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Bartenders Guess Who’s Underage 1 | Lineup | Cut

September 18, 2019

– He’s really serious,
he’s mugging me right now. It’s kinda hard, doesn’t
make it hard to tell. (classical music) – I’ve been bartending for 13 years – Pretty close to 40 years – I’ve been bartending
for about three weeks. Yes (laughs) – I would like to think so – I think I do pretty solid – Typically mannerisms. – Appearance, you know the way they act. – Body language, like if people are like kinda fidgeting, some people sweat. – I dunno, I guess you just get a sense. – Oh yeah, constantly. Try to tell them when you look young, you have to have your ID. – I’m ready for the test. – What’s up man? (laughter) – Okay Okay – I think over 21. The clean cut thing,
like looks like someone who maybe has a regular professional job. – He’s got some age marks – He’s still got, you know
the five o’clock shadow going on here, looks more mature. – I’m gonna say over, yeah. – I’m gonna say he’s 21 or over. – Dammit, she’s got really
good skin, looks really young. She’s like this adult sweater
will throw her off (laughter) Don’t believe it. – She got the young
little pretty face here. – I’m gonna say she’s underage. – I’m gonna go ahead and say under 21. – I’m gonna say over – Instincts are telling
me that’s she’s over 21. – For one her walk, she seemed pretty like confident about being 21. – I believe she is over 21. – I don’t know, dude. I seriously regret saying I’m good at this before we got started. – I think he looks young. (laughter) Were you sneering at me? – Tattoo looks pretty fresh, guessing he got that when he was 18. – 1998 to infinity. If that was supposed to mean
that he was born in 1998 and gonna live forever, then under 21. – I think he’s under 21. – Dammit you guys. You realize I work at an
old person bar, right? Like everyone’s over 50,
so this is real hard. – I would say you were under 21. – She’s over 21 – I think she’s old enough too. – I getting a vibe that
this person’s over 21. – I don’t think this is
an outfit to fool me, I think she actually dresses like this. – Like that Urban Outfitter look, the relaxed mom jean look, she’s over 21. – I’m gonna say he’s underage. The baby face (laughter) That beard, I get it, but I don’t buy it. – I’m sorry, I think I see
like one gray back here. It might just be a
shiny black hair though. Oh, she did that, that’s a tell. – She’s over 21, she carries herself well, she looks like she’s seen some shit too. – Looks young to me. – I think she’s under 21. She walked out here a little bit, she’s still kind of a little, I’m not saying anything bad, but – She’s been biting her nails, I don’t know anybody over
20 that bites their nails. – I think my vibe is under
21, not as much like at ease with walking into the room I think. – Yeah, she’s kind of standing kind of not like the rest of the other ones. So I think she’s under 21. – This is really stupid,
but I couldn’t afford to get my nails done like
that ’til I was like 22. If she’s under 21, she’s
doing very well financially. – No, I think she’s old enough. – Over 21 – I’m gonna say over. – I wouldn’t let you into a club or a bar. There’s a lot of you. – That’s terrible (laughs) Doesn’t look like I got
very many right (laughs) – What? (laughter) I got like all of them wrong. Three right – Six out of 10, oh that’s pretty bad. – About half, more than half, right? (laughter) – The last one (laughter) – She did, right here. More mature, like out there. – Here, the blue shirt
– Me? – [Bartender] Yeah (laughter) I was thinking like 19 in my head. – The whole difference
from this to working, is if there’s any slightest doubt, I card. – [Female] But not him?
– But not him. I guess keep looking at
him going by (laughter) – I’m glad I check IDs (laughter) – And I would’ve carded
everybody here, for the record. (laughter) (drum roll and dramatic note)

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  1. This video threw me off so much being Canadian because the legal age is 18 so when they were saying underage as 20 I was confused 😂

  2. I'm certain the crew at Cut tried and make Bianca look a bit older, to deceive the guessers, obviously

    Also, she looks a lot Morticia (I think that was the name??) from Adam's Family

  3. All the non Americans forgetting we can’t drink until we’re 21 which I find stupid not because you know I wanna drink when I turn 18 but because you can buy a gun and/or join the military at 18 but we can’t have beer until three years later🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m like half tempted to go to the UK or Ireland when I graduate just for a damn celebration

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