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Backlash Over SoulCycle & Equinox Owner’s Trump Fundraiser | The Daily Show

August 24, 2019

Fund-raising. It’s as integral a part
of American politics as low voter turnout
and terrorizing babies. Now, historically, rich people have hosted
fund-raisers in America for political candidates,
and this happened regularly, and it didn’t garner
much attention. But in the age of Trump,
all of that has changed, as one billionaire
just found out. Calls are growing for members
of Equinox and SoulCycle to boycott
those popular fitness clubs after it was revealed that the chairman
of their parent company will hold a big-dollar
fund-raiser for the president. NEWSWOMAN:
According to the invite, tickets are up to a quarter
of a million dollars. Many customers,
including celebrities, taking to social media
criticizing and threatening
to boycott the gym and its spinning studio,
SoulCycle. Comedian Billy Eichner
going further, saying he is canceling
his membership. Chrissy Teigen tweeting… (reading): What? Chrissy,
what are you doing? You can’t just work out
in the library. People are masturbating
in there. Show some respect! Come on, Chrissy! (laughter and applause) But that’s right. The owner of Equinox
and SoulCycle is throwing a fund-raiser
for Donald Trump at a house in the Hamptons, so now there are growing calls for people to boycott Equinox
and SoulCycle. And to all those people
canceling their memberships, I say good luck. Have you ever tried
to get out of a gym membership? It is impossible. People don’t know this,
but the real reason Harriet Tubman fled the South was to escape
her Planet Fitness contract. A lot of people don’t know that. She’s like,
“I heard in the north, they let you pay
month to month.” And in the wake
of this backlash, the Equinox owner, Stephen Ross, released a statement
defending himself, but I’ll be honest. I think
it only made things worse. NEWSMAN: Ross defended
his relationship with Trump, saying, in part… (reading): Okay, uh,
let’s get something straight. If you’re hosting a fund-raiser
for Donald Trump, I don’t know if you can call
yourself a champion of racial equality
and inclusion, all right? You’re not a champion. You can call yourself
a contender of racial equality, you can call yourself
a part-time participant of racial equality,
you can call yourself a dabbler of racial equality,
you know? Not a champion. (cheering and applause) You’re not a champion. Like… like, if racial equality
was a sport, you’d be playing pickup games. That’s basically what this is. Because, you see, like,
Ross has come out and, basically, what he’s saying
is that he supports the business side
of Donald Trump but he doesn’t support
the racism side of Donald Trump. But you realize,
if you actually listen and analyze what he’s saying, what he’s actually saying
without realizing it is that he can afford
to support Trump’s business side because Trump’s racism side
doesn’t affect him. That’s what he’s saying. (cheering and applause) And here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. SoulCycle and Equinox both have very liberal,
diverse memberships. But when the news asked
these members how they would participate
in the boycott, their feelings were mixed. I’m really bummed to hear
that the owner of Equinox is involved in, uh,
Trump’s campaign. -Really bums out.
-I don’t like President Trump, but, uh… but I’m not gonna go
canceling my membership over it. Yeah. I’ll cancel. There’s a gym
right down the street. If he goes through
with this, uh, fund-raiser, I’m probably gonna be out. I’m not gonna cancel.
(chuckles): No. I’d rather have plantar
fasciitis without treatment than having to support
in any way anything affiliated
with Trump supporters. (cheering and applause) Yo, that was… That was so specific. You know, normally,
people give you a general thing. He was like, “Yeah, I’d
rather have plantar fasciitis “in my left leg,
right below the knee, than to support.” But that’s right. Some people are torn,
but many people say, if this happens, they’re out. And, you know what,
I’m joining them. In fact, I haven’t gone to
the gym in the last three months in preparation for this moment. That’s right. (cheering and applause) That’s right! So, once again,
Americans are faced with the unending question, should you support a business if some people in that business back a politician
you don’t like? Well, we’re no closer
to finding the answer, but we did try to offer
some solutions to people at these gyms, with help from our very own
Jaboukie Young-White. Now that Equinox and SoulCycle
are canceled, liberal New Yorkers need
a new #resistance alternative to their pro-Trump workouts. That’s why I’m here to promote my new woke-out plan. ♪ ♪ Now we’re gonna do
some Squad squats. -Are you familiar
with the Squad? -Yes, I am. You’re going to be doing squats and shouting out names of people
in the Squad. Rashida Tlaib. Ayanna Pressley. AOC. Ilhan Omar. #resist. #resist. #resist. Get those Muellers in. Crunch those redactions. Unlike the report, everyone
is gonna see that beach bod. Okay, so, of course,
in any workout, you’re gonna be doing some reps,
right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Okay, and these reps
are reparations. So go in your wallet. Take out some money. Okay. And just give me, like,
ten more of these. Even though
you’re too young to vote, what you can do to stay fit
is run and register five people to vote
in five minutes. Can you do that?
Take this clipboard. Go. Jaboukie Young-White, everyone!

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  1. Trumptards whine about liberals.. but guess what trumptards. Liberals make the world go around. They make gyms like this one. Rich, why. Because liberals are the ones working out. Buying, eating healthy.speanding in other words.

    Trump supporters, they just love making the NRA bigger n better. When have you seen a trump supporter paying for gyms. Eating healthy. For them all these is a hoax.. hahahahaha.

    You get diabetes, is a hoax, you die
    Is a hoax.. …..

  2. This is more than about supporting a politician. Trump is a fascist who is working with enemies of democracy to undermine the U.S. constitution. Fascist dictators need a scapegoat to rile up their bases hate so just becaisue its people of color today does not mean you are safe.

  3. FYI, most of these idiots boycotting equinox won’t go to another gym like 24 or golds. Why. Because they’re all liberal snobs who were going to equinox in the first place due to the gym being a safe space for them.

  4. I don’t buy anything from a business that gets political. They are free to express their views and I am free to not use their products.

  5. Trump needs to prove his not a child rapist, aided or invested in Epstein’s child rape ring, is not a corporate criminal and is not a criminal! If he does not, there’s more evidence to show he’s involved in nasty criminal things. I cannot support a child rapist sex trafficking president! That’s why you should boycott everything trump! How can you support a child rapist? I’m boycotting every business who supports Trump, he brought America into darker times! Do the research people, foreign puppet criminal as our president? No thanks, America is not that desperate! We will elect a better president so help us God!

  6. This is the first on-air bit where I've felt Trevor wrote it all himself, some outrage coming through in that fluid delivery. Excellent, except for the part where, in the unfortunate spirit of The Daily Show, he mocks the old woman. He did fails to understand she's been using the gym to do the exercises that can help control her plantar fasciitis — and she's willing to give up the gym and live with the pain rather than in any way support the Rump. It's serious pain, pain that means you can't stand on your feet for more than a few minutes without being in agony. Trevor should be saluting her rather than publicly mocking her. Every time I start to appreciate him as host, he pulls a dick move like this one.

  7. I've had plantar fasciitis, and I would MUCH rather have that over being associated with ANYTHING that supports Trump!!! He is a POS and should be the new definition of 'piece of shit'!

  8. I really wish Trevor would have tackled the subject of Trump's checkered economic preformance as opposed to divert from it. I agree wholeheartedly with what Trevor was saying though.

  9. It's bizarre how these millionaires always insist they started with nothing or worked their way up alone when inevitably wealthy parents bought them top notch educations and then gave them many thousands or millions to get started. Starting from nothing means you pulled shifts at McDonald's for years to save capital to open a tiny business, not that your parents gave you money.

  10. Why would a successful businessman align himself with a child pretending to be a businessman who’s best skill is bankrupting businesses?

  11. Very bad business move for a guy who's business depends on millennials and very liberal woke people to not simply be a Trump supporter but to actively fund raise for him.

  12. If you boycott a company because of their owners political view, you need to grow the fuck up. Listen I don’t like Trump at ALL, but Jesus what the hell happened to this country?

  13. If we knew the history and political opinion of every company we give business to we wouldn’t be happy shopping anywhere. McDonald’s was stolen from two brothers and billions eat there.

  14. How is Trevor Noah funny? Isn't the Daily Show supposed to be about entertainment? Go home to South Africa, Trevor. Learn what racism really is. Don't they call it Black Apartheid down there? Loser.

  15. People who own and run large businesses always have to be careful about being overtly political.What people buy as consumers is not always connected to their political views.

  16. I support the business side of Donald trump and I’m not rich. I don’t support all his other bullshit. This is why I live in America so I can make up my own mind and not have to follow some stupid ass person who is rich already telling us who to vote for and who not to vote for. Talking bout Trevor noah

  17. Trevor actually thinks that people masturbating in the library would have a problem seeing Chrissy Teigen work out

  18. 😂 That kid, (who looks just like his chubby dad,) enthusiastically running off with the clipboard: almost too cute for words❗

  19. As he claims to be an "outspoken champion of racial equality" and etc., why have I never heard of him until now?

  20. Plantar Fasciitis is in in the heel of your foot and incredibly painful. This remark was brilliant in so many ways.

  21. I’m not cancelling. It’s the closest gym other than planet fitness and I need more that one lonely treadmill

  22. I'm bewildered as to why a gym would support Donald Trump. Just look at a video of a Trump rally. These people are, for the most part, obviously allergic to gyms.

  23. U gringos are so stupid. Want to boycott a brand founded by racist? Like volkswagen? Hugo boss? Addidas? Fanta? Even henry ford was a racist. Why are u ppl so mad with your president? Because he said maxicans are the worst? Thats not racist. Thats true. Thats why mexico is hell and americans live better than europeans.

  24. Chrissy T is an empty headed basic bitch. What does she know about the library? It's a place to work out for idiots? Boycott equinox and soul cycle ya dumb ho and use the library to research a better gym.

  25. Trump's "racism" effects the RECORD, historic #'s employment for minorities. Not to mention the first actual prison reform in ages. Btw, HOW are Baltimore and Detroit – RUN (to the ground and destroyed) by Dems for decades – doing for minorities? Oh, right ….

  26. the only people who said they wouldnt cancel were the white muscle gays lmfaooo im disgusted but not surprised

  27. 4:54 and blow this one 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 WE LOVE YOU JABOUKIE!

  28. Sounds like he is against everything Donny diapers stands for, yet still raising money to support him? Yeah sure, that's believable. Money talks bullshit walks. Use your money to walk away from supporting this guy's businesses.

  29. If you workout at Equinox or Soul Cycle, you’re probably already a filthy rich conservative because their monthly rates are INSANE.

  30. Can't call yourself a champion of public education or environmental stability either. Not with Betsy Devos at the helm for schools, and all the environmental deregulation by Trump's administration.

  31. Glad it’s not my gym doing that dumb shirt. It’s almost bulking season and I don’t want to start off with no gym.

  32. Ok.. you know what reps are right? Ok so reps stand for reparations, now open your wallet… Im so done with him. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. Why do people continue to say trump is racist?

    Trust me I know racist…and day orange man isn't racist…granted he's tends to pander and stick his foot in his mouth bwhich us where it belongs but he isn't racist

  34. The people interviewed not canceling their memberships? Gay. White. Men. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts they're Trump supporters

  35. If you keep peddling an anti-Trump narrative even when the focus should be how absurd and pernicious cancel culture is becoming, you know Trump will win again in 2020. Seriously, if you're going to cancel your gym membership simply because its owner disagrees with you politically, you're not fighting fascism. You, yourself, are a fascist attacking free speech and civil discourse. People are forgetting that this country was founded on the principles of religious and political freedom. It's the unpopular and dissenting opinion we need to protect if we are to remain a free country. I don't care if you think he's a racist for supporting Trump. By the time you cancel everyone you disagree with, they'll come back to cancel you.

  36. The state of american politics…. I would vote for Trevor Noah for President of the United States of America… Its really sad when the top two candidates are tards… I refuse to believe that this is the best we have to offer and I'm saddened that our system is set up this way. Our leader should be the best that we have to offer. For sports we want the best coach, the best player. For schools we want the best Teachers. But when it comes to the leader of 300 + million people we have to settle for tards. Why is that? I want a smart, charismatic president. Someone who represents all of us not just a certain group. I want a president who I will actually listen to the they interrupt the regularly scheduled programming. There are 327.2 million people in this country and you mean to tell me that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are our top options… This is unacceptable, how is this possible. Really, just think about it. Where is our real President? I dont care about Dem or Rep. Where is our American Champion.

  37. Most republicans feel the same way as this man thats why repubicans cant be trusted they will trade personal morals for the traditional way of doing things aka money over everything. Smh these old white men 😝

  38. Hmm, Equinox and SoulCycle owner supports the business side of Trump? Yeah, the corrupt fraudulent side that committed Treason and conspired with a hostile Foreign power to stead the election side. No A-hole, we will not be supporting your business ever again!

  39. You connect yourself with the Cowardly clown you're sure to go down. Fucktrump Fuck anybody that's associated with the Fucking idiot.

  40. I was waiting for Ross to say, I can't be racist I have black friends or something like I hired someone who's married to an immigrant.

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