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Ayesha Curry – Liberty University Convocation

December 7, 2019

>>DAVID NASSER: Good morning! Happy Thanksgiving
to you! We picked out songs that specifically ascribe gratitude to God. All of our songs
are that way, but it is so awesome to be together right before the holiday season. We have a
very special guest today, and we want to introduce— We want to introduce the great Ayesha Curry
to you, if we could, through a little bit of a video introduction. Just in case you
don’t know, she is married to a guy who plays basketball when he’s not a full-time dad.
He’s probably the best three-point shooter in history, possibly, all right? And she’s
also a best-selling author. Her book is literally on the New York Times best-selling list right
now. She is the host of a brand-new show on the Food Network. Let’s watch this video,
and then we’ll spend some time with her.>>VIDEO-CHRISSY TEIGEN: I love her. She spreads
positivity and delicious recipes on her lifestyle blog and YouTube series “Little Lights of
Mine.” Please welcome Ayesha Curry is here! >>VIDEO: The author of the new cook book
The Seasoned Life—>>VIDEO: Steph is becoming the first ever
unanimous MBA MVP, and his wife Ayesha a star in her own light with her amazing dishes.
She can be found whipping up MVP worthy dishes in their family’s kitchen. >>RACHEL RAY: You’ve got the blog now; you’ve
got the brand developing. I’m very excited. Congratulations!>>AYESHA CURRY: It’s really a way for me
to share everything that makes me happy, and everything that brings light into my life.>>JUJU CHANG: Perhaps the secret to Steph
Curry’s three-point shooting is the food he’s getting at home.>>NASSER: Come on Liberty University! Put
your hands together for the one, the only Ayesha Curry, everybody! >>CURRY: Thank you! My goodness! >>NASSER: Well, welcome to town!>>CURRY: Thank you! This is incredible!>>NASSER: Thank you! Well, obviously, a lot
of our students are pretty excited that you’re here. >>CURRY: I saw, you know what, I was following
along on social media, and I saw that there were going to be signs, and I couldn’t believe
it, so thank you for those amazing signs! >>NASSER: That’s awesome! Maybe we’ll give
them a chance to trade one of those signs for a cookbook later on.>>CURRY: Absolutely, yeah.>>NASSER: Maybe a signed book for one of
those. Let’s, real quick, speaking of the cookbook, let’s talk real quickly about the
cookbook. It’s more than just about food. It’s about faith, and family, stuff you’re
passionate about, Ayesha. Take us back. How did you become a celebrity chef? And now the
Food Network show, how did that get going? >>CURRY: I guess that’s what it is now, huh?
It all started, it stemmed from absolute passion. I’ve cooked since I was 12-years-old. It’s
kind of how I helped around my household. Both of my parents worked. I come from a family
of five, smack dab in the middle—two older sisters, two younger brothers. And so, it
was my way of helping my parents out. So, I’d cook for my whole family, and for some
reason everybody loved it. And I was just so passionate about it. I always said there
were kids that went to sports practices, or watched cartoons on a Saturday morning, and
I was waking up and falling asleep to Food Network every single day since I was a little
girl, and so it’s just amazing how God brings life full circle. And now I’m on the Food
Network hopefully inspiring little girls and little boys just the same way that those people
inspired me. And so, it’s been an incredible journey, and I feel very blessed. But I do
want to say, what an incredible—you guys should be so grateful to have such an amazing
community here in this incredible environment to just worship, and enjoy the Lord, and just
be here. I mean it’s such an amazing feeling. The worship that was led was incredible. Just
to have that in your back pocket every couple of days to be able to just, to just serve
Him and worship Him. That’s so special. So, don’t take that for granted. It’s a beautiful
thing.>>NASSER: Absolutely. That’s a good word,
you know, coming in from the outside. It’s something that we have 88 times a year, which
is convocation, I do think that sometimes we do take for granted the opportunity to
come together and worship. And it’s good to have an outsider come in and remind us, like,
hey, this is a real rare thing. >>CURRY: It’s special.>>NASSER: Yeah. Tell us about how you met,
you know, Steph Curry! How did that come about? >>CURRY: So, I think he’s watching right
now. We sent him the link. So, hello, honey! >>NASSER: Let’s all say to Steph Curry!>>CURRY: I don’t know where to look.>>NASSER: Make some noise! >>CURRY: So, Stephan and I actually met—I
was 14-years-old, and he was 15, and I— (Crowd coos) Oh my goodness! So, I moved from
Toronto, Canada—oh wow, yes—to North Carolina. Woo! And he was actually one of the first
people I met. I was bullied in school a lot, partially for my extremely thick Canadian
accent at the time, but I was tiny and I was shy. Now not so much, but I was, and one of
his relatives, his cousin, was actually one of the only people my freshman year of high
school to be nice to me. Didn’t know they were related until years later when we started
dating. I ran into the cousin and I’m like-wait, wait. Life has come full circle. So, we started
dating when I was 19 and he was 20, and we’ve been together ever since our first date. (Crowd
cheers) I mean thank you, but that’s just how it worked out. It’s just how God worked
things out for us. And Chris is—I think he’s over there, yes—Chris is here. He actually
went here to Liberty University, Christopher Strawn, and he was, he accompanied us on one
of our first dates, so. >>NASSER: He was your chaperone on one of
your first dates!>>CURRY: Sure—>>NASSER: So, rumor is you met, actually
at a youth group. >>CURRY: We did, we met at our church youth
group—Wednesday night church youth group—Central Church of God in North Carolina, so …>>NASSER: That’s awesome. That’s so cool.
And so, you guys started dating well before he was $100-million celebrity, right? So,
you’ve watched all of that just kind of come about. You’ve been together, and you’ve watched
just the Lord raise him up. And what is it like, now, just going through the experience
of becoming a world-renowned athlete and celebrity chef. and then people know your daughter,
Riley, really well. What’s it like to live in that kind of a bubble where everyone’s
looking in into the glass and seeing everything about your life?>>CURRY: It’s been a whirlwind. And there’s
been a lot of learning involved, because we have sort of a different situation. And so
now that we’re both in a position where people are watching, it makes things a lot more complicated,
which is fine. I feel like God has put us in this position, so we’re ready for it, but
every day we are learning. And I kind of watched it all happen right before my eyes with him,
and so that was a whirlwind. And unexpected but expected, because I believe even if he
wasn’t playing basketball, he’d still be in a position to where he was able to witness
to people through whatever it is that he’s doing. He’s such a special person, and so
I just know that whatever it was people would’ve seen it. And so, that doesn’t surprise me,
but everything else does, and it’s been a learning experience—especially from my end
as a mom. I mean we’re 27 and 28, been married five-ish years now, two kids. So, we’re young,
and we’re still—I consider that newlyweds—and so we’re learning, and everything’s happening
at once. But what keeps us going and what keeps us together is God and everything we’ve
founded our relationship and our life on. Thank you, guys. That’s what keeps us going. If we didn’t have
that, we would crumble to a million pieces, and so it really is what keeps us strengthened
and what keeps us going. And we try our best to hold each other accountable, because that’s
really what it comes down to. It’s so easy to slip and fall and just forget, so we try
our best. I, as a wife and a mom, try my best to hold my family accountable and get us together
and pray, because at the end of the day, when it comes down to decision-making, that’s what
we turn to—that foundation that we’ve built—and it helps a lot. >>NASSER: Absolutely. It’s great what you’re
saying. It’s unexpected, but yet it’s expected. it’s kind of like putting all the right ingredients
in the right bowl, and eventually it makes something really great, so you’ve seen that,
right? (Crowd cheers) What? Tell us about Riley. We were watching, I was watching a
video of her, and—>>CURRY: What happened?>>NASSER: I don’t know.>>CURRY: Oh, you guys liked that, what he
was saying?>>NASSER: No, they didn’t like the recipe
analogy, apparently. Maybe they felt like me talking about the ingredients eventually
being a good recipe was a bad analogy since you’re a chef. >>CURRY: Oh! Ah! >>NASSER: Happy Thanksgiving to you! Thank
you so much. I hope the turkey is dry wherever you’re going to be at. In that book there are some recipes about
how you can put some sauce on it or whatever. So, we’re watching how Riley, even the songs
that she sings a lot of times, are Christian songs. She’ll sing Jesus Loves Me, and you
guys are doing everything you can, you’re pretty committed in raising her in the ways
of God. Tell us about parenting. I mean these are future parents here, you know, and some
advice that you’d give. >>CURRY: My goodness, parenting is tough.
And you think after you get out of that newborn stage it gets easier, but you know it doesn’t.
It gets harder, because then you’ve got to teach them stuff. And so, they know how to
walk, they know how to talk now, and now it’s up to us to teach them how to walk and how
to talk with the Lord. And that’s been the hardest for me, is like figuring out, okay,
how do we do this? And how do we do this so that they don’t feel smothered? I want them
to come into it in their own way, and beautifully, and to really appreciate the Lord and love
the Lord with all their heart, and so it’s like figuring out how do I do that? And ultimately
it comes down to daily actions, right? And it comes down to walking the walk and talking
the talk, and so making sure whatever it is that I’m telling them, I’m backing it up with
the way that I conduct myself every single day. And so, as they get older I’m sure that’ll
become a little bit more difficult, but we try our best. And so far—our oldest is four,
so she’s very well aware, at this point, of what’s going on—and she’s soaking everything
up. And so, we’re trying to make sure we keep, we just keep filling her with the Word of
God.>>NASSER: Amen. Yeah, that’s good. So, awesome. Somebody was telling me that, they’re a big
fan of your husband’s, and they said whenever he walks out on the court he’ll like tap a
particular tattoo that he has, and that’s a thing that he does as a signal to you. Talk
about that for a minute.>>CURRY: Yes, this is not an advertisement
to go out and get a tattoo guys, so don’t do that, but we have matching tattoos. It’s
right—you can’t see. It’s so little, but they’re two arrows facing each other. It looks
like the equal than greater than sign, or the greater than less than sign; it’s not
that. It’s two arrows pointing together. they’re both open on each side, and it’s saying the
past is dead and gone; the future’s not promised, so to live in the moment. We live in an age
filled with social media and life’s just going a million miles a minute. Everyone’s always
working. We have our phones. It just doesn’t stop. And so, it’s our constant reminder
to just enjoy where we are every second of the day. And so, when he slaps his arm during
a game, he’s letting me know, I’m here. I’m happy. I’m enjoying my job. I’m ready to play;
and I’m ready to do it for God. And it’s the same for me. If I’m—whatever it is you like
to do, make sure you enjoy every moment of it. So, whether it’s me cooking a meal, like
I look down and I see it, and I’m ready to go. I make sure that it’s filled with passion
and love, and that I’m in that moment, that I’m not thinking about what’s next or thinking
about the mistakes that I’ve made. I’m just focused on making what’s happening right then
great and memorable.>>NASSER: That’s really great! Wow. I’d
love for you to talk about, just people who follow you on social media, really get a window
into your life. So, you certainly have a lot of fun, and you show how you’re parenting
Riley. And a lot of folks were asking about that tattoo, because you put that up on social
media. But there are other things that you obviously don’t share. There’s the private
moments, and then there’s the very public ones. Talk about that balance and how you
kind of make those decisions.>>CURRY: So, the balance is hard—especially
today, and especially with my kids. It’s, where do you draw that line? We’re so proud
of our children, and a way of me displaying that is by sharing all the things about them
that that make me so happy, because ultimately makes other people happy. And that’s kind
of how I started my blog initially. It’s called “Little Lights of Mine,” and it was these
are the people, places, and things that bring light into my life. And so, it was everything
reflective of the Lord, and the things that made me happy, and the things that kept me
going. But it came to a point where I had to say, OK, this a little bit too much. But
my whole brand is built off of transparency, and being an open and honest person, and not
sugar-coating anything. So, everything you see, it is what it is, but ultimately I do
keep those things that are so sacred to me personal, because it’s important to just have
some things to yourself. So, there is a lot that we keep to ourselves—a lot of good
things, but we share what we can. But at the end of the day you guys have to remember everybody
sees everything. And no matter how many times somebody tells you it disappears, it doesn’t
disappear. It’s out there. It’s in the cloud somewhere, and so you’ve really got to just
be aware of what you’re putting out there and the messages you’re sending, because they
definitely come back to you—especially when it comes time to get a job. Like we’re were
talking about earlier, it really comes back. And obviously, I had my big slip up, right,
during the finals. I mean it’s like no secret. And that, it was a moment of passion. I’m
like madly in love with my husband and care very deeply about everything that happens,
and so I had—it was— I shouldn’t have, but I did, and I own it. But ultimately, I
was very afraid of the brands I worked with, and the people I was involved with, like,
what are they going to think? And it’s all fine now, but it definitely was a learning
lesson.>>NASSER: You bet. A lot of people watched
that game and probably said the very thing you tweeted to their husband, or their wife,
or their buddies. You just happened to be incredibly public about it and got a lot of
heat for it, but you learned from that, and you move on. And like you said, it’s just
emotion of the moment, but you’re learning from that. Tell us—speaking of stuff you
posted—I hear you’re quite the basketball player yourself.>>CURRY: You know, I can cook it up a little
bit on the court. >>NASSER: We have a video we want to show.
Can we show this video?>>CURRY: I have no idea what video this is.  And I was wearing ‘jots,’ because I did not
know I was going to be hooping it up, so how about that? >>NASSER: So, this morning, you and our coach,
our basketball coach, Coach McKay, got in the green room kitchen, and you guys cooked
up a little something. So, we just shot that video, and want to show it to everybody. Let’s
watch this video. It’s amazing. >>CURRY: I’s the best video ever.>>NASSER: Hey so, uh—. >>CURRY: We got a ball? I can do my trick?>>NASSER: I think they’re getting ready for
it, but let’s go ahead and do the last question we always ask. I was telling you this morning
that our last question is always how we can pray for you, and I love how you lit up. You
go, yes. I’d love for people to pray for me. How can we pray for you through this season
of life?>>CURRY: I love that, and it’s something
I’m often asking, and I’m not usually asked specifically, and so I think that’s incredible.
And so, for me, I would just say, on this journey that we’re on, because it’s just starting,
that you guys pray for protection around our marriage, around our family. I just ask that
you pray that, you know, I’m reminded every day to put on my armor and go to battle for
Him with whatever it is that I’m doing, and not to, like, lose sight of that, lose sight
of how it all started and the reason why I wanted to set out and do this. So, I just
ask that you pray for wisdom for me, and that God continues to order both my steps and my
husband’s steps, and that we’re doing everything for his greater good. So, that’s what I would
ask that you pray for me for. Thank you in advance.>>NASSER: Absolutely. That’s awesome. We
do want to pray for you. Before we pray for you, we sincerely do want to say we’re so
grateful that the Lord has raised you up for a lot of people to see you as an example,
the way you’re parenting, the way that you’re living out your marriage, the way that you’re
spending your influence to further the Kingdom of God just as devoted Christians is real
inspiration to us. Are we not grateful for just your testimony and your witness? So,
thank you.>>CURRY: Thank you. Thank you.>>NASSER: Now next time we see him on TV,
you know, at a game, we’ll look for you in the sidelines, but we’ll also know to be praying
for you to be putting on that armor of God. Let’s pray for our sister.>>NASSER: Father, thank you for Ayesha. Thanks,
Lord, for all that you are doing in her life and through her life. Lord, thank you for
this particular season where, God, as busy as they are as a husband and a wife, both
just being good stewards of this incredible opportunity to be a celebrity chef and to
bring hope and just light into people’s lives, living rooms, through that show. And then
through even the avenue of basketball, as busy as they are, that they are continuously
grounded in you, and that, God, their commitment to you continues to make them committed to
each other. We pray, Father, just for a hedge of protection over them and their family—their
two precious children. We pray, Lord, that you would, even in this moment, even as she
said, continue to allow her to put on the armor of God, Lord, that she would be protected
by you, and that she’d have wisdom and discernment in the decisions that she makes. Lord, give
them stamina and give them rest. Even in this Thanksgiving season I pray that they would
find just solitude, Lord, and that they would find time to be together as a family and recharge.
We thank you, Lord, for the opportunity that you’ve given us just to be with her and to
be encouraged by her. We pray that she’s been encouraged just by being in a room full of
brothers and sisters as well. We pray this in your name, amen.  Hey, we’re going to post that video later
on today, but can we just do this? Can we thank the great Ayesha Curry for being here?
What we were going to tell you at the end of the video is Ayesha was cooking with Coach,
and they were cooking two different things. Tell them what you cooked, and then tell them
what we’re doing for them on their way out.>>CURRY: So earlier “we” cooked. No, he really,
Coach really did help me. We made delicious roasted potatoes with rosemary and lime, and
we did one of my family favorites, pumpkin squares-perfect for the season. Way better
than a Starbucks PSL—way better, it’s way better. So, the exciting news—do I tell
them? The exciting news is that we made it for everybody, and it will be available in
The Rot! So, did I say that right, The Rot?>>NASSER: That’s right. Isn’t that awesome?
So, when you walk out of here today, if you go to The Rot, we’re going to get to have
two items from her cookbook that she’s given us permission to do. And it’s going to be
a whole lot of fun to feed, you know, over 10,000 people those pumpkin squares and those
amazing potatoes. Hey, we always give, a bit of a jersey. And so, we wanted to give this
to you. All right, hey, if you have a sign, here’s what I’ll do. If you have a sign, if
you’ll come over here to the side I will give you one of these cookbooks for that sign,
alright? God, bless you guys, Hey, happy Thanksgiving. You are dismissed.>>CURRY: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, let
me say one thing. Wait, so I see you gave me this amazing jersey here, but you know,
if I had chosen a school I feel like would’ve chosen this one, so I don’t know if you—
I’m just putting out there in the air, like if you guys ever want to give me an honorary
degree, I’d take it gladly!>>NASSER: We can make that happen right now.
We can make that happen right now. >>CURRY: I’m just messing.>>NASSER: I tell you what, you bring your
husband to convo, and we’ll do a lot more than that.>>CURRY: Thank you. Thank you everyone.>>NASSER: One more time. Give Ayesha a round
of applause. So grateful for you.

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