AutoCAD Tip – Three Ways to Put a Frame around Your Text (Lynn Allen/Cadalyst Magazine)

October 6, 2019

Hello there, this is Lynn Allen. Thank you
so much for joining me for another AutoCAD tip, courtesy of the fabulous Cadalyst magazine.
I’m coming to you from Santiago, Chile, where it is really quite cold. So that would mean
that it is chilly in Chile. Oh yeah, I said it. Let’s move along. Today I’m going to be
sharing with you three different ways to put a boundary around your text — three different
ways of going about it. That’s something that we end up having to do from time to time.
The first way is probably the most logical. Maybe not the fastest or easiest, but by all
means, there’s nothing wrong with simply going into the Rectangle command and drawing a good
old rectangle around your text. Of course, you can control the width, you can control
the layer, so on and so forth. That’s pretty basic. I’m going to undo that. Not very exciting.
Makes it a little tougher for you to control the exact distance the rectangle is from the
text. Am I right? Okay, let’s take a look at an Express Tool that may not be very obvious
because the name of the Express Tool is TCircle, which makes you think that it’s only going
to allow you to put a circle around objects. But in reality, it will let you do other things
as well. It allows you to do rectangles, and it allows you to do slots around objects.
I’m going to go ahead and select this text over here. You’ll see that it asks you for
an offset factor. I like that. That’s a little bit easier than using the Rectangle command.
So I have complete control of the size of that rectangle that’s going to go around my
text. Here you’ll see — enclose text with circles, slots, or rectangles. I’m in for
rectangles, and I want the same distance all the way around it. There you’ll see that I
very quickly, very easily now have a boundary around my text. That’s number 2. The last
one is only for those of you who have AutoCAD 2016. It’s got kind of an interesting way
of going about it. I’m going to select this mtext over here. I’m going to go into Properties,
and you’ll see if I slide this down, there is a new option inside of AutoCAD 2016, only
in Properties. Don’t ask me how to get to it any other way. It allows you to say — you
can see it showing up already — it allows me to say “Yes.” It will put a frame around
my text, as it likes to call it there — rectangle around my text. Do I have any control over
exactly the size of the rectangle, how far off it is from the text — absolutely not.
I have no idea how to control that. But it is a fast, speedy way to put text — excuse
me, to put a boundary box around your text. The trick there is you have to — you can’t
do it in the MText Editor, you can’t do it as you are putting the text on the screen.
You have to put the text on the screen and in your drawing file, and then go into Properties.
So that is three different ways to put a bounding box or a frame or a rectangle — whatever
you want to call it — around your text. Pick the one that’s easiest for you to work with
and does the job for you. I will see you back here in two more weeks. Take care.

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