Baltimore Entrepreneur Takes His Fight to Maryland’s Highest Court
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Baltimore Entrepreneur Takes His Fight to Maryland’s Highest Court

February 1, 2020

If the 300-foot ban has struck down it would be great for the state of Maryland aspiring entrepreneurs would have greater opportunity Marylanders would have more food options and it would show that Those with power and connections aren’t always gonna win out and the little guy still has a shot I’m very happy to be here in Maryland finished up my time in the service here It’s where I’ve called home for the last 12 years I’m a navy veteran. I take a lot of pride in that over the last five years We’ve employed other veterans trying to give them opportunities and we are actively engaged with the Baltimore Station to employ some of their veterans who are currently homeless I teamed up with the Institute for justice to challenge the 300-foot rule here in Baltimore in hopes of creating a better environment For mobile vending throughout the city, so we filed our case back in 2016 We went to trial we won that trial which was great It gave us an opportunity here in Baltimore to operate a little more freely since then. We’ve appealed to the court of Special Appeals Unfortunately, we lost there. I was in the midst of planning our operations here in Baltimore City And once that happened that kind of put the X through my plans now We’re going to Maryland’s highest court where we’re asking them to give the little guy a shot so to me, the American dream is having a vision having a goal and achieving that goal and aspiring to that goal and I’ve been to a few different countries around the world through my time in the service and I’ve seen other countries where that Opportunity does not exist but here in America it does that’s what makes our country special we have the freedoms to Engage in what we desire and achieve those goals Operating from the food-truck allowed me to Refine our menu and our recipes build our brand and our concept and develop a customer base and clientele The food truck was a great stepping stone and allowing us to open up here across Street Market If the 300-foot ban is upheld aspiring entrepreneurs are going to lose out The labor force is going to lose out and the people of Baltimore can have less food options The 300-foot ban Severely limited our ability to operate in Baltimore the same street that we face now with Pizza the Joey here at Cross Street Market I would not have been able to park on because there’s three Pizza readers right across the street, but the food truck pulled up Right across the street from my brick-and-mortar here selling pizza, that would be perfectly fine by me I’m very confident in my product and if I can’t go head-to-head with them then I deserve to be in the pizza game Competition is a great thing. It’s what’s made this country so great. So I welcome it So if somebody thinks they can make a better pizza than me. Let them go for it. I’m gonna do my best You

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  1. I don't know about that…how many other small brick and mortar companies can be destroyed by someone in a mobile store? Other small businesses should have some protection from fly by night food trucks, don't you think? Your food truck does not pay the taxes for the streets it parks on, or the infrastructure needed to run a brick and mortar store. Seems like you are fighting to supplant "permanent" local businesses with much less expensive mobile businesses. How is that good for their city? How is that good for the other small business people who have to pay brick and mortar taxes? I mean, the 300 ft. rule seems more 'fair' than banning mobile businesses outright.

  2. Sorry this guys a leech… it kills me when he talks of freedom and not considering the vast expenses of a standing restaurant. This is more like stealing customers then competition. Honest living? LOL … Let's suppose the restaurant puts out a flyer $ for a special , Mr. golden submarine man ( with no real war experience , but he served so that makes him noble…lol ) parks in front of it and cuts his price , bingo the sucker owner loses his investment… I believe in free enterprise , but this goes far beyond being fair.

  3. This 300' rule makes sense. An owner who pays property tax, utilities, insurance, rent and deals with landlord bullshit, and has to maintain a brick and mortar is at a distinct disadvantage to someone with a truck who can come and go, and bears substantially less of the costs associated with a store front. I wonder where you eat when you get your slice from a truck in the middle of winter? Probably inside the pizza joint where it's warm. What is the tax implication of losing brick and mortars, to the city? Without all the taxes stores generate, the government won't be happy with their demise, which is what will happen if a truck can pop up at busy times and go elsewhere or park it during slow times. Overhead never sleeps. A restaurant can't fold up for the night and stop it's expenses and send employees home. It's hard enough to make it in a small store now with the economy, without someone cherry picking busines, whenever it's convenient. And I think many of us are getting weary of using military service as to get a leg up. Especially when it's voluntary. Yes, we are grateful and our armed services make us such a great country but my dad was drafted into the Korean conflict and I never heard him mention it once to anyone. And he didn't have a choice. Either way, best of luck to them, whatever the ruling is.

  4. Having owned a number of businesses myself for the last four decades I can understand where the other businesses are coming from; it's not about competition of the product, but the unfair advantage business practices of not having the overhead expenses of rent, fees, permits, tenant improvements, taxes, furniture and equipment, and so on.

    Sure, it should always be a free market; but on the other hand after investing your life savings, you're entire family's life savings, mortgaged everything you/family owns to finally open up your/family business. Then some "dreamer" shows up without the same overhead you must cover parks in front of your business and starts feeding like parasite off the business traffic YOU BUILT with long hours and personal sacrifice and you start noticing you can no longer cover your overhead, payroll, and taxes do to the drop in cash flow the "dreamer" is sucking off of! Then when you have to put you're employees out on the street and go out of business, losing everything, the "dreamer" just simply moves on to the next "sucker" to feed on like a parasite!

    So as you can see, it's not as innocent, nor as warm and fuzzy as the video portrayed, but complicated and very messy and dirty! It's only other people who own legitimately competing businesses who have the life experience to understand these things while the vast majority of the population never had the responsibility of owning a business, and therefore can never understand what's really involved!

    It's no different than businesses in places like China and India, or businesses here dumpling their employees, packing up and moving there so they can undercut the businesses here by having an unfair lower overhead with no environmental requirements, nor employee requirements, plus supper cheap slave like labor, and so on.

    The famous American motorcycle company HARLEY DAVIDSON haven't been made in America in years, but in India! And that's just one example of thousands!

    People need to learn to see beyond their personal nose because the world out there is more complicated than your simple little mundane worker bee functionary lifestyle of little responsibility and not having any skin invested in the game!

    On the other hand I understand the problems with corporate gangsterism. For example STARBUCKS during their expansion craze after going public about three decades ago actively went out of their way to put preexisting competing coffee shops out of business by stealing their leases out from under them buy offering to pay more than the market value and more than the little business can afford. And once STARBUCKS gets a lease, they ALWAYS have a clause in the lease that forbids the property owner ever leasing to anyone else who serves espresso or sells coffee beans. This is why where ever you see STARBUCKS, there's never any competing coffee shops in the same shopping center, or strip mall. And since they've obtained leases in virtually every available shopping center and strip mall, they have by and large effectively squashed all competition by creating a restrictive monopoly with their lease agreements.

  5. My dad was World War 2 Navy. I am prior Air Force. I understand why you fight do hard for the right. That's a military thing. Institute for Justice, you guys are to be commended.

  6. 300ft rule needs to go, and most likely the city will just implement an extra tax on food trucks to even the playing field vs brick and mortars that have to pay massive property taxes. Food trucks have an advantage vs brick and mortars, levelling the playing field will be something like food trucks and restaurants paying the same property taxes per revenue. Or just eliminate the property taxes for all restaurants and make it a flat sales tax for all food vendors, making the playing field even instantly.

  7. Sorry my friend……Corporate enterprises especially American HATE competition that's why Lobbyist exist…………..nevertheless, I hope the 300 ft rule is eliminated……

  8. I like this guy and feel for him but I think this is wrong. He says if the brick and mortar can't go head-to-head competition with him then they shouldn't be in business. But how in the heck is a brick and mortar restaurant that has much higher overhead supposed to compete? The entire premise is ridiculous. The reality is that HE is the one unfairly competing by selling the same thing with much less overhead right in front of a brick and mortar. It makes perfect sense to allow a Taco truck in front of a Pizza joint.

  9. Well, let's hear it. I don't know, regardless, I'll call your bet that a majority, maybe virtually all of the local politicians are Dems. This is the kind of thing they want, and the kind of thing they do. People this kind of thing isn't a secret, if you do not know LEARN/FIND OUT what you can expect for your vote. If they say things which the translation is ' I'll buy your vote with taxpayer money', vote against them… Thank GOD for TRUMP…

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