Barroso’s answer to Mas: Catalonia’s referendum on independence is a Spanish debate
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Barroso’s answer to Mas: Catalonia’s referendum on independence is a Spanish debate

August 25, 2019

20 days is how long Catalonia’s President
Artur Mas had to wait to get an answer from Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso. Earlier
in December, Mas sent Barroso a letter seeking his support for the Spanish region to hold
a referendum on independence next November. But once again Brussels refused to comment
on what they see as a ‘political internal matter’, adding that the Commission has no
powers to judge the situation. Earlier in December, Mas sent letters to all
26 EU leaders and other international powers, urging them to encourage a vote that the centre-right
Spanish government says would breach the Spanish constitution.
In a letter to German chancellor Angela Merkel, Mas wrote: “Contrary to some reports, there
are a number of legal and constitutional options which allow this referendum to take place
in Catalonia”. Opinion polls have shown mixed support for
independence, with some recently showing only 35 per cent would vote for a full split from
Spain. But polls have shown a majority of Catalans want the right to decide and believe
that Mr Rajoy should authorise a vote.

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  1. Laughable!! Both the EU and Catalonia ! – The EU pretending that it has no influence and Catalonia for wanting to seek these clowns and unelected nobody's 'approval' – if you go for independence why on earth hand over all major areas of your economy and the superiority of your own law over to the EUSSR??? !!! The Catalonian politicians are in the same league as the Scottish 'independence' movement …… they want their own little niche in the corridors of power whilst intact they del their nations down the toilet to the EU ….. The reason that Scottish independence will fail is that the Scots people do not want to be sold to the EUSSR !!!!! – The Catalonian politicians should hear this well …. don't sell your newly found freedom to the EU!!!

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