab you with a knife they would. Don't know how we manage to approve this law in 2010

  28. of course bob said no
    this is an amazing video of something that should've happened a long time ago

  29. Nauseating gloating by Trumble, after putting LGBTI people through a sham process because he didn't have the guts to just put a marriage equality bill before the parliament despite having the votes. Trumble taking credit for this, when he and his woeful party were the ones who'd been holding it up, and when they put LGBTI people through a horrific debate on their basic humanity, is infuriating.

  30. There's a girl in the oposition called hon penny wong, she is a very nice women, she has a wife and two beautiful daughters, shes the minister for foreign affairs and if i could ever meet anyone in the gov or opo, i would gladly meet her cuz she sounds so amazing!
    Edit: 13:51

  31. Back markers are still honourable. Mexico City passed gay marriage in 2014, so I have all I need to get married except one little thing: a boyfriend

  32. regardless the government passed this i will never recognize gay marriages
    it should be a union not called mariage

  33. Australia l say no l am Australia
    Why l say no
    Very Australia should what this
    On YouTube
    All Australia person and government should whatch this boy with henna tattoo this video. .

  34. Well am not an Australian but I feel goosebumps watching this video such great people with such great thoughts so much love from Calcutta West Bengal. Last but not the least Australian men are sooooooo soo Handsome 😘🥰☺️🤗

  35. "Every Australian had their say"

    That's a flat out lie the postal survey was optional if it had been compulsory then he would be telling the truth

  36. The Law is based on the Ten Commandments from the Bible, that's why if you steal you go to Jail, and many more examples of this throughout Gods law. When he created you, he decided what sex you are, and designed humans to mate and take in marriage someone in the opposite sex, they breed and they dominate the World just as the Bible says. God did not design a male to be with a male or a female to be with a female, animals know this but this great intelligence called humans don't get it. By passing this Law they go against the basic Law of God. Against the law of nature. Homosexuality is still classed as a psychological condition and should be kept that way. Making it normal or even approved of cancels out the basic laws of God. You may not believe in God, so ok call it nature, even physics. It's not right and will never be accepted no matter what law they put in place, a round peg goes in a round hole, a square peg goes in a square hole, nothing will change this fact, it's the same with humanity.

  37. He caused us all to suffer. Hipocrit! Forcing a vote caused all LBGT plus citizens, to suffer the hate. …….
    Thank goodness Australians are good people and they voted yes. But the government was a woos!
    How dare they!

  38. Yeh Australia did it. As a gay women though, your cowardice caused so many of us pain. You could have voted on it and passed it without it going to the vote. Imagine if we all voted to accept you Malcom Turnbul? Your legacy is not this bill. The Aussie people made this happen and we thank them for that. You PM gave the LBGT plus community pain. Just pain. Horrible time for us PM. The vote was painful and scarey and should not have happened. Coward!

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