Battle of the Bloodrush Brethren (Ep. 10) | Fantasy High
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Battle of the Bloodrush Brethren (Ep. 10) | Fantasy High

October 8, 2019

– What do you know about Johnny Spells? – Some job went south,
he was sticking up a bank and he got in to The Harvestmen. – Oh, the Harvestmen. I went to the Harvest
Festival all growing up. – They’re a hard-core cult. – What? – The Harvestmen want the apocalypse, so what they were trying to do was to create a hellmouth, portal to hell would be something that had to do with a religious iconography or had some kind of connection
to the lower plane. Oh god, thank god you’re here, Kristen. Somebody attacked the church! The door to the rectory is missing. – I think somebody softened
the stone around it, and then pulled the doorway away. – I think that doorway
might be like the thing that somebody would need to
go through to like make– – The thing where the portal– – The apocalypse happen. – All right, back to school. – I wanna disguise myself as a Harvestman. – You guys hear a colossal shrieking noise and the breaking of stone
from the Bloodrush Field. – Oh, run!
– We run towards it. – Coach Daybreak turns,
smiles, “Let’s play ball!” (tape rewinds) (creepy music) (owl hoots) (bear growls) – Hoot, growl, hoot, growl,
hoot, growl, hoot, growl! – Hi guys, and welcome
back to “Fantasy High!” My name’s Brennan Lee Mulligan, these are our intrepid heroes, say hi, intrepid heroes! – [All] Hi, intrepid heroes! – You keep doing it, and
it’s funny every time! Guys, last we left off, our heroes rushed to the Bloodrush Field
to see Coach Daybreak and his team of skeletal Owlbears. The battle begins as the
arch from the Church of Soul glimmers with kinetic magic potential. Not fully opened yet. – Hey Kristen, when
this was in your church, were all those skulls there? – Yeah, did you have all the skulls? – [Adaine] What’s up with these skulls? – There were just a few skulls, but they were more like to
remember what not to be. – Okay, uh-huh. – That’s a red flag. – Now, all of you guys, twilight fades, the sun sets in the west, skeletons charge forward as Coach Daybreak blows on his whistle.
(whistle blows) Fabian, you are first to act. – Can I first call to The Hangman? Or like however we communicate? – By all means you may. What do you say to The Hangman? – Hangman, to the Bloodrush
Field, post haste! (motorcycle rumbles) – Master, I come with all
the swiftness of Hell! – Oh, fantastic. (dice clatter) – You see that The Hangman
responds to you and says, (motorcycle rumbles)
Right now, I am back waiting for you at the
home of Kristen Applebees. I will rush there as soon as I can! – [Fabian] Fantastic.
– But it’s sun set, so it’s rush hour, so you gotta add ten minutes on there to– – Just make sure on the
yellows to like push through. (motorcycle rumbles)
– Ah, push through (motorcycles rumbles)
on the yellows, Master! – Fantastic, and with
that, I think I’ll… You mentioned that there’s
a chest on the field? – Yes, you see – actually, go ahead and make a Perception check if you could. (dice clatter) Oh wow, 15! – Looking forward, you see not a ball but a sort of smoking purple orb in the hand of one of the skeletons that is kind of cocking a hand back with this orb, basically. – Like he’s going to throw it? – Like he’s going to throw it. – Fantastic, I’ll take a dash action and move further to
this side of the field, as far forward into this side of the field as I can. – Go ahead and grab Fabian
there, and moving diagonally one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine. You have three squares of
movement left, if you’d like. – I’ll go there. – You guys see Fabian
(beep) dart onto the, he goes (makes whooshing noise), just tearing across the field. That is going to be Daybreak. (laughter) You see Coach Daybreak darting through the skeletons,
blowing his whistle. (whistle blows) And Coach Daybreak Action Surges and is going to take some swings. – That’s fine. (dice clatter) – Okay, oof. – Oof is always good. – Love an oof. – Yeah, I’m hearing a ton of dice. – [Fabian] Yeah. – We might need to play some defense here. – Coach Daybreak slashes you with his spear for 18 points of damage. (groaning) Shouldn’t have come back
to the field, kiddo, you got no heart! – Ha, is that the best you’ve got? (laughter)
– Yeah! – That’s going to be Adaine. – I’m gonna move to here, I’m gonna cast Fly on my
boy Gorgug right here. (laughter) And I’m gonna move forward
the rest of my movement. – Does Gorgug know that
you did that to him, or does he just…
– Yes. – What are you doing, what’s happening? – [Adaine] You can fly now! – [Gorgug] What? – Good luck! – One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight– (beep) 11, 12, (roars), just rushing. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12. – Holy (beep), what the f– (laughs) – You guys see these
skeletons rush the field. Hoot growl, hoot growl, hoot growl! (laughter) – Who has the ball, the guy in the back? – Guy in the back. – Okay. – That is going to be Riz. – I would like to use my Investigate skill with my Inquisitive archetype to see where the quarterback is
eyeing to throw the ball. Like, see who he’s eyeing. (dice clatter) That’s gonna be a 23. – 23, you see, not that the quarterback has any eyes to speak of, but his empty, hollow sockets seem to be pointed in the direction of this receiver rushing past Fabian. – Okay. All right, I’m just going to stand in front of here and ready an action to shoot somebody or grab the ball if it comes near, like
kind of play goalie. – You’re going to ready an action to do what specifically when what happens? – If somebody throws the ball at it, I’m gonna try to catch it or block it. – Okay, you’re going to
try to catch the ball if there is – gotcha, cool. – Or swat it out of somebody’s hands. I’m gonna play goalie. – Rad, Fig, that’s you. – Okay, so I am currently
disguised as a Harvestman. – That’s correct. – Does it seem like they’re buying it? – The amount of chaos on
the field in front of you makes it seem like a social interaction at this point in time may not have a high likelihood of success. – Okay, then I would like to run– – I relay that information to everybody that he’s looking at this guy, in Elvish. – What happened? – And then I whisper it up to Gorgug. – I would like to, I am a Harvestman, so I’m gonna run over here, and I’m gonna shout to Daybreak, “Hey, I’m here to help
you clean up this mess.” (laughter) – Fig, go ahead and
make me a Deception roll with disadvantage, if you’d be so kind. (laughter) – I got a 24. – Really, your worse roll? – Yeah, I got a 14 and then a 13, and I have 11 Deception. – You see Daybreak goes,
“Hell yeah, brother, “get in here, help out!” – And then I’m going to
cast Suggestion on him, because that’s the closest, and say, “Give me the ball, pass me the ball.” That’s a Wisdom saving throw. – That’s a Wisdom save,
and what’s the DC on that? – 16. – The skeleton goes (roars) and starts rushing right towards you. – And then I’m gonna wink at old Riz, and give him some Bardic Inspiration. – That’s gonna be Kristen. – I’m gonna cast Bless on you three. – Oh sweet. – Cool, that’s great. – And then, what was
that other thing I had? – Gotta remember that I’m blessed. – [Brennan] Blessed. – Hashtag blessed. – I’m gonna move out as far as
I can get towards the middle. – One, two, three, four,
five, six is where– – Yeah, you have high AC. If we have to play a
ball game a little bit, it seems like high armor
class would be good to have in the back near the goal. The apocalypse goal, as it were. – Great, Gorgug, that’s
gonna be you, baby. – So I’m flying, which means, I get more movement? – Yeah, you get 60 more movement. – Or 60 movement total. – 60 movement, and you can
go up and down as well. – Sack ’em, dude. (beep) leap over the line, man. – I don’t think I can get all the way there, though, with 60? – It’s 60 movement, which means you could take a Dash and a regular movement and do a 120. – But I still couldn’t attack at the end. – Dude, no no no, jump on top, can he get there and
jump on top of the ball? – You’re taking your
action to move, so no. – But at least you’d be there. – I want to run to the guy I think he’s gonna throw it to first. Because I don’t think I, in any case, I could
get there in two turns, no matter what, if I get there. – If you can get there in one turn you can ready an action. – I can’t, if I use my action, right? – Yeah, so you have 60 feet of movement, where do you want to move? – I want to move to, okay, so. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11. So I have 60 feet of movement, can I move 11 squares? – [Brennan] Yeah, for sure. – [Gorgug] I’m gonna go here, and I’m gonna go into a rage. I should just smack this guy. – A flying rage? (screaming) – It’s like so anime. – Go ahead and make an Acrobatics check for me, if you’d be so kind? – Oh yes, okay, with Bless? – With Bless, yeah. (dice clatter) – Ooh, I got a (beep) 23. – With a 23, how does
Gorgug fly when he flies? – I think he’s kind of like headfirst (yells) (laughter) – Goku style? – Yeah! – You’re like three feet above the ground, just screaming like a comet. – Three feet above the
ground, it’s just lateral. You look like a Roomba. (laughter) – Gorgug, you run and just (beep) scream, and you’re holding your action, or you’re gonna attack? – I was gonna attack. – Go for it. (dice clatter) – First one is 15. Does that hit? – A 15 does hit, yes. – Okay cool. (dice clatter) So I hit him for, ooh yes, 18. (roars) – Bones all in the (beep) air. Gone, baby, just dust. – That was too easy, they’re gonna start coming out of that chest. – Or out of here. – As soon as you hit that one, you see that the quarterback sees their intended target obliterated, goes (gasps), switches at
the last second their throw, has disadvantage as a result of having to switch at the last second, and is going to throw to another receiver. (dice clatter) Okay, quarterback throws, this receiver over here,
bam, gets the ball. You see Daybreak goes, “Good pass, good hustle on the field!” – I pretend like, “Yeah, “we’re winning, right, Daybreak?” (laughter) – Fabian, your turn. – So the ball is on the
other side of the field now. Yes it is. – Yes, the ball’s on the
other side of the field. – Great, you know what, I’ll stay engaged in combat with the man who would not let me on the team! I’ll attack Coach Dawnstar. – Daybreak is good, it’s all good. – Hey, if I were on
the team, I would know. (dice clatter)
18? – Hits. – Great. – And you have your extra
attack ability, as well. – I do, so should I roll that right now? – Yeah, if you’re gonna
attack him again, go for it. (dice clatter) – And that’s 13. – 13 misses. – Okay. 13. – Your rapier flicks out and slashes through his sweatshirt,
he leans out of the way, and just a tiny snick across the arm. Don’t see the moves from tryouts, today! – That’s now going to be Daybreak, who’s going to come back at you. Daybreak’s gonna hit you
for 12 points of damage. (sword slashes) Slicing you again, that is going to be Adaine. – I would like to cast Web. One, two, three, four,
by one, two, three, four. So basically these four guys are in Web. – Those four right there, hell yeah. – And my saving throw is, it’s a Dex saving throw and it’s 15 is my spell save DC. – DC is 15, okay. (dice rattle) – Okay, big hulking bruiser. And the one with the ball. Cool. The thinner, smaller skeletons leap through the web as it
kind of flairs around them, the bruiser is stuck in
place around the webs. – And what does having
a bonus action mean? Does that just mean because I haven’t moved, I get to do… – Bonus action only applies if you have an ability that allows you to
use a bonus action, basically. – Oh okay, which I don’t
think I have any of, right? – No, I do not believe you do. – I just was confused that
other people got that. I was like, I don’t think
I have any of those! – Cool, the skeletons go. These two are gonna come for Gorgug. – Bring it on. – This one goes for Fig. – But I look like a Harvestman. – Oh, you do look like a Harvestman. Doesn’t go for you, goes for Kristen. – [Fig] You have way higher AC than me! I don’t feel bad.
– [Brennan] Adaine. This one comes for Adaine as well. This (beep) sprints for the door. Riz, you have your readied
action at this point. – With a Bless, don’t forget! – And Bardic Inspiration if you need it. – Yeah, boo, Bardic Inspiration,
that’s what I meant. – Wait, you don’t even need to, because I’m gonna give you my nat 20 on my Divination roll
that I got this morning. – I’m gonna try to blast
the ball out of his hand. – So you want to blast
the ball out of his hand. With a nat 20, anything is possible. (laughter) So you see this skeleton with the orb under its hand goes (roars). You see that the door starts to glimmer and shine red with dark shadows. As the door portal is about to open, you boom (whooshes), ball
perfectly up in the air, you snag it as this skeleton dives at what he thought was gonna be a portal but instead becomes nothing, slams his head into the
back of (beep) nothing. You have the ball. – The Ball has the ball! – The ball has to go back
in the chest, people. – [Adaine] That’s what needs to happen. – In Elvish. – Yeah, I say that in Elvish. – Gorgug, what she said was… – Insane! Now they’re gonna make
some grapple checks. (beep) Adaine, I’m gonna need you to make some opposed Athletics checks. – I love it, I’m so good
at Athletics, minus two. – Do you beat a 13, let me know. – Eight, 10, no, I got an eight. – Another skeleton takes a swing at you. – [Adaine] Oh (beep). – For eight points of damage. With a sword, you are also grappled. One of them has tackled you (beeping drowns out speech) Kristen, I’m gonna need you to make an opposed Athletics check. (dice clatter) – 17. – One of these guys leaps at you, and you crack him across
the head with your staff. – (Beep) yeah, so he’s on the ground now? – Yeah, he flopped down trying to get you. Other guy’s tied up in webs. Gorgug, I’m gonna need you to make these, you make these with advantage
because you’re raging. – Okay. – And I believe you have Bless. Let me know if you beat a seven. Doesn’t seem like it’ll be too hard. – I got one nat one, but I had a 10 outside of that, plus Athletics, a 17. – Go ahead and make another
roll with advantage. (dice clatter) – Ooh, a nat 20 and a 17
and two, yeah, nat 20. – Both of these guys leap at you and boom boom, they’re (beep) on the deck. – Ha! – Incredible, now it’s
going to be Riz’s turn. – Full dash action to Gorgug, and I hop on his back. (laughter) Get us to the goal, baby! I know how this game works! Riz definitely doesn’t
know anything about sports. – Incredible, Fig, that’s you. – I’m going to move over here and I’m going to look, actually I’d like to move here, and I’m gonna project a Cone
of Fear on these four guys. – Ooh, rad. And what is the DC on that? – The DC will be 16 Wisdom saving throw. (dice rattle) – What does it do? – I project a phantasmal
image of their worst fears. – Whoa!
– Jesus Christ. – And then if they don’t succeed, they become frightened, they have to drop whatever they’re holding
and try to run away. – Sweet. – You hit a (makes sound of
strumming electric guitar) on your guitar and a cone of
just sound and pure rock… – I’m using my ruby guitar pick. (makes sound of strumming electric guitar) – The three skeletons that are tackling Adaine and Kristen all look and you see made of pure sonic vibration a giant bulldog appears (growling) gnawing on a bone. (growls) And they all go (gasps) (makes sounds of clattering bones) (laughter) to try to start running away. That’s going to be Kristen. – That’s awesome, let’s see. Wait, so this Harvestman just
showed up with a bass guitar? (laughter) They didn’t think anything of it. – They probably have
figured it out by now. But you did get that one pass, which makes it worth it. – I still shout back
to Daybreak, and I say, “We’re on the same team, guy!” – I’m just gonna use my turn to Bless the other three of us. – Actually one thing about Bless is I think it might be
a concentration spell. I think we may have gotten
this wrong last time. So I think you can actually only Bless the three people that you blessed. – Oh okay, cool cool, dang. Then I am going to– – You have undead stuff, right? – Yeah. – These guys are already
turned away, though. – So I have a 30 foot radius for this, so I’m gonna get as close
as I can to this cluster. – Okay, that guy’s gonna get an attack of opportunity on you. – Is he, he’s frightened. – He’ll get it with –
oh, he is frightened, he can only run. – Yeah. – (Beep) me, (beep),
too scared to hit you. – How many spaces is 30 feet? – Six squares. – One, two, three, four, five, six. I don’t really have a religion right now, but I am going to take out the “On the Subject of World
Religions” and Channel Divinity. – Are you doing Turn Undead? – I have Turn Undead and Destroy Undead. – Destroy Undead automatically
happens when you Turn Undead. – Oh, dope. – So they’re gonna make
Wisdom saving throws. – So I’ll do that for those three guys. – Okay, Daybreak is
not undead, he’s alive, but the two skeletons there are gonna roll a Wisdom saving throw. What do you say as you’re holding this book of like Comparative
World Religions aloft? – Sometimes it’s sad to have more questions than answers, but Living La Vida Loca! (laughter) – Both skeletons explode into dust! (yells) – [Fabian] “Living la vida loca.” – Look, I was just, I don’t have, really Ricky Martin is the only thing I’ve fully believed in. – Maybe your real religion is dance. – Oh my god, you’re right – or poppers. – Or hips. – That is going to be Gorgug. – “Outside, inside out.” – I’m gonna take a full Dash action and go with Riz on my back to try to put the thing in the– – [Fabian] Dunk the ball? – Dunk it, dunk that ball! – [Kristen] The double ball? – So I’m still like this, and I… – Cool, I’m going to need you to make an opposed Athletics check for me. – And that’s at advantage? – That is going to be with advantage, yes. (dice rattle) – Ooh, okay. I got a 24. – 24, that’s good, it’s
not as good as a nat 20. (beep) – [Kristen And Adaine] Dang! – As you take off, first of all, you take off into the (beep), you are up flying towards this, and you hear “(Beep)ing loser!” And Ragh Barkrock comes (beep), leaps, bam, hits you mid-air, fully grapples you to the ground. Riz, I’m gonna need you to
make a Dexterity saving throw. – Sure. (dice clatter) Ah, 14, 18. – You do not go prone, now
make a Strength saving throw. – Did you ever use your
Bardic Inspiration? – Oh wait, hang on, 14,
Dexterity saving throw, sorry. Plus seven, 11, 21. – 21 is great, you do not go prone. Go ahead and make a Strength saving throw. – Did you ever use your Bardic– – No, I might need it for
the Strength saving throw. I’m not good at strength. (dice clatter) 12 minus two, 10. – The orb goes– – I’m gonna use my Bardic Inspiration. – All right, let’s see if you hit 15. – (Beep) five or six! (dice clatter) (cheering) – The visage of me
appears and winks at you. (laughter) – [Riz] I need to be
good at sports right now. – You spring from there with this fully on your feet. Ragh is gonna take some
more swings at you, Gorgug. – Who? – Ragh, who’s like on top of you, takes a sword out from his back. – That makes sense. – Hits you for that one. – So many dice. – You take – 13 plus, 17, so you take 17 points of
damage halved to eight. – Okay, 71. – Is he still flying though? – You still are flying, but Ragh is like fully on you, slashing you with the sword, You (beep) loser, you
fucking go after coach, dude, I’ll (beep) kill you! – My god, I wanna go after coach now. – Your movement was halved, but you never took your action, Gorgug, actually on this turn, because
he had a readied action, so if you want to take
your action you can. – I have to get out of the
grapple, so I’m gonna try– – You can deal damage to him if you want, or you can break out of the grapple. – I’m gonna deal damage to him. (cheering) – Purple nurple! – This is hot. (laughter) – What is the effect of the damage, is it halved or something
because I’m grappled? – No, it might be halved because he’s in a rage right now, but you are prone, so
you do have disadvantage. – Okay, I’m just gonna attack him anyway. And can I do all three of my attacks? If I never did my– – You can do all three
of your attacks now. – This is my first one, so that is seven, eight, nine, 16. – 16 hits! – Don’t you have just one dice because you have advantage from raging? – No, that’s different, I
have to do Reckless attacks. So, that hits, which is, I hit him for 11. – 11 points of damage, damn. – Then the next one,
halved, obviously, I guess. Ooh, (beep) I had a nat 20 in there. But the lower one is 22. – 22, hits, yes. – That would be eight plus six. – Ooh.
– Yeah. – That’s gonna be, what 14,
so that’s another seven. – Yes, and then my last frenzy attack. (dice clatter) That is only a 11. – 11 does not hit. You guys see Ragh and Gorgug just (growls, grunts, makes hitting sounds) just rolling on the (beep) rocks, cracking the stone underneath them with the force of their
hitting each other. That is going to be Fabian! – I guess I see that Gorgug
and The Ball seem to… – Seem to have (beep) up again. – No, they seem to have
a handle on things. The Ball seems to have a, you can handle him, right, The Ball? – I am a tiny goblin and
there is a giant dude with spiked shoulder pads like the (beep) Road Warriors from WWF. But having Daybreak near
me isn’t good either. – So I’ll continue to engage Daybreak. Let’s wail on him. – Wail on the coach, man, you might even– – Hey, I’m doing my best. I’ll take two more shots at the coach. – Dude, your dad would be so proud if you, you killed the coach. – 19? – 19, that is going to hit. – Isn’t that a critical hit for you? – [Brennan] 19 is a critical hit! – Excuse me, that’s with my
attack, if it was a crit… And then 10. – All right, that’s one hit, though. (dice clatter) – For 13 again. – Hell yeah. – And then I will bonus
action to Second Wind. – Coach Daybreak takes another 13? – Yeah, and then I’m back up
– we’re level five, right now? – That is correct. – All right, and I’m back up to 42. – That is going to be Daybreak, he’s gonna come swinging at you again. He’s gonna hit you for 12, 17 points of damage. And then I’m gonna need you to make an opposed Athletics check, please. – [Gorgug] Bless? – I’m not blessed. – Oh right, you’re not blessed. – (Beep), that’s 19. – Guys, we’re just rubbing it in. – You’ll be able to do
a touch heal on him, because you’re right there. – Yeah. – You take another eight points of damage (grunts) as Coach Daybreak sweeps your legs out from under you,
sends you to your back, and goes, “Hey, better luck next time.” Goes one, two, three, four, five, six, rushing (beep) at Riz. That’s gonna be Adaine. Your Web spell ends, by the way. (whooshing) – But remember these
people, you can run away from these people because
they’re frightened. – But the bruiser is free. – I got some trouble down
here in the backfield. – These guys are still
afraid, though, right? – They look – make an Arcana check. (dice clatter) – 22. – Yeah, you can tell that they’ve all been affected by a Fear spell. – Okay! – What about that guy’s still in the– – Oh, this guy.
(Fig groans). – I hadn’t thought of that, if someone threw it to him… – Yep, that would be bad.
– Oh, Hail Mary? – Can I actually cast Witch Bolt as a second-level spell on this guy? So it goes once and then every on each of my turns for the duration you can use your action to deal 1d12 lightning damage to
the target automatically. – Yeah, go for it, do
you have to roll to hit? – It’s a ranged attack, yes. – Go ahead and make that spell attack. (dice clatter) – 10 plus seven, 17? – 17 hits. – Great.
– Yeah, go Adaine! – So nine and seven, so 16. – 16 points of damage? – Jesus! – [Brennan] You fry that skeleton! – [Fig] Yeah, that’s good to get rid of! – Somebody wanna hand me that bad boy? – And then can I keep on using Witch Bolt even though that guy is dead? – Unfortunately, I don’t know
if you can switch targets. Let me know what the spell says, if there’s anything about switching– – The target takes– – I think once that target’s
toast, it’s just toast. – Oh, okay, I guess
I’ll move back to here, just so that I’m not directly
in the way of the goal. – Sure. That’s going to be the skeletons. These three skeletons
fully rush off the field. (screams) – Bye bye! (laughter) – They fully just go
(makes crackling sounds), run fleeing, this skeleton turns and
charges straight for you. (laughter) – But I’m a, I’m a Harvestman! (laughter) – You see – and misses you horribly. Goes for the tackle and does not hit. You see the orb crackles
with magical power, and you see (makes cracking sound) the stone breaks around you, skeletal arms surge up from the ground as the orb animates three skeletal warriors. – Man, we knew there’d be
some sort of regeneration. – Yeah, this was too easy. – Around you, they all take swings, what’s your armor class? – 15. (dice clatter) – That’s gonna be two hits for– – I’m gonna half one of
them with my Uncanny Dodge. – The one to your left
or the one to your right? – The one to my left. – That was the more damage one. You take three and then
four points of damage. And you see that this skeleton over here readies an action. Riz, that’s gonna be your turn. – Okay, let’s see here. I am going to… – Do you have any kind
of like sneaky (beep)? – I have lots of sneaky stuff. I definitely don’t want to throw the ball into the chest because
that dude is right there. But I can – okay, here’s my plan. I am going to use Nimble Escape as a bonus action so I get to disengage without taking opportunity attacks, and then I’m going to run sort of, I don’t want to get too close, this guy’s gonna get me, I’m gonna run sort of center field like around here, and then I’m gonna ready an action to throw the ball to Kristen Applebees if
Daybreak comes for me, or if the quarterback comes for me. – [Brennan] Rad.
– Great. – You disengage, no opportunity attacks. You have 30 movement, right? – [Riz] Yes.
– [Brennan] One, two, three, four, five, six, here’s good for you? – [Riz] Yep. – And you get ready to throw the ball if Daybreak comes for you, gotcha. That’s going to be Fig. – Okay, I’m going to cast a third-level Dissonant
Whispers on Coach Daybreak. So he has to do a Wisdom saving throw. Otherwise, I’ll – well, no
matter what I’ll do 5d6. But then he might half it. – Rad, he makes a Wisdom
saving throw, what’s the DC? – 16. – Okay, you strike that lick on the bass (bass guitar thrums) he turns around, you see he goes, “You can’t get in here,
God made it rock solid.” (makes explosion sound) And just bright light surrounds his head. You do half damage. – Well, I’m still doing damage, (beep)! Also, you thought I was
a Harvestman, you fool! (laughter) – Nine, 19, 25, half damage of 25. – 25 halved, gotcha. You see that his blood sort of coming out the side of his mouth as just pure rock power
hits him in the face. – And then I’m gonna wink at Riz again. – Wow, all right. (laughter) – Don’t get any ideas, because I’ve got a little someone named Dr. Asha. – [Brennan] Kristen, that’s gonna be you. – Okay, I am going to reach out, touch Fabian and cast a
third-level Healing Word. So I get to cast as
many d4 as is the level, so can I borrow you guys’ d4s, because I get to roll three. – Because Healing Word is a ranged one, I think Cure Wounds’ll do
more healing, probably. Because that’ll do– – Heals a number of hit points a d8 plus my spell-casting
ability, which is five. – So instead of a d4 it would be a d8. – The healing increases by
a d – oh, for each level, oh dope, okay, yeah cool,
then I can touch him. So I go, beep beep. – Rad, go ahead and roll those d8s and don’t forget to add something for Disciple of Life gives
you more, I think, right? – I think it gives you two
plus the spell’s level– – Two plus the spell’s level,
it’s a third level spell, so add five to whatever you’re doing. – So I’m gonna add five and then I’m gonna add another five, because that’s my spell-casting ability, so it’s 3d8s, and then ten. – There’s a d8. – Thanks, can I use your d8, too? All right, this is for you, baby! A seven, a seven, and a six! (cheering) So that’s 30, you got 30. – Wow, incredible. – Are you back at full? – No, I’m at 47. (makes whooshing sounds) – The power of whatever
divinity Kristen is channeling fills your body as your wounds– – Remember when we all believed in the Corn God for that one round? – Now I believe in Ricky Martin. (laughter) ♪ “Outside, inside out,
living la vida loca!” ♪ – Just like Latin vibes. – [Brennan] The sounds of the Caribbean! That’s gonna be Gorgug. – Gorgug has had enough,
he just wants to get up, so is that an Athletics,
what do I do to get out of– – You’re gonna do a Athletics check. You have advantage and so does Ragh. – Okay. (dice clatter) – I had a 28. – 28, oh you, bam, kick
Ragh square in the chest, he flies off of you. It’s gonna take half your movement, which since you’re flying is 30, for you to get up, but you
have half your movement left. – I will take my movement to stand behind Riz, in the way of– – [Brennan] Oh, dope. – Yeah, the rest of my movement. – Cool, you get in front of Riz, dope. Then that’s going to be Ragh. Ragh stands up and he’s
swinging right for Riz, baby. (dice rattle) That’s gonna be (beep) 17 damage. (beep) And the next takes eight damage. – Okay, I’m at 15. – Just Ragh is (roar), bam, bam, bam! – This is the same turn as the skeletons got a crack at me, right? – Yes, that’s correct. – No, it’s not, because
they surrounded me, so I can take half of one of them. – One of them was 17, so
add eight more points back. – Good. – That’s Ragh’s turn,
that’s gonna be Fabian. – I’d like to Action Surge
and run and grab the ball. – The ball or The Ball? – Well, The Ball and the ball. (laughter) This is probably the most illogical way, but in some way run and jump over that skeleton and attempt to throw the ball and The Ball into the chest. – No, dunk it! – I guess, or dunk. – Wait, am I gonna get
like sealed in Hell? – Like when you’re letting a baby dunk. – How much of that will you let me do? – Here’s what we’re gonna do. It’s half your movement to stand up, so that’s 15 right there,
rest of your movement is one, two, three, right? Now, you Action Surge and you also have your other action, so
you could take a Dash action to one, two, three, four, five, six. Go ahead and give me, I’m
gonna say an Athletics check to grab Riz, I don’t
think Riz is contesting, so we’ll call this, to not
break your movement at all, I’ll say you pick him up on a 10, you pick him up without
breaking your movement on a 15. – Great, let’s do it. – Sorry you don’t have Bless. – It’s all good, it’s a 17
flat without my Athletics, so. I mean, I should be on the Bloodrush team! I belong on this team! Can I make direct eye
contact with Daybreak as I flawlessly just pick The Ball up? – You see Daybreak is looking at you as you’re just sprinting
past unbelievably, he goes, “What the hell?!” So you’ve used your Action Surge to dash, you got your movement, you
have your regular action remaining to get there
and dunk this thing in. – If that’s not possible,
as much of dunking or shooting the ball and The Ball. – All of this is legit thus
far, you’re within movement. This guy has a readied
action and is gonna come and make an Athletics check against you. This is a very important Athletics check, can we bring out the Box
of Doom here real quick? Fabian Aramais Seacaster is sprinting towards the rune-covered
chest at the end of the field. Here we have the Box of Doom
for very important rolls. This feels pretty damn significant. I’ll tell you straight up, this skeleton quarterback has got a plus five to its Athletics check. – As do I. – So it is a matter of, you need to roll one higher than this quarterback rolled to not get grappled. – I’ll take those odds. – Go ahead and set it down right there. – Three, two, one. (dice clatter) (cheering) – Oh, we both rolled like trash! – A five and a two! (laughter) Just some sloppy play. – You just full on Heisman
this skeleton, bam! Rush past with Riz and the ball, make it here, and I’ll just need one last, just a DC, literally a DC five, don’t roll a one Athletics check from you. – Seven. It looked very much like a one! – [Kristen] Oh my god! – You slam Riz and the
ball into the chest. – Hell yeah, Riz!
– Can I jump out? – Can I immediately turn
and give the middle finger? – Make a DC 15 Dexterity save. – You’re blessed, and you
have Bardic Inspiration. – No no no, I’m gonna give him my other Divination roll which is a 16. There’s no way we are dunking The Ball. – Yeah, my blood, I was
just so hot in the moment that there was no thought, it was just– – I was just on board
for the ride and then– – You leap out, you turn around
and do what to the coach? – (Beep) straight up,
like, “What’s good?!” All of the fancy and
air that I care about, it’s just gone in this moment of just pure “Fuck you, dawg!” (cheers)
(laughter) Pow, pow, pow, pow! (cheering) – The Ball is doing kind
of the same thing, like– – I’m trying to run up
and do that butt thing that football players do. – Every skeleton is straight up vaporized off the field, instantaneously, you hear the vaporized (whooshes) of the other skeletons running away. – Y’all, we need to murder these last two. – Incredible, Daybreak does one, two, three, four, five, six– – Do I get an attack on him? – You do get an attack on him, he’s gonna take an attack on you on his way past you. And he misses that attack on you, go ahead and take an attack on him. – Ooh, I only got a 14. – 14 does not hit, rushes past you, and you see he goes, “Nice play, kid. “But we’re going to overtime.” And that’s going to be Adaine’s turn. – I’m just gonna take my full Dash action. One, two, three, four, five… – If you Dash, can you still attack, or that’s your whole turn? – Is he 120 feet from me, this dude? – Oh, dope, (beep) hell yeah. – So I can do that? – [Riz] Snipe him! – He’s for sure within 120, yeah. – Great, I will cast Ray of Sickness on that mother(beep). – [Brennan] What type
of save is that again? – It’s an Constitution saving throw. – And what’s the DC on that? – 15. – Incredible, you are
looking at Ragh Barkrock, you see he says, “Freak like you,” goes (makes zoom sound), and right in between your faces. A pulsating beam of green energy hits Daybreak right in the
back, like his kidneys, and you just hear the most violent (beep)ing of pants that’s ever, literally you like a
(makes ripping sound), like a (beep)ing lawnmower starting of him fully evacuating his bowels, his (beep)ing sweatpants drop a full foot. He goes (screams). Snot, weeping, blood
coming out of his eyes, fully hit by the Ray of Sickness. – Great, so he’s poisoned and he takes six, 11 points of damage. – He’s so (beep) up, Riz, that’s you. – Dope, I’m going to pick up the chest, and then I’m going to run back like by the scoreboard and stuff and I’m going to hide. – You’re gonna hide behind the– – I’m just gonna hide. – Dope, go ahead and
give me a Stealth check, I’ll say with disadvantage because you’re trying to hide a big object. (dice rattle) – Not great, two plus three, 13, and I’ll use my Bardic Inspiration, 18. – You like stuff the
chest behind something as fast as you possibly can. And that’s a bonus action
on your turn, right? – Yeah, actually I can just
do it as a bonus action. So I’m just hiding with the chest with my gun out, just sitting there, waiting for somebody to come out. (Beep) Macaulay Culkin style! (laughter) – The poisoned Coach Daybreak goes, “Oh god, oh god, time to
pull out the big guns.” Reaches into the pocket of his sweatpants, pulls out a little palimpsest,
a crystal palimpsest, and goes, “Hoot growl!
Hoot growl! Hoot growl!” shatters it on the ground, and you hear (growls)
(hoots) and an owlbear appears on the field. – I’m sorry, that’s a literal owlbear? – That’s a literal
owlbear, the school mascot in terrifying three-dimensional form. – That’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in my whole life. – It looks like the thing that really wants the acorn in “Ice Age.” – That’s incredible. – And this thing begins to charge Adaine. – Oh (beep). – Whoa, they’re probably fast. (hoots) – Tearing across the field towards you. But that’s just its movement, it doesn’t take an attack until next turn. (Riz screams) That’s going to be Fig. – Okay, if I cast Shatter, are they both in a ten-foot radius sphere? Are these two, can I hit both of them? – No, they are farther than 10 feet apart. – Okay, then I’m just
going to, one, two, three– – Where are you going? – You got it, girl. (laughter) – Adaine’s gonna die! – Wait, are you low, health-wise? – I’m always low, I’m okay, I’m okay. – Kristen Applebees is nearby. – [Fabian] Yeah, we’ll get to you. – I think we should get rid of the coach. – That’s so funny that you’re like, bye. – I’m gonna say to Coach Daybreak, “Oh, I can’t get in your head?” And then I’m gonna try and cast Dissonant Whispers again,
this time at a second level. – I believe he has disadvantage now, because of being poisoned. And again, that’s a Wisdom
saving throw, what’s the DC? – 16. (dice clatter) – Dope, full effect. – Ha ha, got into your head, (beep)! Okay, that’s gonna be two ones. (laughter) Okay, that’s gonna be nine. Probably did less damage than I did. Whatever, I’m in your head! – How much damage was that, sorry? – That’s gonna be seven plus two, nine. – Nine damage, great. – And he also has to use his reaction to move as far as his speed
allows him away from me. – Just his reaction, though, correct? Yeah, unfortunately, he doesn’t have a reaction available to use. – And then I’m gonna look at Adaine and give her a wink. – That’s so confusing right now. – That’s gonna be Kristen. – It’s ’cause I believe in you. – [Kristen] Great. – Weirdly sexual 15 year old. – Look, I just had my first kiss. – That was your first
kiss, that dwarven doctor? – He’s hot. – He’s an adult.
– [Gorgug] Just an old man. – [Fabian] He’s a man. – Hot. – In Elvish, I say, “What should I do?” (laughter) – I say, “WWRMD?” What
would Ricky Martin do? – I use my full action to dance. (laughter) – Also, a Hold Person
could be helpful on– – I was thinking of that. – I bet you Ragh probably
has very low Wisdom, I would think he’s not a smart guy. You could keep him in place, which would be (beep) helpful. – So how many squares is 60 feet? – 60 feet is, definitely
Ragh is in range, for sure. – Oh cool, then I’m just
gonna move closer to Adaine. – [Riz] Yeah, that’s great. – [Brennan] Yeah, hell yeah. – And then cast Hold Person on Ragh. – He’s gonna make a saving throw, what’s the DC on that? – 16. – You hold your hand aloft (makes blasting sound) power of the heavens awaits. Ragh turns up and goes, “What are you – ” (chokes) and freezes in place. – Sick. – Hell yeah. That’s going to be Gorgug. – He can’t even like defend himself? – It doesn’t look great. – I’m just gonna scream and
do a reckless attack on him. (laughter) This is just one attack with advantage. Good thing I did that! One nat one, and then an eight plus three plus seven, so 18. – 18 damage? – 18 hit. – Oh, certainly you hit. – Should I even roll? – You have advantage on
every attack, he’s paralyzed. – Okay, great, great,
so the first one does eight plus, 14 damage. – Jesus Christ. – And then the next one is a nat 20! (cheering) I finally got one! – You’re gonna roll 3d12 plus– – What is savage attacks, on critical I add additional damage? – So that means, it’s normally just 2d12 because it’s a critical, now it’s 3d12 because of Savage Attack, so go ahead and roll 3d12
plus your damage modifier. – Savage!
(dice clatter) – So, 18… – That’s a nine. – 21, 26 plus six is 32. – Jesus Christ!
– Wow! – Specify that we want to murder him, not just knock him out. – Roll another attack with advantage. – And then I have my frenzy. (dice clatter) That’s gonna hit. – Yeah, go for it, go ahead
and roll d12 plus damage. (dice clatter) – Ooh, 16 – or 18. I got 12. – As soon as he freezes, Kristen, I don’t know what you were assuming was gonna happen, you raise your hand up to Ragh, him going like (roars), and he freezes. – I say, “Freeze, I wanna talk to you!” (laughter) – Stop picking on me! – You (beep) wail, goes hack, hack, (makes squirting sounds) bone and blood just shower all over you. Ragh is fully (beep) dead on the ground. (cheering) – And (laughs) I can move still, I guess. – [Fig] Towards Daybreak! – I’m going to run, I’m gonna go this way, I’m flying. – [Brennan] Fully flying, yeah. – So I can get to here. – Flank it. – Oh my god, I hope you
guys fight in the air. – This would normally be Ragh’s turn but, he’s (beep)ing dead. – See ya! – You guys, we’re killing it this round! – Fabian, that’s you,
you hear from far away, (makes engine revving noise) (cheering) The Hangman skids into
place in front of you. – Fantastic, can I immediately mount it and the drive it straight
at Coach Daybreak. (laughter) – You may absolutely do that, incredible. – Let’s play! (engine revs) – Do you want to try to knock him prone? – Hell yes. – Okay, you may use one of your attacks to make an opposed Athletics check, I’m gonna say with advantage because you’re mounted on a motorcycle. – Okay, fantastic. – Oof, he did not roll well, you have to beat a 15. On an Athletics check. – And I have advantage. – You have advantage. – Flat 16 without Athletics. – [Fig & Riz] See if you crit! – Let’s see, do I crit? I do not crit. – And you may use your extra attack this round, as well, if you’d like. – Cut his (beep) head off, man! (dice clatter) – That’s only 11. – Do you get advantage, though, because he would knock him prone with the first attack, right? – Yeah, he’s prone, so you get advantage. (dice clatter) – 16! – 16 hits exactly. – [Adaine] (Beep) you, man! You suck as a teacher. – And then that’ll be 11. – Jesus Christ, Coach Daybreak has just blasted (beep) all over the
inside of his sweatpants, all his skeletons are dead, your incredible gilded demon motorcycle flies out of the (beep) stadium, you go astride it, run him over, and stab him in the dick. – [Fabian] Hell yeah. – Bam, he goes, “Oh god! “It didn’t go right!” That is now going to be Daybreak’s turn. He leaps up and is going to rush one, two, three, he’s gonna take a bunch
of attacks at Fabian but they’re all at disadvantage. That’s a miss. Ooh, that’s a hit. And that’s a hit as well. He deals Fabian first 11 points of damage and
then 13 points of damage. (grunts) Slashing you with his spear. “You ain’t got no heart, kid. “You’ll never be an Owlbear. “You know, hoot growl! Hoot growl!” – I just rev the (beep)
out of my motorcycle. – Adaine, that’s you. – Can I do a cone of damage upwards? Because I don’t want to hit Gorgug. But I have a 30 foot cone Burning Hands, can I put my hand beneath the (beep) owlbear and go (whooshes)? – You can also sidestep if you want. – Oh, okay, so can I sidestep to here and I don’t get attack of opportunity? – In 5e, attacks of opportunity
are only when you leave. – Okay great, so I will do Burning Hands as a third level spell, which is 5d6 and they have to make a
Dexterity saving throw. – Fails the Dexterity saving throw, you roll full damage. – Great, 5d6, two, eight, 13, 19, and then one more, 20! – Jesus! (makes whooshing noise) – [Kristen] Dang, Adaine has attack. – You light up this owlbear. (roars in pain) Screaming hellishly – Riz, that’s you. – Dope, I am going to leave the chest, pop out
enough to shoot at Daybreak. – Okay cool, you pop out over here, and take a shot at him, go for it. (dice clatter) – 11, 18. – That’s gonna hit. – Sweet. (dice rattle) – Seven, nine, 13 damage. Plus I’ll do Fury of the Small, so I can add my level to that damage. – Damn! – So another five. (booms) – Fire, bam, blast the coach in the back. The owlbear– – I’m gonna go back and hide. – Cool, (makes whooshing noise). The owlbear turns and is
going to attack Adaine. (dice clatter) Ooh, that’s not great. – (Beep). Should have saved some of my– – Adaine takes 10 points of damage. – Oh, okay. – And then, that’s from the beak, the claw deals you 16 points of damage. – [Kristen] 26, Jesus. – Okay, I’m okay. – How many do you have left? – Nine. (hoots and squishes) – That is going to be Fig. – Okay, I would like to cast
Suggestion on the coach. – Okay. – And I would like to turn to him and say, I’ll phrase it as a suggestion, “You should tell me the other names, “the names of the other teachers “who are working to bring about “the apocalypse with the Harvestmen.” – You cast the spell, (whooshes) (booms), hits that thick head and nothing. – (Beep)! – All right, I wink at Kristen Applebees, you might need it to– – Thanks. – [Brennan] Kristen, speaking
of which, it’s your turn. – That was weird, right? That was (beep) weird. Can I do just a Perception check on like the whole chest plan that we’re currently working with? Just to see like it’s good that we have it in the chest? – Yeah, go for it. – Let’s see, 16. – Yeah, it seems like these skeletons would have kept coming back and the main thing is that the chest locked itself again. In other words, they
don’t have a full team to try to get this thing
to the portal anymore. – Cool, love it, cool, I’m gonna run as close as I can to Adaine. – Awesome, one, two, three, yeah, you can make it to Adaine. – Cool, and then can I do a Cure Wounds? Can I only cast that once per, or it just takes a spell slot, right? – It takes a spell slot. – And that’s just my
second third-level spell. How many could you possibly be healed by? – I wouldn’t use a
third-level spell on me, because I can only get to 35. – Then I’m gonna use a
second-level of that. – Dope. – All right, Adaine, 16! – Great, thank you. (health bar whines up) – And then I wink at you. – It’s just not the same when you do it, I don’t know what it is. – That’s gonna be Gorgug. – I’m taking a step at this owlbear. – Take him into the sky! – Yeah, is it flying? Can we fight in the air? – It doesn’t look like
it can fly, actually. – Face me in the air, oh. I come back down to the ground, and I’m just gonna take a
reckless attack on this guy. – Go for it. – That’s a 28. – That hits. – That hits, believe it or not. – So I hit it for, five plus, 11. – Wham, roll again, roll another attack. (dice clatter) – I hit – well, that’s a 24. – Hits, go ahead and roll damage. – That’s 18 damage on that one. – Ooh, Jesus.
– [Fig] Wow. – And now I mean, I’m frenzied here. – [Brennan] Go for it. – That hits for sure. – Go ahead and roll. – Another 11. – Another 11 damage? – Yes. – [Adaine] That’s nuts.
– [Kristen] Daddy! – Come up as this thing turns to Adaine after she’s healed, you raise your ax up and after two blows fully decapitate this beautiful creature. (screams) – [Riz] It’s so beautiful.
– [Gorgug] I’m sorry! – Oh my god, Kristen, can you heal it? – Yeah. – [Adaine] Please, I can’t kill an animal! – [Kristen] Can you cast
Bardic Inspiration on it? – Yeah, I cast Bardic
Inspiration just on the head. – Fabian, that’s you. – And still the head is
like, “What does that mean?” – Is it possible to drag Coach
Daybreak with the motorcycle? (laughter) – All of your attacks
with him are so spiteful. – You would have to make
an Athletics grapple check. – Happily. – To drag him, so go ahead, go ahead and roll, no advantage this time, so you’re just rolling a flat Athletics. I’ll tell you what the coach gets, what you have to beat. The coach got a 16, you have to beat a 16. – With Athletics? – With an Athletics check,
you have to beat a 16. – Okay, great.
(dice clatter) – 18 flat without my Athletics, 23. – Go ahead and roll 2d6 for me. – Yes, ooh, I’ve always
wanted to drag this mother– – Can I spit on him as he– (laughter drowns out speech) – Once again, this guy’s
kind of a role model for me. – Nine. – You flip The Hangman around, rush past him and his spear, skewer the thick, doughy
back of his sweatshirt, and fully – where do you
want to go, what direction? – Towards Gorgug. – Do it in a way that I can spit on him as he goes by. – Like around– – Oh, full “Tokyo Drift,” yeah, hell yeah. – Can I roll to see how
green and gross my spit is? – Yeah, for sure. – Okay, it’s a nine. – Solidly gross, you hock
a loogie into his eye, as (makes engine rumbling sounds) bam bam bam bam, his head bouncing off of the pavement,
dragged by your motorcycle. (makes bumping sounds) – Oh, I don’t have any heart? You stupid mother(beep)! – I’m starting to have a change of heart about my friends. (laughter) – What if we decapitate Daybreak and then swap the heads of
the owlbear and Daybreak? – Let’s do it! – This is really actually freaking me out. – [Gorgug] Nah, it’s cool. – Daybreak – make another
opposed Athletics check? – You got it. – Ooh, okay, you have to beat a 24. (dice clatter) – Do you have Bless? – I don’t have Bless, I do not beat a 24. – He removes himself from the bike, moves here and is gonna take his attacks on Kristen Applebees. – All right, never mind, wait, this is so terrible! – He’s such a bad guy. He was trying to bring
about the apocalypse, we can kill him with a motorcycle. – We can drag him to death. – Yeah listen, everybody just dodge. I’m gonna hook him on motor – yeah, let’s attach him to my motorcycle. – You take 14 and then 16 and then 15 points of damage. – What?! That’s 45, that’s insane, I am down to 10. – You see that Daybreak
gets up, just (grunts) looks at you and says, “You befriended these heretics and liars? “You have rejected the faith, Kristen! “You could have brought about “an end to this wicked world.” (groans) – (Beep). This is really triggering for me. – That’s going to be Adaine. – He’s not responded to any of your Wisdom saving throw spells, right? – I had one that I got on him. So it’s not like he’s immune to it. I think he has high Wisdom,
so he rolls pretty well. – I guess I’ll try casting
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on him. – [Brennan] Okay. (dice clatter) His thick, dense skull
bats the spell away. (grunts) As he’s just like frothing
at the mouth with rage. – Okay, then I’m – sorry, I’m just gonna move a little bit. – Sure, sure, sure, Riz, that’s you, baby. – You know what, I don’t wanna, the gun is technically a shortbow, so I think that’s 80 feet. How far is that? – You could take a full movement towards it and be within range. – [Fig] You could be around here. – I can’t leave the chest, I don’t want him to get the chest. I am going to go back into
Kevin McCallister mode, but this time I would like to kind of climb up and take my rapier out and be ready to jump on somebody who comes for the chest. – Cool, you fully prepare your action. – And I go like this: (screams). – We’re like, “What was that?” – It was so cool right before that. – Fig, that’s you. – All right, let’s do this old school. I’m just gonna come over here and swing my (beep) bass at him. – [Brennan] Go for it. – (Beep) him up! – Does 11 hit? – It does not. – Well, the good news is, Healing Word! (laughter) I’ll give you a Healing Word for– – Oh nice, you have that too? – Yeah, it’s not that much,
though, unfortunately. – [Kristen] That’s okay. – And I only have a first
level, oh god, it’s so bad. Nine! – Thank you.
– [Fig] Better than nothing! (health bar whines up) Oh yeah, that was my bonus, never mind. – Kristen, that’s gonna be you. – I’m so hurt. – Heal yourself, you know sometimes, you need some self-care. – Yeah, I’m gonna heal myself with a second-level Cure Wounds! Which is a d8? – Yeah. – Second level would be two, yeah. – Sick, all right.
(dice clatter) (Beep) you, Daybreak. Hell yeah, 23. (beeps) (health bar whines up) – That is now going to be Gorgug. – I’m gonna look over
at this mess behind me, and fly around over here and say, “Fight me in the sky!” And begrudgingly kind of land, and let’s face it, I’m gonna
reckless attack on this man! – Go for it! – Yeah, we’ve got him surrounded! (dice clatter) – 17 plus seven, 24. – That’ll hit. – That hits for 15. – Roll again. – Then…
(dice clatter) I don’t get advantage on that one, sorry, I forgot, it’s just the first one. So that would be, yeah, that’s
22 or something like that. – That’s gonna hit, yeah. (dice clatter) – That is 13. – 13 damage, cool, awesome, roll again. – Frenzy… So that is only, that’s 14. – 14 is a miss, you wham! Slash into his back, you see that his sweatshirt in tatters
falls off his body, just covered in blood, he’s
got this old gray chest hairs. (grunts) Surrounded on all sides. Oh, you miss on that last one, he’s going to actually take a reaction. What’s your armor class? – My armor class is 14. – He hits you for 20 points of damage. – Halved?
– [Brennan] Halved to 10. – I’m at 61. – He is flying, does that affect it? – I guess I can try to heal you if I– – He’s at 61! – I know, I’m kidding. – Happy! – Fabian, that is you. – All right, can I attack him and then can my motorcycle also attack him? – Sure. – Great, so I guess I’ll attack, (dice clatter) 20, not nat. – 20 hits. – 19, not nat. – Hits as well. (dice clatter) – 14 damage, and then nine damage. – You lunge forward on The Hangman, as he turns momentarily to see the flying Gorgug behind him, horribly injured by the ax, as he turns around, he presents one moment of weakness,
which is all you need for your rapier to flash forward and (gasps) Blood gushes out of his slit throat. He falls to his knees, (breathes heavily) “No heart.” – But funny thing about that, I might be taking yours! (laughter) And then for a second, I consider actually removing
a man’s heart from his chest, and I’m like, “That’s
something my father would do, “but it’s a little too much.” – I say, “Hey Fabian, what’s going on? “You’re like slowly mouthing
some stuff to yourself?” – Sorry, I was thinking about actually– – As you guys check in with
each other emotionally, Coach Daybreak falls
to the ground and dies. – [Fabian] Can I remove his whistle? – Yes, you may. – I want to run over to Ragh and put my boot on his throat, so that whenever he comes to, I can interrogate him. – Okay, you go put your
boot on his throat, cool. – Just be ready for that. – Does anyone else take
an action right now? – Yeah, I will join, I’m gonna bring the chest, and I’m gonna join Fig there, and I call for everybody
else to come around. – I’m gonna see, would I
be able to use his weapon? – His weapon, possibly? I will also point out
again that when I say dies, I mean he drops, so
Coach Daybreak and Ragh are both dropped right now. – Okay. – For sure kill Daybreak, but
we should talk to this guy. – Let’s kill Daybreak,
I’ve got Whisper of Terrors that I’ve been meaning to use, I don’t know if we’ll do
it this session or next, but I’ve got Whisper of
Terrors and I’d like to– – I mean, let’s tie him up, because also, we just killed the coach, we already killed two teachers. – They’re monsters! – I was gonna say you could
take Daybreak’s outfit and I could impersonate him, but his pants are full of (beep). – And his clothes are all cut up. – Can I make a Perception check? – Yeah, I would like to do that too. – Can you guys for sure
kill this god monster? He’s not a good guy. – [Kristen] I got a 16.
– Ooh, nat 20! – A nat 20 on what? – Perception check. – You look over and see that as you guys are sort of
discussing what to do, you see that Ragh, the
paralysis ends on him and he is fully dead. – Oh, Ragh is fully dead. – I just rolled three failures
in a row for his death saves. – Okay, I was gonna revive him. – Could someone Revivify? – I’ve been keeping track, he’s been dead for a couple rounds, so I’ve been rolling on his turn. – Can you Revivify him? – You do have Revivify. – I do, yeah. – Do we want to? – Do you have a third-level
spell slot left? – Oh no, oh yeah I do, I have one third-level spell slot left. – He’s a student, he’s a piece of (beep), but I don’t want to kill him. – [Kristen] I don’t know. – If we bring him back to life, my thought is I have this
Whisper of Terrors thing where I can basically him super
paranoid for like an hour. – Can you guys kill Coach Daybreak? Anybody over there, just kill him? – He’s dead, right?
– [Fabian] You wanna kill him? – He’s rolling death saving throws! Riz walks over and shoots
Daybreak in the head. – Blam, yeah, he’s (beep)
fully coup de grace. – He’s a demon who wanted
to cause the apocalypse. We can save the kid. – Yeah, but he still gave
me detention, all right? – I keep shooting him. – Can I do a Perception
check on this chest? – Sure, go for it. – Oh wow, it’s hard to
add up all those numbers, but that’s gonna be a four. (laughter) – It’s possible that this is an illusion. – I try to put my hand through it. – You hurt your hand as you jab it kind of too hard with your fingers. – Is my Detect Magic still working? – Yes it is. – What the (beep) is going on? – The chest has some runic element on it that was probably a one-time thing that they were able to open, they must have used some kind of scroll or special-use effect to
open the chest to begin with. You see that it has
powerful conjuration runes all over it, which have to do with teleportation and opening portals to other worlds, correspondence
magic, basically. – Can we rub off all those runes? – They’re deeply carved into the metal and wood of the chest. – We gotta make a decision about Ragh, because Revivify only works a minute after they’re dead. – I’m gonna say you have 20 seconds to make a call before– – I think we should save
him, he’s a student. – Yeah, save him, he’s a kid. – I’ve tied him up, I’m tying him up. – I Revivify. – I’m tying him up with amp cords. – Kristen, you run
over, you guys are all– – Can I just put him in a headlock, too? – Sure, so as you’re Revivifying, you get fully underneath
him, but on his back. – [Riz] Rear naked choke style! – Incredible, you guys fully move around. You see that Ragh (gasps) (coughs) (breathes heavily) – You lost, man. – Yeah, guess what, (beep),
you’re our (beep) now. – I got you now! – I’m gonna use my Whisper of Terrors, which means that I’ll
seed paranoia in him. The Harvestmen sold you out. Yeah, Coach Daybreak, he sold you out. He wanted us to kill you. – Coach Daybreak would never sell me out, he’s number one, Coach
Daybreak is number one. – Then why did he give Fabian his whistle? (Fabian laughs) – He said you had no heart. – It’s not true, I’m
Owlbear through and through, hoot growl, go Owlbear. – He had me take your
letterman jacket away. – Can someone go get the owlbear’s head? – We don’t even know for a fact that he wasn’t under some spell, we’re just bullying
this recently dead boy. – He’s been bullying us the whole time! – He’s been really
(beep)ing with me, okay? He’s been really (beep)ing with me. – He gave me the nickname The Ball and threw me in the trash, but he’s been, he’s dead, okay? – I have to tell you for your own good, this is Whisper of Terrors (beep), you have to transfer to Mumple School. – How does this ability work, what are you doing to this guy? What’s happening? – If you speak to a
humanoid for one minute, you can seed paranoia and at the end they make a Wisdom saving throw. If they fail, they’re
frightened for one hour. – Okay, so he goes, No, don’t send me to Mumple,
don’t send me to Mumple. – You’re ruined here, you have to go to Mumple and try and start over. – No way, no way, Owlbear forever. Aww, I feel– – You know, everybody here
is calling you (Beep) Pants. – Why, I didn’t, why? – You (beep) in Coach’s pants. – I hold up the coach’s pants. – I’m wearing my pants. – You shit in his pants,
we switched the pants. – Dude, we hooked you up, man. – (Beep) switched the pants, dude! (laughter) – Here’s the deal, during the game, you passed out and you (beep) yourself. But we’re Owlbears to the core. – [All] Hoot growl, hoot growl! – So we switched you
out of your sweatpants– – Out of a favor for
you, but if you cross us, we will tell everyone that
you (beep) your pants. – Little baby (Beep) Pants. – All right, go ahead and make whatever rolls you people– (laughter) – The official roll is that we want if he doesn’t join us, we’re gonna tell everyone
he shit his pants. – Okay, the official roll. That’s gonna be an Intimidate check. You guys can also choose
to as a group just give aid and give
advantage to somebody else. – Give it to me, I have
eight Intimidation. – Cool, so go ahead and
roll with advantage. (dice clatter) – Nat 20! – [Kristen] No way! – You’re going to Mumples, bro! – Do whatever you want,
I’ll do whatever you want. You can’t tell people
that I (beep) my pants. – For the rest of our
tenure at this school, you will defend us with your body, to anyone who tries to
say anything bad about us, smear our names, even
so much as cheat off us on a test, you will destroy them. – Yeah, you think that
we’re really cool, and you’re gonna vote for
Fabian for Prom King. – What, what, oh, uh, yes. – Fabian and Fig, for Prom King and Queen. – Fabian and Fig, yeah sure, I’ll take it. – Also, what happened here? – What was the coach having you do, man? – That’s all our time for
this week on “Fantasy High!” Tune in next week to
see the continuing saga of our heroes choking out
this jock on the field, making him promise to protect them. – It just feel so good. – Yeah, I freaking got you, dude. (laughter) (beeps) – Coach was the (beep) boss, but after the (beep) happened with that corn in the
cafeteria, he looked shook. – You’re not a bad guy, Ragh. – Yeah, you’re a good guy. – We’re glad we brought you back to life. – There’s something in your head of like a clue or something you missed that just tickles the back of your mind. – This is where I’ve been
finding some answers. (screams) – You get that out of our house right now! Time’s coming up, and
it’s worse than you think. You wake up in bed. – Oh god. – Guys, that’s it for this
chapter of Dimension 20. But wait, harken, the cry of more full episodes of Dimension 20! They call out to you from Will you not run to their aid with your free trial today? – Was Porter there, the
teacher, the barbarian teacher? – You are obsessed with this teacher and he has nothing to do with anything. – I’ll catch him, I’ll catch him yet!

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