Barroso lashes out at British Conservatives in European Parliament
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Barroso lashes out at British Conservatives in European Parliament

December 9, 2019

One important and interesting point was made
by the British Conservatives today. It was in fact expressed some kind of satisfaction
with the situation in the euro area. Let me tell you that it is puzzling that you seem
to delight in the difficulties of the euro area and this is in stark contrast with the
position taken by your leader, Prime Minister Cameron. So a good effort will be in terms
of accountability to your public that you say the same thing here that you say in London….. I am also by the way very puzzled with the
ease with which some of you are recommending some member states to leave the euro. This,
once again is in complete contrast to the position taken by the PM of Britian, which
for instance at the G8 summit said it is in his national interest that Greece stays in the euro area. And when some of you are suggesting that the
problems of the economic situation in europe now are the result of the euro area and that
for instance you disapprove the big bailout programmes in the banking sector in the euro
area, let me just put the facts straight. The country by far that has been spending
money with the banking sector is Britain. More than any country in the EU….. The country in all the EU that
has been committing taxpayers money to save the financial sector has been by far Britain.
This is not a euro area problem. This is
a problem of the EU as a whole.

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  1. Lol. Do you yourself know English?
    ''It in fact expressed some kind of'' or ''It was in fact expressing some kind of'' would have been corrected. The way Barosso stated it was grammatically incorrect.

  2. ''Euro area'' is a wrong expression, should have been ''euro-zone''.
    ''Same thing here that you say in London'' is wrong, should have been ''same thing as''.
    Etc. He makes mistakes in the basics of English.

  3. "It was expressed X" is the passive voice… Both of your 'corrections' are in the active voice.

    I don't know if it is formally correct, but I do know that the passive voice with a helping "it" pronoun is widely used. For example: "It was conducted an experiment", "it was carried out some test" etc.

    Technical reports are usually written in the passive voice, which is annoying but one gets a kind of feel for it.

    Are you english?

  4. It is appalling to know a lot people, particularly those viewers here, that "what is important" is always disregarded. As the title clearly says, it is not a debate about how good or bad his English is, nor have we the right to criticise someone who speaks a second language fluently enough to convey the real message. I am sure everybody understood him in there and that is the point. You better understand how you could have done such task if you were to deliver and what the matter really is…!!!

  5. "The EU is about common interest and prosperity" – the EU is not about that. It is about POWER.

    One team, are we f**k.

  6. I can't believe that people haven't jumped all over Barroso's tirade. He states clearly and unequivocally that he abhors dissent of any kind, and anyone disagreeing with anything he or his poodles say is a racist, an idiot, almost an anti-christ. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO DEMOCRACY you stupid, communist twat! and as for the lunatic fringe, spearheaded by people like ConRad – or should that be ComRade – then WW11 meant absolutely nothing to you did it. It is Barroso who is the modern Hitler.

  7. The man is right, it is not 1945 anymore, and sadly the UK economy is utterly screwed by hideously collosal private debt, its a time bomb that one day will go off and guess what… Britain wil have to go cap in hand to the IMF and the EU looking for a lifeline, you people need to stop gazing back at the empire and join the real world. Good man Barroso!

  8. Good speech. It's almost a little sad, but he managed to say a few words about what the EU is or should be about, in a time when all people seem to be able to do is bitch about it.

  9. After having looked at the american and european houses of representatives one thing is clear.

    The 95% of the population who are idiots, are also represented in the houses.

  10. Der Trottel soll portugiesisch sprechen und seinen Wortdurchfall dann in die anderen Sprachen übersetzen lassen. Sein Englisch ist grauenhaft !!

  11. what a show of undemocratic hate from this little rat.

    Europe is going to die very soon…… what a shame its taken 25 years for people to catch up with margaret thatcher….

    nigel farage is the man who can save britain now!

  12. What a great speech that puts everything in perspective, Farage should be ashamed of himself for spreading lies and division every day of his sad little political life.

  13. Typical Marxist Mr. Barroso, you cannot help yourself but to obtain absolute political power & then to allocate it in accordance to the marxist ideology of EQUALITY. The problem is that some people & counties are MORE equal than others. ????

  14. The more you watch these communists spouting their deluded self importance the more I scream to get out of this EU federal dictatorship.

  15. One part of Europe over the other… like for example… hummm… aaah I know. What Germany is doing right now?! Destroying internal markets of the other countries… go job EU.

    You are not going far like that. Germany must be less powerful in EU.. Do you want all together so give them all the same power. Only them we can talk about a European Union as an all!

  16. @EurActiv I believe you to be a Left wing in denial fascist, its plain to see you are a propagandist akin to the likes of the UAF and Hope not Hate, a scum bag essentially.

  17. Fuck Barroso, He doesn't like being wrong. Before this he tried to twist Farage's Global Cooling statement into Climate change denier. He wasn't denying climate change. He was presenting evidence that we are not experiencing global warming. In fact we are experiencing global cooling. The ice caps are no longer melting, they are growing in size.

    He attacks the Conservatives because they are starting to listen to the People and the People don't want to keep paying pricks like Barroso so he can ram this Federal Government down our throats. We don't want it.

  18. Barroso is responsible for the huge hole we are living now in peripheral Europe, he is speaking to Nigel .. one of the only voices that as defend our rights as a democratic nation in this fake Parliament.

  19. collaboration, strength in diversity, unity, consensus-building, equality, democracy, debating, listening, teaching, learning, giving, helping, improving, sustain, social evolution.

  20. Nah, let Europe collapse, always been greedy mean people against each others. Still can't realize that we share the planet. No global awareness, still nationalism and national problems. Cannot think outside the box / local area. Human Civilization Growth – negative.

  21. The Europeans still don't get us Brits. We feel that conforming with Europe is wrong, and we hate the concept of being European ourselves. If we are being "told off" by a European for not being European enough. Then we know that we're doing something right.

    For that reason Barraso's speech makes me proud to be British, not European!

  22. 2:51 "Equivalent to two point…setenta e oito of the GDP" #Error404 #Falhou
    Senhor Presidente, feel at ease to speak Português instead of "Euroglish". Why should we speak their English wen die Briten Europäer nich sprechen wollen? Um Lusofrançais.

  23. Look at his pathetic ass..,he is not capable of free speech like Farage,its all written from the top dogs who shit in their pants of loosing control and power over national states!!! All of them are servants of Rotschild's and Rokfeller's!!!  I AM ASKING YOU BAROSSO,WHY IN EUROPE WE HAVE MORE PRODUCTS FROM CHINA THAN FROM UK,SWEDEN OR FINLAND FOR EXAMPLE??? IF WE GO TO CHINA,WILL WE FIND PRODUCTS FROM EU??? WHY OUR MARKETS ARE FLOODED WITH NON EU PRODUCTS WHO DESTROY OUR OWN MARKETS??!! WHY EVERY COUNTRY IS IN DEBT???!!! TO WHOM WE OWN THESE MONEY??!! WHO IS ENSLAVING US AND OUR GOVERNMENTS OF NEVER ENDING DEBTS??!!! ANSWER YOU FAT,JELLY,HYPOCRITE PIECE OF SHIT!!!

  24. Barroso is right. The demons of the past still haunt Europe. Mr. Farage is a specter from that past. The British happen to BE Europeans. Britain IS part of Europe and must remain in Europe. The Euro crisis shall be resolved.

  25. Undoubtedly there is much wrong with the present way of things. Nevertheless, the present UE is better than no Union at all. Europe just cannot afford to remain a conglomerate of states which are continually at odds with each other. Yes, France & Germany – together with Italy & the Benelux – began the whole story way back in 1957 as you well know. However, you DO must work together to find the best solution to keep united. Your own country is an excellent example of how different cultures can work together towards a common goal. I beg your pardon, but as a European fan it pains me to remember how nations took advantage of a divided Germany and a divided Italy from the Middle Ages through Contemporary History.

  26. using the promise of unity to destroy all existing unity and level us as all equal and completely broke as fuck. no thanks id rather take my chances on my own and not have uk like greece. 

  27. …in other words Barroso…you don't want anybody coming to the "EU party" and expressing any other views  than your own!

  28. I don't think Barroso understands British politics. We vote for the PM and MPs to do politics in the UK. We vote differently for MEPs to do politics in Europe. Whatever the PM says about Europe is irrelevant to the EU political agenda since he was elected for national policies. I don't really care much for UKIP or David Cameron but I do care for knowledge and accuracy.

  29. Tipical  Scottish bile , moronic atitude  . Why do you think scots wear kilts? because sheep can hear a zipper being undone  100 yards away

  30. Give Scotland  their independence and we can get on with ours , because I am sick to death of hearing them whine. sh*t heads.

  31. The cabal bankers think people can't see through them, only a moron would think that you can borrow your way out of a financial crises….

  32. Britain want to undermine the euro because that will benefit the British POUND. So, all that Conspiranoid Theorists rant against Euro is POINTLESS.  

  33. I'm from Portugal. Durão Barroso is a fucking cunt. The first chance he had for a better wage, he left Portugal with no PM and went to Brussels. That moron doesn't even speaks English properly. I barely understand what the fuck he's saying. Even if I did he doesn't say much either.
    I'm ashamed of being portuguese right now. What a shame, really.
    The United States of Europe is a joke. It's centralization of power and resources taken away from each region and placed under the supervision of career politicians just like Barroso.
    His popularity in Portugal is only high among the elderly – those who have not much culture and intelect, those who formulate their opinions based on what TV tells them to think – basically the only citizens who didn't vote blank in the last 3/4 elections.
    Here in Portugal, candidates oftenly goes to small vilages in the interior to get votes. None of them actually do any campain on the main cities. They know it wouldn't work. So they go to little towns, kiss a bunch of old people, give money to the "Opinion Leaders" of those regions and done. Knowing that most of our population is consisted by old people, they get a big chunk of the voting just by doing that.
    Last time a candidate visited a University in Lisbon, a student got famous for telling the candidate: "Please don't take my grandmother's pention, please."
    These poeple are dangerous. They do not care about any of us and will never do.
    Last PM's agenda consisted on visiting old people; bankers; power suppliers; and ofther rich folks abroad.
    That last one had to resign because of the increasingly amout of corruption scandals he got himself involved in. The most notorious was a recording tape where the PM as caught saying: "I'll approve the construction of this mall, but how much do I get for doing it?" – His name's José Sócrates.
    I mean who in their right mind would vote for a guy like him? Easy, people with Alzheimer.

  34. "Either we win together or we be beaten together" no thanks you dig your own hole but we will provide the spades. Signed Britannia.

  35. This guys a complete fruit loop. 2 years on – crisis about to deepen again …. meanwhile Great Britain who didn't join the Euro and is poised to leave the EU has the fastest growing economy in Europe. We win together or we fail together – yup – please enjoy being together and we'll leave you to it.


  37. FUCK the EU parliament, is full of ball shit!!!

    u dick heads  behind the massacre of the white male population in europe  and the gay feminsit agenda,,, will soon or later that it up in the ass too…

  38. Barroso, the ex-communist, kicked out of his own country for embezzlement, is a big fat, hideous piece of "human" trash, a mafioso that would give a bad name even to other criminals.
    Sod him and his cronies still in that hideous EU.

  39. I think it is always good to adopt a measure of Euroscepticism, testing the values on which we stand. Look at what Britain has been, the EU goes against what we once were. Powerful, independent with an ability to handle our own affairs. Yes, there are economic implications of leaving the EU but it is not always the economy that matters. What truly matters at the heart of all politics it the fundamental belief of Britain itself. Centralisation is not Britain, a single currency is not Britain, being governed by foreigners is not Britain. Britain is us, Britain is strong, reliable, we have stood the testament of time and proved our ability to look after ourselves and help others. This is not done as one United State of Europe but as Britannia and its values of belief in the individual, belief in our abilities and belief that we have got what it takes to govern ourselves better than European socialists.

  40. This was a very strong campaign for shutting the EU down. Nobody could make a stronger point than this Bozzo, eh, Barroso.

    World peace depends on breaking this criminal power structure down.

  41. Don't do as I do – Do as I say. Works every time for communists such as Barroso.

    £50million a day for this crap…Unbelievable!

  42. Strange how the EU hasn't the same togetherness where Greece is concerned.
    They have practically bankrupted that country and it's know being courted by Putin.

  43. Fuck the EU and the fucking pigs that reside in it. They are just filthy con-men lining their own pockets at the expense of the poor in the member states.

  44. Since the Anglo-Saxons, Irish and Scots are all invaders from Caucasia, could you all also leave Europe…and close the door behind you? The the real British people, the native Welsh can then take their rightful place in Europe.

  45. The UK is like that drunk teenager who is always threatening to leave home but never does. It will cry, it will sit at the dinning table but it won't leave home. The irony is that the Anglo-Saxons are not even a native European people to start off with.

  46. I'm pretty sure that was UKIP that he was talking to, not the Conservatives. The title and description is a little bit misleading.

  47. it is cool the UK is kicked out of EU. At last. Let them associate with other british type countries like India, Bangladesh etc.

  48. this one lie about the weapons of mass destruction

    thats the reason of him went to president of EU


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