Award-winning social innovator Ai-jen Poo selected as Inouye chair
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Award-winning social innovator Ai-jen Poo selected as Inouye chair

October 6, 2019

>>Ai-jen Poo: For me and for this generation
of young people, the question is how do we save the soul and the institutions of our
democracy. How do we do it in such a a way that makes us stronger on the other end?>>Hannah Rooks, UH Manoa student: I was pretty
much moved to tears just being in an age where there’s so much change happening. It’s
inspiring. It makes me want to participate in something greater than myself.>>Catherine Taylan, UH Manoa student: I was
just so shocked. I was like ‘oh, my god I’m meeting this person, that’s been in
like the top 100 influential women in TIME’ and the fact that she was just so powerful,
the majority of the time I had, like, chicken skin.>>Poo: If this position were at any other
university in any other state, I probably would have canceled and not come because of
what happened with the election. I mean this is really a place where a lot of innovation
in public policy has happened, and where the kind of inclusion and diversity that exists
here has been embraced and really seen as a strength. That’s the kind of approach
that we need to have as a country.”

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