Basel Composition Competition 2017
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Basel Composition Competition 2017

October 27, 2019

The Basel Composition Competition wants to draw the attention of the international composer’s scene to Basel it wants to motivate composers to write new pieces for chamber orchestra and symphony orchestra in the first edition, composers with birth year’s ranging from 1929 to 1994 signed up we wanted to find the most interesting composers of today’s time who maybe provoke, who maybe challenge the listener and who represent the composing style of the year 2017 For the first edition, 450 scores were submitted The jury chose 10 pieces for the competition. The 10 composers originate from 8 differents nations. My expectations? I have all expectations possible! I remember I really wanted to rehearse these pieces 2 things: my pieces, how do they sound in the end? I read a lot, but in the end it’s about how they sound, so you can react and make create beautiful things And I wanted to hear 10 new pieces from young composers and to hear what the composers want to tell us I find the idea of this competition nice, it is a special and important idea. There are not many competitions, where pieces are actually played. In many other competitions, pieces are just selected and the composer receives a prize but then it’s finished. Here we and the composers have the possibility to hear their pieces. And this is also worth money. The level of the compositions is good. The expressiveness is there, so you feel the composers have to say something In my opinion, in Europe, this is the most important competition. It’s a “birth” for a new competition and we hope for many more “birthdays” It’s worth it! Dear composers, welcome to the first final of the Basel Composition Competition and now I ask the jury on stage Michael Jarrell, president of the jury, has the duty to announce their decision VICTOR IBARRA!

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