Barr not expected to testify before House Judiciary Committee
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Barr not expected to testify before House Judiciary Committee

November 21, 2019

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  1. I don't blame barr. Today was just a slander bashing circle jerk. Nothing constructive was achieved or accomplished. You can't berate the messenger for your hand picked investigators findings.

  2. Barr and trump lock them up lock them up with bubba the serial rapist and let him augment Barr and trumps anus! Lock them up lock them up!!!!!!

  3. What a grand day it will when all the demonRats are in cages dressed in orange. They are like derranged, rabid animals. Must be from Adrenachrome withdrawals…

  4. " Nadler" is a total idio!!t it's done;" it's over, what else can you say.. it's a done deal get over it ….

  5. He already testified in the Senate Judicial Committee… The House of Representatives is a peanut gallery….

  6. Now the lunatics want copies of Tiffany Trumps debit card from when she was in college.

  7. Nadler is the reason We The people need Term limits! Failed professionals in this failed private practice attorneys become Congressman & women and senator' you make a steady income! And cash in off taxpayers backs I'm sic of these parasites feeding off the taxpayers! This a total shot show! They treat taxpayer as if we are ignorant?

  8. Anybody ever notice that Nadler wears a pet catapillar above his left eye?

    Apparently, the big, ugly worm whispers political advice to Nadler when the going gets rough and Nadler is expected to do something more substantial than shoot off his big mouth.

  9. After the despicable disgraceful behaviour of the Dems, especially Dumbala Harris and Mazie man-hating Hirrono where they behaved like two common women at the fish market, Barr should ban them and refuse to show up and communicate only through written questions and answers..

  10. Nadler and his crew should be thankful AG Barr will be a no show. After all, he made the Democrats in the Senate look like idiots. They should be grateful they will not suffer the same fate, but I fear it may be too late. Fools.

  11. Good for Barr. He's given them all they need. Now this is becoming AG harassment. Can't wait to see if Nadler has an indictment with his name on it.

  12. Barr is toast. He is being attacked everywhere but on Fox. He is scared to testify in front of lawyers, just as the president was scared to testify to the special counsel.

    He describes how people feel. But he doesn't know that.

    He characterizes 10 examples of Mueller citing of obstruction as "nothing to see here".

    He said he "didn't know" what Mueller and his team thought of his "summary", but he DID know. Mueller wrote his thoughts in a letter so they are now part of the record. And so Barr is lying.

    He didn't read the underlying evidence and perhaps didn't even read the whole report (like Lyndsay Graham).

    He would not say whether he has taken direction from the WH on investigations.

    People who admired him now see him as being corrupted. His reputation is gone.

  13. Dems: WAAAAA We were going to dehumanize and belittle Barr tomorrow WAAAAAA

    Dems are children in adult/grandpa/granny bodies.

  14. Attorney General William Barr has no obligation, requirement or need to answer any more committee questions. He has already answered them all.
    They ask the same questions over and over and over again. President Trump is Innocent. He is a phenomenal President.
    The Democrats have a whiney brain freeze that hasn't unthawed sense President Trump won.

  15. Haha just a waste of tax payer dollars..
    Dimwits delusional Democrats your done we have seen your true colors. Wasting time and tax dollars to stand on your little soap boxes and preach to fake news outlets

  16. East, west,…stuck in the middle again. Yes I'm stuck in the middle again, clowns to the left of me jokers to the right…………

  17. Term limits should be put in place ..some of these idiots have been in Congress 25 plus years . There just stealing oxygen from the living . Feinstein Pelosi Schumer nadler ol dickie denang.

  18. Good. I found the questioning of William Barr by politically opportunistic democrats utterly disgusting. I felt bad that such an accomplished, dignified man had to endure such loathsome, slanderous, questioning from people who can’t hold a candle to Barr’s legal expertise and breadth of experience.

  19. The number one reason Barr can not testify tomorrow, is because Grand Jury indictments against Commy and others just started he can not talk about on going investigations.

  20. Adam Schiff is a variant of Dan Rather, the godfather of Fake News. Nancy pelosi is suffering from dementia. Rep. Cummings is Hillary Clinton fixer. Rep. Nadler is wrinkled prune. Schumer is a loser and a scammer. Impeachment proceedings will energize the Trump base which has been complacent lately. Please get them energized.

  21. Excellent Barr. 'They' supported you until the Mueller report didn't give them what they were SURE it had. Now you are the 'enemy of the people' in their definition. This was the biggest joke of a hearing since Kavanaugh……they should be embarrassed. 😳

  22. Barr’s family now how’s what a disgraceful human being he is. America is the best country. Now America has the worst lying pig 🐷 trump and Barr the disgraceful DOJ

  23. Mr barr is not afraid to tesfith with liberals . Maybe he mind have research and he need to take care something that! !!

  24. Na Really ? If those filthy leftist commy dems slandered me and lied and tried to twist everything i said , i would kick their a** but Barr is the most patient man ive seen
    .They dont deserve to be in the same building with him #!

  25. So the Democrats are going through boxes of tissue today. They have nothing credible that's worth the f***. But we have legitimate hardcore evidence on Hillary Clinton and Obama and their side but are the liberals and the Democrats and those followers too stupid to even know that.

  26. Tired of hearing about this BS hoax ! Come on already move on to Hillary and comey why do these democrats think by insulting bill Barr is gonna change mueller report ! Yell at mueller he wrote the report !

  27. Why don't the Democrats give up already they're not going to win Trump's going to win he's going to win it all 2020 President Trump our president everything you can throw at him is not working so stop playing games because you people are worthless all you're causing headaches frustration causing people to get really angry and you're going to be sorry at the end we the people are tired of your BS so can it and put Obama and Clinton's the FBI whoever was involved with all this crap put them where they belong Behind Bars where they belong this is bulshit get all of them together put them behind bars and forget it throw the key away what the hell is wrong with us people come on let's stop playing games with them they're getting everybody aggravated put them where they belong already Behind Bars

  28. I pray all the torment given to Donald Trump and anyone connected to him will receive 10 folds what they are doing to the president.

  29. Thanks,for not reporting on Mueller and his letter,what a joke,FOX news,how's Notre Dame doing?all those dead Catholic ppl?didn't your freind Steve Bannon, mention something about that?

  30. Barr won’t testify because you are too inept, dumb and a big pu$$¥ to ask the questions yourself. So you can kindly fk off Nadler 😅😂

  31. Nadler and folk are too afraid to question Barr directly so they are trying to pull a fast one by getting lawyers skilled at double speak to get egg on Barr’s face. Proof of this was shown by the Dumbs in Congress today. I hope this gives Barr the impetus to pull out all the stops and nail all involved in this attempted coup, including House & Senate Dems!

  32. Attorney General bar please do not show up
    don’t let them call the moves you’re the man in charge of not Them


  34. Maybe mueller will show up and testify under oath the whole truth and we have ongoing investigations into the real China oops I meant Russia narrative. Trump never colluded with Russians they tried to get him to a number of times he declined all of them . We will prosecute the guilty to the full extent of the law and if you want to know who? Look at who’s being the loudest talkers against a duly elected president !☮️🕉☯️

  35. Good on Barr…Nadler says he is scared…but that is laughable. It is just that Democrats in the House are incompetent and they'd rather use the hearing to further attack a man like they do in all cases.

  36. Excellent ! These clowns pooped a ton of feces and now there's nobody to throw it at 🤣… Guess you're gonna have to eat it alone with your media clown buddies then won't you 🤡💩🤡

  37. Barr knows all too well that Dems are only interested in ENTRAPMENT testimony, which is why they want to use big time lawyers to ask tricky questions designed to catch Barr in some kind of "lie" based on the fact that no one has a perfect memory about minutiae.

  38. Why should AG Barr show anything but disdain for the Dems three ring circus? No collusion and, to any "rational" person no obstruction. We've indulged the swamp enough! Nothing, but nothing, is going to stop the exposure of the corrupt, especially ones screeching the loudest!

  39. Barr is a pitbull, and also a very smart guy, he knows all these hearings are a political circus

  40. I can't blame him, just more political games and trying to flood the publics ears and continue a defunct dead narrative. I can't wait till the real facts start trickling in. I couldn't believe Hirono today. Now she wants to impeach him. Dang people will just continue to go down the line getting rid of people they decide to lambaste and create a false bad guy persona. It's bordering on truly insane. They need to write into law some way to curtail excessive crap like this. Frivolous investigation guidelines. They need the ability to police themselves, but when they use the system to load the deck with just those they like and go along with them, something is seriously wrong.

  41. I find it funny that they keep asking him if he's going to recuse himself… They are clearly afraid he is going to unearth all their misdeeds. They know Barr is no-nonsense. The democrats in Congress are just as bad as the DOJ and FBI. They all need to be indicted .

  42. Dems, get a life! Hillary lost the election and Trump won the presidency. Move on with your pathetic lives!

  43. Nadler on a swamp fishing expedition…I think you have better things to do for the people who put you in office…quit rehashing the Mueller report…it's over!!!enough of your collision delusional…PERIOD

  44. Its just a witchhunt congress already confirmed they are the problem and manipulate America for their purse without patriotism.

  45. Why should he appear when all the Dumbs want to do is harass him and President Trump. The need to start locking up these big mouth Libtards.

  46. Bar is so much smarter than Nadler it's hilarious Ashley he's smarter than all the Democrats put together that's what pisses them off so much

  47. Ha ha ha…right on A.G. Barr I'd skip out too…if these foolish dems would stop trying & listen & behave then we can become a great nation…but mental breakdowns…& the Chairman has to tell you to stop is so disgraceful. Democrats have no class!!!

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