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  1. 5:24 – never a truer word spoken Mr Abbott

    at least someone didnt butt-kiss their whole way through….not looking at anyone Julia

  2. Obama is at least Elegant and he is a wonderful orator,But we in Australia have,BY DEFAULT,been lumbered with this Fabianist Gillard.
    Gillard is portrayed by the media as an embarrassment to her office.
    Whilst recently with Barry (Obama) in DC,her body language was akin to a child who was on their best behaviour,well beyond what her position warranted.I watched many minutes on free-to-air tv featuring our JULIA,but I watched it MUTED ! It shows a very different Julia indeed.

  3. I don't mind so much the Marines up north. as long as they stay up north. they'll have a great time running around the bush. and business is business, we can do business with china. why should we pay attention to them? as for india, if they want to power their powerstations. can't we sell them Thorium? I read an article about that the other day. At 5:24 did Tony give Obama a bit of friendly advice/criticism?

  4. Abbott is the only politician among this fawning mob, who showed class in refusing to lick arse ! The rest of them – labor and greens are embarassing brown-nosers. YUK

  5. Another appalling, cringeworthy performance from an appalling, cringeworthy would-be Prime Minister. Abbott is simply not worthy of the high office he seeks. What an absolute disgrace to the nation he is!

  6. Obama's "the pacific nations will be the way we want them" made me cringe

    we dont need US here for security. apart from Bali bombings, what threat is there?

    North Korea bloody long way from here

  7. What an embarrassing fool, my granddad used to say if you haven't got anything worthwhile to say, just shut up! How this empty Drum of a man ever got to be leader of the opposition,is beyond me doesn't say much for the rest of them. Even the three intependants who rightly should have sided with Abbott, to form goverment realised what a f… wit he is.

  8. Yes a Good Speech full of historical references of past World Leaders about the USA. The Labourites missed the reference made by Ben Chiefly about the USA in their rush to condemn Tony Abbot. But one must listen to the whole speech not sit there with askewed Political Hatreds to understand what Abbot was actually saying about the USA. As for watching Gillard with the sound turned down I can go one better. Switch bloody Channels she has a voice that enrages a near sighted dingo

  9. Ugly incompetent sexist little man! He has NO policies and NO idea..the only reason he is leader of the Noalition is because he is backed by CRIMINAL right wing Murdoch slime press. Our country has never been in such great shape and if this lunatic ever get's anywhere near the Lodge Australia would go back to the19 50's and Abbott's mining mates would turn our beautiful environment into a big hole in the ground.

  10. "make my day" Tony Abbott Dirty Harry, when it comes to the crunch he's ducking for cover.
    Labor is bringing the Budget back to surplus, has a plan to support Australian jobs & growth in our economy. But what is Abbott's plan? NO!

    The Liberal Party needs to find $70 billion worth of cuts to our hospitals, schools, National Broadband Network & other vital infrastructure investments just to get to the starting line, yet when they try to explain where they'll start they tie themselves in knots?

  11. @mrsmachiavella Abbott is a no policy no idea criminal murdoch media puppet for the billionaire boys club. Down with criminal Murdoch media!!!!

  12. @Mischelle999 that was incredibly rude of you. I can think for myself and I see nothing that warranted such a response from you. I feel bad for you. You obviously were never taught manners; that will prove a major hinderence.

  13. @8bitrandomencounter Not rude..Just the truth..If you have respect for incompetent lying Tony Abbott you obviously watch criminal Murdoch Fox newz..I feel sorry for you.

  14. @Srekwah WAbbott will be ditched soon..He's making a complete arse of himself..He hasn't got a clue about managing the economy..He's supported by the murdoch criminal press for the billionaire boys club mining moguls.They want Tony the half wit in the Lodge so they can screw Australian workers and destroy the environment without paying a cent! You should be ashamed supporting the elite against hard working aussies. Turn off Murdoch..He's dumbed you down to sounding like an imbecile.

  15. @Mischelle999 My dear, all I said was that I respected the man, and if you cannot respect my opinion and decide to commit an ad hominum fallacy against me than I truely, truely feel sorry for you. I hope that one day one of the socialists in Austrailia tells you to start respecting other people's opinions so that you will mindlessly obey them. Thank you and God Bless.

  16. @BrounClan LMAO..Tony reading a speech he didn't write and can't even understand! What a half with that fool is..Mr NO policy and NO ideas.

  17. @8bitrandomencounter Sorry for you and your god blessings so called christian. Tony Abbott is a racist..he attracts racists and he is an ugly man..just like the Tea Party Republicans he also attracts white supremacists. God doesn't feel sorry for you if you respect racists…

  18. @8bitrandomencounter You respect Tony Abbot who worked for Rupert Murdoch and for a marketing [propaganda] company, what the hell could anybody respect about this parasite.
    Is it that comment he made, about not believing anything I say unless its written down.
    Why don't you go back to America and raise the IQ of both countries you idiot?

  19. @Mischelle999 Being a Rhodes Scholar and previously a journalist, you don't have to be an intellectual giant to recognise that it would've been easy for Tony to write his own speech and therefore have a full understanding of it's contents. But you never know, he may have had someone write his speech for him … he's a busy guy. So I don't really know what you're trying to say here.

  20. @mrsmachiavella Abbott the billionaire boys club puppet does NOTHING to support Australian workers and their families..He is a disgusting incompetent yes man for twiggy and gina and the filthy rich bastards who contribute millions to his campaign of hatred and racism. I believe Tony Maggott is a disaster for australian workers and he will NEVER be PM.

  21. @Mischelle999 labour unions destroy family lives idiot.

    when two companies come together and agree on a price it is"anti competitive" and "price fixing"

    when two people come together to fix labour rates, well thats not anti competitive? thats not price fixing?

    its ironic for somebody to be anit "racist" and anti "sexist" as per ur remarks to me below that you would use the term "bum boy" as a derogatory term. whats wrong with being gay? not even Jesus loved hypocrites.

  22. @8bitrandomencounter
    because socialists respect ours? they are too busy sticking their face into the public feed trough " give me more stuff for free, we all want free stuff, its a democracy and we all want to tax the rich and get more free stuff"

    if you want to give poor people stuff, go ahead noone is stopping you

  23. @Mischelle999
    rich people do have an option of firing everybody, upping all the stuff and living in the Bahamas. Keep the pressure on the rich and nobody will have a job

  24. @Mischelle999
    rich people never work hard, work overtime, never get stressed, never risked their home taking out a mortgage to start a business.

    never, not once.

    its ironic that all the pensioners that actually did the raping of the environment, catching 50 fish, running 5L premiers, hosing down driverways coz they are too lazy to sweep, are the ones that now want to be on the left and green.

  25. @slutica Slutica? The name suits you. lol My lawyer went to uni with big ears..He says every decent student on campus thought Tony Maggott was a psychopath..violent as hell & the most sexist bastard on campus..Women RAN away from him! God help us if this imbecile ever gets more power..He would help his billionaire mining mates Gina & Twiggy rape the country & allow women to be raped by monks as punishment for sin against the Vatican city! Poor Margi..imagine being married to such an UGLY man.

  26. @Mischelle999 The only person who appears to be peddling "hate speech" at the moment is you. I've never heard such a baseless tirade. Opinion is one thing but obviously you are incapable of critically analysing the subject matter of this video, on topic, without levelling abuse … yes abuse. Accordingly I will not be entering into any further correspondence with you as it's blatantly pointless.

  27. @BrounClan Not at all..I'm defending my PM from the sexist racist troll followers of tony Maggott & his Fiberal party of NO. Tony Maggott is racist scum who attracts white supremacists with his racist speech writer Cory Bernardi – the man who invited Dutch HATE speech politician Gert Wilders to australia to help the Fiberal party spread LIES and hatred and entice all ugly australian racist sexist neo cons into battle for the cause of bringing back the White Australia Policy for 50's man Tony.

  28. @Mischelle999 Would you please tell my African -American Girlfriend that I am a racist? I think she would be interested in hearing your opinion. At the end of the day you have to respect other people: how they feel, what they believe, what they do; so long as they are not hurting anyone directly.

  29. @2porangi Name calling is so juvenile. I would argue that my B.A. in history and my upcoming J.D. could stand as evidence against any argument you can make about my I.Q. I am very sorry that you are so obsessed with ideas of conspiracy and dirty politicians that you want to discard other people's opinions as trash without having taken the time to see what you may learn from them. Didn't your mother ever tell you that you can learn a lot from other people?

  30. @slutica I believe in forgiving people for their ignorance. If we didn't forgive misguided people like @Mischelle999 than all we are doing is fulfilling the theory of material determinism. The fact is I don't support hand outs, but I wish the best of luck to these people in their education so that they too can one day think for themselves.

  31. @Mischelle999 Its amazing Michelle who supports Homosexual and Lesbian Rights uses her closing comments about others she disagrees with with Homophobic Words and insults. Shows you the mentality of Michelle and lack of intelligence

  32. @Mischelle999 Its still amazing that Michelle who claims to be educated uses such Homophobic and Childish Names in referring to others. You mentioned your solicitor in another Post perhaps you need to change solicitors if he too is that childish like yourself. As for business It Business that employs Australians and keeps them working for the benefit of their families. You on the other hand have no concept of that with your ridiculous class warfare ideologies

  33. Bravo Abbott. I'm an American and while I enjoy watching your speeches on Youtube, this is by far my favorite one thus far.

  34. This is the most dangerous, reckless and self interested opposition in living memory. Politics above national interest is their motto.

  35. Good ol' US of A. War-mongering, stealth apartheid, stealth slavery, death penalty, gun laws, mickey mouse politics, inventer of nuclear war, mass-produced cigarettes, mass-marketing, the electric chair, etc.
    And still, they repeatedly call it the 'greatest democracy on earth'.

  36. Yes sarah, its called freedom. I know fascists like you dont like it, but were always the ones fighting to the death for your right to say it. Always biting the hand that feeds you

  37. The ideals of the USA are dead and buried. Obama is systematically under the direction of Wall Street, destroying life and liberty everywhere. Obama is a feckless puppet war monger and a coward. Just take a look at Detroit Michigan. It has been reduced to a slum. There is next to no manufacturing in the US anymore. The debt is at 17 trillion dollars and they are starving their population with austerity and chained CPI. The New Deal which made US great has been stripped bare. Obama is a criminal

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