Basics of Photography – Good COMPOSITION for Beginners
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Basics of Photography – Good COMPOSITION for Beginners

August 27, 2019

In this video we’re gonna talk about composition. One of the most important parts of photography is actually to get your composition right. It’s more important than getting all the technicalities right in the beginning. So, for every picture, you need to consider two things. First, you need to shoot something interesting, because otherwise your picture won’t be interesting (duh!). And secondly, you need to get your composition right to tell your story. To show people, what you want to show them in your picture. What is interesting? So, what is good composition? It is basically a set of rules that you need to follow – or should follow. Especially at the beginning where you’re trying to get a feel for what makes a good picture, really stick a bit more to the rules than afterward when you get the idea. I’m just gonna give you some examples now. The most common of these rules is the “Rule of Thirds”, where you split your image into nine equally-sized parts by dividing it into three parts horizontally and three parts vertically. If you put your subject on the intersections of these areas, you get the most interesting points of the picture. So, to create an interesting composition, put your subject on either the left or the right vertical lines of thirds. Also your horizon line should be on one of these lines. Like that you can show the viewer if the landscape part or the sky part is more important. Next up is “Leading Lines”. You have naturally forming lines that can help to guide the viewer’s eyes to what’s important in the picture. You can use a pathway or just naturally forming lines of buildings or something like that to guide the viewer’s eyes. Another rule of composition is “Symmetry”, where you just use a naturally forming pattern like trees or like windows on a building, which create symmetry in a picture which we always look for. But it’s always a good idea to disrupt this symmetry, to introduce an element that is odd. Like that you create interest in the picture again. So, this is actually just a few examples. But never consider them as strict rules. They are tools in your bag to create great pictures. If you are interested, I talk more about these things in my book, “The Basics of Creative Photography”, you find the link below (in the description, that is!) Also consider to subscribe to my channel, so you get more of these videos in the future! So, see you next time! Bye! Waiting for the out-take? 😉 So, what is composition? It is – actually – for the most part it is – basically – Whaa.. Actually for the most part it is basically… okay>_

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  1. How nice ! Very interesting introduction to the basic rule of compositions.

    I'm looking forward to see more of your videos !

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