Battle of the Bugged Bodega! | (Ep 6, Pt 2) The Unsleeping City
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Battle of the Bugged Bodega! | (Ep 6, Pt 2) The Unsleeping City

October 10, 2019

(intense electronic music) – That’s going to be… Kingston that’s you. – I can’t touch Pete, right? ‘Cause he’s all the way up there. – You ca– – And you’d have to go into the swarm. – Uh, no actually you could probably reach in and grabs Pete’s foot. – [Lou] Okay. – Or is the swarm still there or is it… – Swarm is there. – So would I have to enter the swarm? – You would probably
have to enter the swarm. – [Ally] Ah, it’s okay okay. – Alright, great. – 13’s a lot. – I’ll get you in a second. Can I command the… Is that bug like sticking
it’s head through the, through the vent trying to get down still? – It’s up there, you can see it yeah. – Can I command it? – Sure. – Yeah, I’d like to command it, to halt and stay up there you (muted) bug. (laughter) – Awesome. Is gonna make a save. (chuckles) You see that it looks
at you and goes “Huh?”. – Stay up there you damn bug. Stay. – Are you from like a zoning board, or a neighborhood council? – The one or the other, yes. – Alright guys, we’re gonna
have to do some paperwork. We gotta, let’s wrap it up huh? (Siobhan laughing) – We gotta kill these guys later. You see it turns around, and sort of stomps away from the vent. (Emily laughs) – Cool! So you cast command, but
you do enter the space, I’m gonna need that
constitution saving throw. – Okay. – 19. – Nice. – Cool. You take 15 and nine. You take 12 points of damage. (electric blast game sound) – Okay great. (electricity sound) – [Brannan] Um, bum bum bum. Cool. That, so that’s your
action, that’s your… Go ahead move your character
wherever your character is. – Okay, I had a question about moving. Could I attempt to do a
old man version, of what Sofie bike’s did and like
scramble through the aisle thing? – [Ally] (chuckles) The bottom one? – Like maybe the section
where I kicked through. – Yeah, I take the shape DC. – Cool, is the DC20 acrobatics, right? – Okay, (chuckles over speech). – [Brennan] Yeah, give me
a DC20 acrobatics check. – [Brian] Oh Kingston. – What do you have on acrobatic? – You have plus one to–
– I have plus one. (everyone erupts in laughter) – You have to roll 19. – Aye yi. – Nat 20. (everyone screams and cheers) – Ah! Oh my god! – I can feel that I truly, I’ve never been more confident rolling a dice in my entire life. – It was in your fingers, you
just needed to get it out. – Yeah. – You walk into this bodega, and the swirling stars around here. You see that… It materializes in the stars. You see the face of La Grande
Gata, appear for a moment. (slow mystical music) And see that the cat, the
bodega cat of all bodega cats, he goes, “Kingston Brown from Uptown”. – “Oh Lagrande Gata-o, nice to meet you, “I’ve heard a lot about you.” – You see that as you move, the cat, this beautiful ancient cat spirit bows, and you see echoes of
like cultures across time, ancient Egypt. All the places the cats
have been worshiped. And the shelves, you
don’t have to jump at all. The shelves (exploding sound) slide. (Emily laughs) You slide, and you walk
calmly through the open place. You can go wherever you
want in that bodega. – Okay, I’ll just go
stand next to Sofie Bike. – Incredible. – Gosh.
(Emily chuckles) Shit is wild. – Rock and roll. That’s (muted) wild. Pete that’s you. – I’m still floating right? – Yes. – Cool so does that mean
I can more easily float towards the next like webbed hole. – Yeah, absolutely. – Cool cool. I go there– – You’re just leaving these dudes. – You can just (muted) leave ’em. – ‘Cause they’re pre occupied, right, with like the stars or whatever. I don’t have to like take a disengage. – Um uh, yeah. You might, they might
get an attack on you. You’re not sure, but yes. – Hmm. – You have 13 health,
is that what you said? – Yeah. – Hmm, I have if you… – I mean you can get to him or get to me. – If you can can get to me, but yeah. – I think we both have cure wins. – Hmm. It just feels like we have
so much more to go through. – Yeah.
– I know. – It’s like we gotta… I do have a shield if someone attacks me. – Mm hmm. – So I guess that’s like kinda– – [Brennan] Do you whatever you wanna do. – You can disengage and
just poke your head. – Yeah I wanna cast like
something into there. _ Yeah, it’s true. – I don’t know. – Just knowing what’s in
there will be really helpful. – Yeah. – [Zac] If you can get– – Okay yeah what– I’ll just go, I’ll take
the attack of opportunity. – Okay, you see that they are
swinging with what appears to be like disadvantage,
’cause of this crazy cat magic. – [Emily] Ahh. – Cool cool cool. – That was a clutch move Sophia. (Emily cackles) – [Ally] Yeah! – I thought maybe I would
get a familiar out of it, but that’s fine. (Ally screams) – [Lou] That’s scary.
(mumbles rest of speech) – You don’t know yet. – Always need to do a familiar. – Hell yeah. First one misses with the reaction. Second one misses with the reaction. – Yes, alright cool. – [Emily] Woo! – I poke my head in
there, and I cast fear. – Ooh! Let’s see here, woosh. So keep– – [Lou] And my fire ball
is here right, on this bug? – [Siobhan] Are you the fireball? – [Brennan] Yes, exactly. Also who’s here is, Becky. – [Siobhan] Becky with the bad bug. (Ally chuckles) – [Brennan] He’s like over this person on top of the laundromat stuff. So you go into this next
hole into the laundromat. Lemme see here, so you’re here, so it’s five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. You’re gonna take like a double
move to kinda get in there. – [Ally] And I won’t be able to cast fear. – Um, or you can just cast
fear through the hole here. – [Ally] Yeah yeah I
would love to do that, like a cone facing that way. – [Brennan] Okay cool. – [Ally] ‘Cause this
guy has the fireballs. – Yeah he’s got a little
fire sphere there. Cool. They are going to roll
their save for fear. Fear is a cone I believe. – Yeah 30 foot cone. – [Brennan] 30 foot cone, cool. You can even, if you
wanna try to hit Becky, you can maybe like poke
your head in the hole, and try to hit them both. – Yeah that’s what I’m tryin’, yeah, I’ll try to hit Becky and… – Whatever else. – [Ally] Whatever else is there, yeah. – [Brennan] I think this
is the cone here right? Yes, you can hit ’em all. – [Ally] Cool. – Cool. – All three of those people? – Yes, absolutely. We’ll roll for the roach in the swarm. What’s the DC on that? – Your DC is 16. – Cool. Oh man, Becky does not flinch. The roach however goes
(crunching and screaming sound). (Ally giggles) What does Pete look like
as he summons the power of pure nightmare? – Ooh… I look like defend… Defend… Where are we? – You’re in Astoria?
– Queens? – Yeah. – Yeah, defend Astoria. And I’ve made like a Facebook post of places not to give money to. (Brennan laughs) And it’s all the places that
they’re planning on building, like their We Works and shit. – You guys see Pete like floating there, as like he sink into his
head, shadows wrap around him. (ghost sounds) And this Facebook post
(blasting sound) comes out of his chest. – And it’s just racking
up likes by like locals. (ticker sound) – You see that the roach
in front of you goes “Ahh, socialist community
organizing, run!”. (Ally and Siobhan chuckle) Turns and just this and
the swarm scatters, gone. – Okay. – That’s Pete. That’s gonna be these bugsters baby. Misty you’re right over here right? – Yeah. – Cool, this bug’s just
coming down for Sophia. – Come at me. – That’s a, that’s a Winston. – [Emily] Kingston. – Kingston sir. Cool okay, so one is
gonna come for Kingston, one’s coming for Misty. – Bring it on! (dice rolling) – 17 and four. Misty you take five damage from
one of the bugster’s claws. (computer sound)
(electric blast game sound) (electricity sound) – That’s not too bad. – And Kingston… Ooh, Kingston you take, bum bum bum… One, two, three, seven, nine, 12. You take 14 damage. (computer sound)
(electric blast game sound) (electricity sound) From one of them slashing
across with their claw. – Great. 21. – Hell yes. That’s now going to be, Misty, that’s you. – Hmm. – Oh and sorry, at the
end of your turn Pete, you’re actually gonna, you’re still in that swarm of insects. I need to do another
reconstitution throw from you. – Bless. – No thank you. 22. (Brennan murmurs speech) – Okay you still take half
damage, which is gonna be… You take eight points of damage. (computer sound)
(electric blast game sound) – Jesus, I’m down to five. – [Brennan] Give me a
wild magic check too. (electricity sound) – 15. – Cool. Misty that’s you. – I am going to cast… Is the shelf still moved from
when the bodega cat moved it? – I’m gonna say on a nat 20, yes it is. (Ally chuckles) – Great, so I’m gonna cast… Hmm. I just gonna cast thunder wave
on this guy in front of me. So it’s constitution saving throw. – Hell yeah. – And it’s 2D8 damage. – Go ahead and roll it. – Which is 11. – You look at this guy, uh
what does Misty say as she casts the spell, what happens? – I’m gonna say “Ooh, you’ve
people have been complaining “about loud noises at
night, well listen to this.” (poof sound) (blasting sound) (Siobhan laughs) – Boom! Misty’s lightning doesn’t
crackle asymmetrically, it’s like a perfect showbiz
circle of lightening bolts. And this guy is (boom
sound) wrecked asunder. And he goes (screams). Or you see this hipster
lady in front of you instead goes like, “Oh god,
theater gross, so shumltsy. “Like so sincere, like at
least have some perspective. “Post-modernism.” (splatter sound) (Ally giggles) And she is toast. – And then can I take a moment,
just ’cause we’re in this fancy adventuring bodega to see
if there’s anything on the– – I’m thinking we might come back after. – Yeah, you’re probably right,
but just since we’re here. And I’m walking in your direction anyway, I can take a movement. – Give me a sleight of hand check. – Great. – [Zac] A sleight of hand check. – I have such good sleight of hand. (dice rolling) 19. – You see that there’s
a little golden seashell pearl studded hand mirror. – Oh, oh my god, I love this. (Brennan laughs) But I do it in that famous person way of like, I’m gonna take this. “I love this so much.” – You see that the cat made of stars goes, “Why very interesting, I
guess you can leave it on “the counter and pay for
it when you come back.” – “Sure, can I just check
it out for just a second?” – “What you mean, you Misty Moore right?” – “Yeah, that’s right.” – “Maybe here you post on social media.” – “Oh I would love to. “You know my friend my
Ricky, oh I can’t see.” (makes chaotic sound)
(sounds of fires blazing) – “We’ll talk later.” (Siobhan giggles) So that’s awesome. You pocket that little magic thing. – And then I…
– Moves– – Move to where (mumbles rest of speech). – [Brennan] Cool, and you’re
out of the swarm of bugs. – Use this, yeah. – [Brennan] Cool cool cool. – Is bardic a bonus? – Oh it is. Can I since Kingston is right there, I’m gonna say like, “Uh Kingston
have you lost some weight?” – Haven’t used my hands. – Maybe. – You look great. – Okay. – Eating a lot of salad. – Aye, aye. (Emily giggles) – Hell yeah. Ricky that’s you. – Okay, um, okay everybody. – Okay, buggy. – I just realized that I
have to do concentration for that shield. What do I roll again for
when that took 12 damage. – You have to roll a
DC10 constitution check. – Okay. (dice rolling) – 19. – [Brennan] Cool, got it. – I think I’m gonna, all right… I think I’m just gonna
go through this hole. – [Brennan] Cool. – [Zac] And try to cover the next hole. – Awesome. – [Emily] Ooh! – [Zac] So that it just get by. – [Emily] That’s a good…. – [Siobhan] That was smart smart. – [Ally] Great call. – [Brennan] Cool, so it’s
five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. So you get to about here. – Okay, and I’m gonna ready an action. In case she tries to get
by me I’m gonna attack her. – Awesome, very very cool. – Oh sick, there’s another
one on the other side. Cool. – [Brennan] Dope. Okay, you guys hear the beetle. (dice rolling) Absolutely destroys two of the rat swarms. (sound of rat squeals)
(explosion sound) – Oh no. – He’s just taking care of
business up on top of the roof. You hear, bum bum bum bum bum. (banging sounds) “Brothers though we die,
we do not die in vain!” – Wait is he not halted still? – He has to stay on the roof. – [Zac] Oh yeah, I got ya. – I can’t do everything Ricky all right? (Emily laughs) – [Brennan] I’m sorry. – You shoulda said “Don’t kill the rat”. – Okay what– – You shoulda blessed the rat. – You got one word whisker man. – Y’all need to chill. – Hey Pete, I bless you with the blessings of some pigeons who died near a church. (Brennan’s speech is
mumbled and drowned out) (everyone laughs) I’m gonna cure wounds. You know what, I’ll do a third level. (angelic music plays) – [Brennan] Cool. – [Lou] My man. – Third level cure wounds on Pete. – Thank you.
– Cool go for it. (dice rolling) – Yo I literally rolled two ones in a row. (dice rolling) I’m insane. Nine, ba ba ba ba, plus my, okay 14. (electricity sound) – Cool thank you. (electric blast game sound) – And is Kugrash moving
anywhere or what’s he gonna do? (electricity sound) – Yes, then, so that’s an action. Then I’m going to move in just
so I can see what’s going on, but I think if I go in– – [Brennan] Okay, you’re
still in swarm of bugs there by the way. – Oh (muted) okay, I don’t
wanna be the swarm of bugs. (Emily sneezes) Bless you, okay. – [Zac] Does it it go through the door? – [Brennan] It does go through the door. – [Zac] Oh. – You’re not in it anymore
Ricky, you got out of it. – [Zac] Okay, cool. – You got out man. (Zac sighs) – Okay, I’m going to… Yeah, I’m just gonna run in and get as far as I can get in here. – Cool go ahead count out your movement. – Can you move your fireball? – I can as a bonus action, but
I think I have another idea. One… – [Brennan] Two, three. – [Brian] So two, three, four, five. I’ll go like in the corner here. – [Brennan] Cool, you’re out. – Sweet, and then I’m going to use a bonus action to summon the… I’m gonna summon a juicy cockroach. “This is a– “These bugs were (muted)
here before you kids “ruined the neighborhood.” (slow angelic music) (Emily giggles) Then I summon a juicy cockroach, and me and Ricky get a 10
HP, five plus my druid level, and plus advantage on strengths,
and strength saving throws. (electric blast game sound) So five… – [Emily] That’s so
good, ’cause he might– – (Brian mumbles speech) that’s a 10. – Wow that’s sick. – Rad, awesome. That’s Kugrash. It’s these roaches turn. Are there any roaches even left in here? – [Siobhan] Yeah, these,
I don’t know if this– – [Emily] There’s one right here. – [Brennan] Okay and
there’s one right here. – [Siobhan] And there’s two right here. – [Brennan] There’s two right here? – [Emily] Oh no those guys left. (Siobhan’s speech is drowned out) – [Lou] Bugsters. – [Ally] Oh yeah they have
like star magic or whatever. – [Brennan] Yes, these guys
are gonna come for Ricky through here. – [Ally] Do they pass through the sphere? – [Brennan] They do not
pass through the sphere. There’s some back here too. – [Ally] There’s just one upset bugster. – [Lou] There’s a bugster. – [Brennan] Don’t worry about the bugster. This guy’s gonna go after Ricky. (dice rolling) Both miss. These guys are unlucky. And then that’s gonna
be, Sophia that’s you. – Okay. First off, before I exit this room, I saw what Misty did and I look for a toy. (Siobhan giggles) – Cool give me a sleight of hand. – Okay. (dice rolling) Aw, I knew this was gonna happen. (Ally chuckles) I got a 10. – The cat winks at you,
you roll with advantage. (bell dings) – Really? – [Brennan] Yeah you saved the cat. (dice rolling) – Okay that’s gonna be a 21. – You see that there
is a small golden ring, that has an embossment
on it of a closed fist. So like bust of a fist
on a small golden ring. – Oh my god, I look at the
cat and I start to put it on. Is this okay? – “Please help yourself. “You save my life, and you give
me the good chin scratches.” (Emily’s slurs speech) – “Ooh, this is so good. “It is not the same with your paws.” (Emily laughs) – And then I wanna run through this door, and liberate these locals. – Hell yeah, go for it. – I’m gonna run through this door. – [Brennan] Go ahead grab
your figure and move it. – [Emily] Yeah. And then I’m just gonna
go to town on this cocoon. – Dope. Go ahead we’re actually gonna make these, I’ll say that these are
DC15 athletics checks. Just to simplify it a little bit. – Okay cool. (dice rolling) Ew, oh wait then I’m blessed. (dice rolling) 15, okay, four plus three,
seven plus seven, 14! (beep) no. – So you rush in, pow pow pow. (smacking sounds) You get a lot of the way through, but they’re still trapped in here. – Can I use my second
attack to do another one. – Sure give me another roll. (dice rolling) – Okay that’s gonna be a 27. – [Brennan] You rip the cocoons off, so there’s two people in
the laundromat and they go, “Oh my god, thank you
thank you, you’re a hero. “Do you think if I leave my stuff here, I can come back and get it later, ’cause I just have more
load in my apartment.” – Absolutely. You know what, I’ll fold it. I’ll throw it in with some wrinkled stuff, ’cause it’s probably gonna be
pretty wrinkled after this. – “I can imagine, these
bugs are from hell!” – Yeah, they really are, get outta here. – These two locals sprint away. – Tell them everyone that
Sofie the Sorceress saved you. – Two swarms left to attack, go for it. – Sweet. Get that (muted) bug guys. (dice rolling) They are gonna attack the bug. I think… 12 and a 15. – 12 and 15. The 15 hits. – [Ally] Aye! – Eight. – Hell yeah. – You hear the beetle outside going, “Ow (muted).” (everyone laughs) – And you hear the rats being like, “Though we be but little, we are fierce. “Believe in yourselves!” Great. The… So that’s the swarms. Back to Becky. – [Emily] Ooh! – [Brennan] She looks at you
Ricky with your readied action. – That’s enough, come on. (everyone laughs) – [Ally] I can hear it
from the other room, and I’m just like. – [Brian] Sophia, such a commanding voice. Must be killing you if there’s
a fireball right there. – I hate it. (Emily laughs) – I’m gonna need you to make
a wisdom saving throw for me. – You blessed Ricky. – With bless. (dice rolling) – That’s only four, eight, nine. – Your saving throw you
rolled, you got a nine? – I gotta nine, but
can I use a luck point. – Yes you may. – Cool. Great, great great. – Okay. – Come on Ricky. – [Brennan] This is
your second luck point? – This is my second lucky point, and you’ve been bad to me
but I think you’re gonna be good to me this time. Ugh, so I rolled a six. So that now I have a 11. Can I use a third luck point? – I don’t think you can
use a third luck point. – I had to ask. – [Ally] Yeah. – Lemme double check. Yeah, I don’t think you
can use another one. – Okay, cool. (sighs) – Don’t do that. Don’t sigh like that. – You see, Ricky you stand
with your ax fully ready, and you see Becky looks at you and says, “Um, I’m so sorry, I know
you wanna hit me with that ax “or whatever, because
you like, I don’t know, “you hate change, but
Pete’s here now, and a lot’s gonna change.” (dark mystical music) Your questing blade
clatters to the ground. You guys watch Ricky double
over his body changes. (Siobhan gasps) (sound of bones breaking) You see that she begins to try and warp you into becoming an insect. Pete you… I will allow you if you want
to spend a sorcery point to not have this be as
bad as it’s going to be. – Yeah, totally. Yeah yeah yeah so… – Pete you try, you realize that again, her magic’s coming from
you, and she reaches out as you begin turnin’ to a bug, Pete does something your
magic won’t let you stop it, but you can’t change it. – What if I give you a key point too? – Ricky is gone, and a little
dog is there, barking around. (dog barks) – [Emily] Ricky! – You’re so cute. – That’s cute? – It’s a (muted) dog. – Ricky you have a hard time remembering any of the things that have happened. You know you have friends, you know you’re a good boy, but it’s hard to remember what else. – Okay. – “Hey Ricky you can understand me right? I am circle of sheppard’s (slurs speech), I could talk to animals.” Is he like a dog for all purposes? – You are still somewhere Ricky Matsui, even if you don’t remember that name. But yeah you can talk to Kugrash. – Who’s Rick– I’m Ricky? – “You’re Ricky.” – Oh great, okay. – “You’re a firefighter.” (Brian laughs) – Yeah, I am? Awesome. (everyone laughs) – Can I mind link with everyone, can everyone inside check,
and see if me like running would take power away from them? Or– – Make an inside check,
see what would happen. – Two. – You don’t know, you don’t
do your own magic (muted). Becky turns you into a dog. Flies overhead, rushes in here. You can still try to take your attack, but now your attacking with
the dog’s attack bonus. – I mean, definitely. – To think, I know the
thing did this to me right? – Yes you do. – Well I’m just gonna try to bide it. – Go head and roll an attack roll. For dog– – Is the dog blessed? – The dog is still blessed. It’s still there. – (gasps) A blessed dog. – I don’t get two attacks now. – [Brennan] Just one I’m afraid. – A dog only attacks once. – This is not a disease right? – Yeah, I can’t cure this? – [Ally] You’re blessed. – I have, I can maybe do something. – If you hit with wait… Does he still have
sentinel, even as a dog? – I believe he still has sentinel. – If he hits a creature
with an opportunity attack, the creature’s speed becomes
zero for the rest of the turn. (Brennan guffaws) – [Siobhan] Oh my god. – All right let’s see if I… – Your bonus to this, is you
have a plus three to hit. – My dog bonus. – [Brennan] Plus three. Always a plus three. – This is hard. (everyone laughs) – Alright. – But you have a chance. (dice rolling) – Okay, bless. At 15. – You hit! (everyone cheers and claps) – So you see, Becky turns you into a dog, you reach up, latch on to
one of her insect legs. (dogs growling) Just keep her from flying further away. (Emily chuckles) Hell yes, so she’s just right over here. (Zac imitates a dog growling) – “Ow, bad dog, bad dog!” – You go head. You actually can roll
one D6 plus one damage. (dice rolling) – Uh, two. (Emily laughs) Two damage. – Hell yeah. – Really bad time over here. – Wow, I’m so sorry Ricky. – But you do see that the
cloud of insects disappears as she turns you into a dog. That’s going to be, Kingston that’s you. – Great. Can I take a step back, and
cast guiding bolt on this bug, this last bugster that’s still in here? – [Brennan] Where is it? Oh yeah this person right here? – [Lou] Yeah. – [Brennan] Yes you can. – Great. – Yeah (muted) ’em up. (dice rolling) – Oh my god. – 17. – I’m a dog. – A 17 hits. – Great. (dice rolling) Come on. Five. Nine. 14. 18. – 18 damage? – 18 damage. – You extend your hand. The stars swim ’round the bodega, come to your call and are released, (woosh sound) as like little bulbs of street lamp light. (makes the sound shooting) And eviscerate this
bugster, they are no more. – Fantastic. (Brennan chuckles) – And then your movement. – Great, and I’ll come on in. Let’s go one, two, three four. Five… Six. – [Brennan] Okay cool. – “Welcome to party
Kingston, Ricky’s a dog now.” – “What?” – Yeah, it’s (muted) up. – Like a lil… – “Like he’s this (muted) dog right here. – You see there’s a dog pulling– – What breed? What breed? – I think he’s like a
brindled gray and black Akita. – Aw, sweet. – Aw cute. – Kinda like wolfy hunting looking dog. – [Ally] Akita’s a dope. – Hi! Do you like chinny rubs? – Aw. – I’m still attacking. – [Brennan] Incredible. That’s going to be… That’s Kingston, roaches go. These two roaches are
gonna go for Kugrash now. Bum bum. (dice rolling) Both miss. – Sweet. – [Brennan] And only
a single roach is hit. Sophia that’s you. – Okay, I wanna hop up
on to this row of dryers, and then B-line it for the wasp, and jump on to her attacking
her, with a flurry of blows. – [Zac] A B-line for the wasp? – [Brennan] Hell yeah
so it’s gonna be five, ten, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. – And then I have an extra 10 here– – That’s right, ’cause of the cat. Cool. – But I wanna dive on to her. Oh do you wanna try to grapple her, or do you wanna make attacks. – No, I mean I wanna make
attacks, but airborne. – Hell yeah. (Ally laughs) – Cool. – All right, and I gonna
flurry of blows also. – [Brennan] Jesus. (dice rolling) – Okay does a 17 hit, and does a 24 hit? I guess they do, ’cause you had a 15. – Yeah, hopefully. – You see she throws a shield up. Like a magical shield.
(crystallized shield sound) – Okay well I have, I’m also blessed so when we add two to the… So it’s 19. – [Brennan] 19. – And 24. – Hold on one second. – 19 and 28. – 19 and 28, Jesus. The 19… Yeah the 19 hits. – Is this you? – (Zac holding back laughter) – The 19 hits as does the 28. – Uh! Okay. – All right go head and roll damage. – [Siobhan] You’re so tall. – So I’ma hit her for nine and seven. So I hit her for 16, and
then a flurry of blowsing, so I’m gonna hit her twice more. (dice rolling) – [Brennan] Cool. – And let’s see. Two and three. So 12 plus eight. 20 and, 11 plus eight, 19. – Another 19 damage? – No no no, another a do… Yeah. – Oh, 20 and then 19 to hit. – Yeah. – [Brennan] Both of those hit. – Okay so that’s gonna be
another 10, and another 10. So then another 20! – [Brian] Whoa. – [Ally] Wow! – Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. – You guys see… Are you drunk anymore after
the whole thing with the cat? – I’m wasted. – Oh you’re (muted),
yeah you see that just, you vomit a little bit in your mouth. (woosh sound) (twinkling sound) Stars are swirling around you. You see that the stars are actually like pinging off of
Sophia to like keep her up. And again these like twirling– – I wanna bicycle Lu Kang
style, for one of my attacks. – Okay you like, yeah, you like hop up– – With stilettos. (imitates shooting sounds) – You stab her four times in the head with your stiletto heels. (Emily laughs) She is on death’s (muted) door. – [Emily] Woo! – Her weird bug skull is caved in. She is so close to being dead. – (sighs) Yeah. – That’s gonna be the swarms. – And then land in chinny rub. – Land chinny rubs. And insane round. (Siobhan giggles) The swarms go up top, well actually, sorry
no sorry, the beetle– – My rats! – Oh those rats are (beep) tossed. They’re done. The rat swarms are done. Becky vanishes in mist. (magical sound) Vanish, gone. – Even though her movement’s zero? – [Emily] Even though she has a dog– – She just did a spell. – If I’m gone if I’m biting her? – She’s probably still here. She’s like probably
gaseous form or something. – You’re Misty’s step baby. Yes. – Vanishes. That’s going to be… – Is the dog still around? – Where could she… She has to see where she
Misty steps too right? – Does Misty step or does she
just teleport or something? – Yeah I don’t know. – Yeah, who knows. – He said she disappears in mist. Which feels misty. – Yeah, but– – So yeah, it’s gonna be Pete’s turn. – Okay cool. – I’m still like floating right? – Yes you are still
floating, that’s correct. – Could I float kinda over these bugs, and just go straight from door
to door into this new place? – Yeah you totally could. – [Zac] How (muted) are you? – [Ally] I’m at 19 right
now, which isn’t that bad. – You can take a double move
if you want to keep moving. – (Lou mumbles speech) – [Ally] Bunch of bugs and people. Oh and then the holes up there. – [Siobhan] What the (muted) is this? – [Ally] Yeah, some dude. Okay, so I’m peeking my head in there, and so I’m gonna cast scorching ray. – Awesome, go ahead and make your attacks. – It’s how many? – It’s three I think. – Yeah it’s three yeah. – Yeah, yeah. Can I use this? (dice rolling) – Yep. – Sheesh. Come on man. – Plus your spell attack
on one of the fires. So 12… 18 and 25. – And I have bless, so I could
bless that 12 with a one. – So 13? – [Ally] 13. – 13, 14, and 26 or something like that? Oh wow, how much is it? – 13, 18, and 25. – 13, 18, 25. Awesome. Who you tryin’ to hit? – I can throw the 13
on a regular cockroach, and then the 25 on the hipster cockroach, and then 18 on the other cockroach. – Cool, go head and roll damage. – So that’s 2D6 on each. – [Ally] Ah, yeah, 2D6 on– – You jinxing us this whole time. – Yeah. (dice rolling) – Yeah! – Oh (muted). – Ally, good god. – Yeah! (Emily cackling) – What was it? – It’s gone. – What was it though? – It’s down there. – [Ally] Oh, the water bottles fell. – It doesn’t count if it’s on
the floor unless it’s a six. – No it does not count on the floor. – Roll it again. – [Lou] Yeah! – Alright I got three sixes though. – You have to roll one
for each separate attack. – [Ally] What’s that? – So you can’t decide
how to determine them. – Oh, I got you! – So we’ll say that’s one, that’s one, and then roll that dice again. – Okay, yeah. Five. (muted) yeah. 12, 11, and three. – Okay. Which one is which, so
you’re hitting the bugster with which one? – 12. – [Brennan] Okay so the bugster– – 11 on the little
cockroach in the doorway. And then three on the
cockroach that’s further away. – Cool. One of these roaches is
(blasting sound), just toast. That one takes some serious damage. Hell yeah, that’s now going to be… This bugster’s going to
(whoosh sound) rush in here, ’cause you’re like at
the doorway basically. – [Ally] Mm hmm. – He’s gonna rush and
attempt to pick you up. (dice rolling) – Oh I cast shield so that
my AC goes up by five. – As your reaction, cool. – If something comes
within five feet of me, is it within five feet of me,
I could use sentinel on it . – You could but he’s just
in the doorway right now. – Oh okay, yeah. – He’s (muted) with Pete. (Emily laughs) – [Zack] I’m a very a good dog. – That’s gonna be a miss. (dice rolling) That’s also gonna be a miss
on Pete with that shield. So you burn the first level
(mumbles speech) for the shield. – Yeah. – Bugster misses, that’s
now going to be Misty. – Cool. – I would like to cast dispel magic, on young master Mitsui. – Ooh! – Ooh! Let me double check this real quick. – So if it’s a third level or lower, the target it just ends. And if it’s above a third level, it’s DC10 plus the spell’s
level is my attack roll. – You have to beat a DC14. – All right. – Okay. – Are you blessed or anything. – No. – No. – Bardic or… – I can’t give my– Can I give myself bardic inspiration for– I didn’t think so, that
seemed like some (muted). (dice rolling) Nat 20 baby. (everyone cheers) – Yes! This (muted) game. (Emily laughing) You’re kidding me. Oh my god. (Zac howls) – You step in… – Say goodbye. (everyone cheers) – You were a good boy Ricky. – I’m just gonna be, I’m
still chinny rubbing him as he transforms back. (slow horror music) – You see, Misty you
step in hands (muted). Sheep changing magic is your
magic and (muted) butter. You guys see, I mean like, the broken hip and some scary stuff going on. The wind kicks up.
(heavy wind rustling) And for a moment you
guys see a face of Misty, that is not the fun vivacious,
older whip-smart person. But a face of like regal
beauty from a timeless age, and a land beyond dreaming. And you lift the form of this animal. And you guys see literally
like the dog turns brighter, and as an image of light
just (woosh) raises through the ceiling and vanishes, and just Ricky’s just where the dog was. – I’m just naked. (everyone laughs) – Just ripped. – I’m gonna say tho, I’m
gonna roll something. Ricky your ears are
little bit more pointier than they used to be. And you can smell a whole bunch of stuff, you didn’t used to be able to smell. (Zac makes sniffing sounds) – What happened? (everyone laughs) – In(muted)credible. – Wow. – And then I need to, I mean I’d still like to take a movement. – Yes, absolutely. There’s a bunch (muted)
goin’ on over there. – Yeah yeah, we’ll switch you. – If you wanna swap
that dog out for Ricky. – [Ally] There you go. – [Lou] Swap that dog out. – [Brennan] How I swap the dog out? – Nicky I’m floating above you. – I mean there’s not
much I can do in here. I guess I’ll just hang out down here. And then since I’m here,
I’m gonna say to Ricky, “Ricky, you made a great dog, “but you’re even better firefighter.” (chime sound) – I just cry a little bit. (Siobhan’s speech drowned a bit) (everyone laughs) – Bardic inspiration. – You start crying, the
ax (woosh sound) comes up off the ground into your hand. It is your turn. – Oh. Did I miss anything, I’m assuming not. – No (Brian slurs the rest of his speech). – We’ll catch you up later. Go go! – There’s a bugster
right through that door. – The big bug disappeared. – Did you see the big, did you see the cat? (Ally chuckles) – I missed all of that I think. – Oh my god. – I’m just gonna go through the door, and I guess since the bug hipster, the bugster right there
is right in front of me, I’m gonna have to smack it. – [Brennan] Yeah, hell yeah. You get to doorway, the
bugsters in the doorway. Go ahead and take your attack. (dice rolling) – Mm. First one is like 24. – That definitely hits. – The second one. (dice rolling) It’s more. – Hell yeah. Go head and roll damage. – Damage is 1D8. Sorry. – 1D is right there on the lid. – Nine and 12. – Yeah. – Is that… – Nine and 12. – 21? – Yeah. – You see Ricky back in his full form, god he’s a jacked dude. Steps through the doorway,
listen this bugster goes like, “Oh, what’s up man hey,
um so we’re kind of super “into killing you guys right now.” Wham!
(blast sound) Your ax cleaves his chest apart. (oozing sounds) Green goo flies everywhere,
this bugster is dead. – Yes. – Woo. – I always hated how you
make me feel a little dumb. (everyone chuckles) – Hell yeah. That’s going to be, you guys here. (starts making growling sounds) (sounds of large footsteps) And you hear a smash in
the bodega as the beetle collapses into the store. That’s now going to be,
that was the beetle, Kugrash that’s you. – Sweet. Okay, I guess first things first. I got a lil’ bonus
action, so I’m gonna move the fireball on one of
these little cockroach guys. – Hell yeah. – So they do a deck save. Or the one guy does a deck save. (dice rolling) And takes eight if he doesn’t save. – Hell yeah. I don’t think that those
guys have been injured before so, yes you horribly burn one of them. – Great. And then you know what, let’s keep… Yeah I’m gonna keep (muted)
with this big guy over here. I would like to conjure animals. – Mm hmm. – And use it as a spell. The last one was rat king crown. I think it’s up to you what I make. – [Brennan] Cool. – But I’m thinking some
kinda like stray dogs, or like stray cats or something like that. – Hell yeah. – Like I can I do up to eight
beast of challenge rating a quarter or lower, so I’d
would like to make eight. – Eight beasts of challenge
rating quarter or lower. – Yeah. – Hell yes. (dice rolling) You see… Jesus. – Or I can do two like beefy dogs. I think a dire wolf would
be challenge rating one. – Cool. – That would be two. – Hell yeah. I’m gonna say that you
go ahead, and summon, yeah you summon some crazy stuff. And an enormous (muted) spider jumps down, and this huge stray like street mut. (Brian gasps) Comes running in from the outside. [Ally] Whoa. – And begin to attack. Go ahead and roll initiative for them. (dice rolling) – Sweet. 17 plus whatever their dice is. – Cool. – Sick sick.
– Tight tight tight tight. – Sick sick. – [Brennan] Hell yes. That’s Kug. These roaches ’bout to go. These guys rush up here. They’re gonna take some swings at Ricky. This guy gets away from the… These two are coming for Kug. Ba bum. – Any of ’em within five feet
that wants to go for Kug. – [Ally] Oh there’s one down there. – There’s one down here. Oh this one, yeah, here you go. This guy’s coming for Kingston. This guy’s coming for Misty. Here we go, these two coming for Ricky. (dice rolling) They miss. He’s coming for Kugrash. (dice rolling) – Do I get to hit the
ones coming for Kugrash, if they are within five– – They’re not. Oh they actually are
within five feet of you. – Or I get maybe one of those– – Ricky go ahead, one of
them goes to attack Kugrash, you gotta swing on it. (dice rolling) – Ooh 19 plus yeah. – Yeah. – I mean– – Yeah, it’s huge. – Yeah. – [Brennan] Go ahead and roll damage. – D8, where is a D8? – Kill him please. (dice rolling) – [Brian] “Kill ’em kid.” – Oh yeah, eight plus seven. (blast sound) – Decapitated. You don’t even look, you just
like wail out behind you, and annihilate one of these roaches. Awesome. That was the roach. I’m actually gonna roll luck
check here really quick. (dice rolling) You just killed the roach
that otherwise scored nat 20 against Kugrash. – Oh! – [Ally] – Oh! – I have no idea so I’m just like, “Yeah good job, ya killed cockroach.” (Emily laughs) (Brian’s speech drowned out) – I’m gonna need
constitution check from you. (dice rolling) (Brian grunts) – I’m blessed, but I’m
not blessed in real life. – [Zac] Oh yeah. – So I got an 11. – I guess my… – [Brennan] 11 saves. – My spells, my AC thing is gone probably. – You take… Yes, concentration thing yeah. (computer sound) You take seven points of damage. (electric blast game sound) – Okay I need to–
(electric blast game sound) Seven points of damage, I
need to maintain concentration to keep my dog and my spider. – [Brennan] Go head and roll. – “And come on baby, stay with me.” (dice rolling) Is it a check or it’s a saving throw? – Saving throw. – I can do blessing? – [Brennan] Yeah. – Great. Truly incredible. – Off of a roll from a 20 to a two. – Truly incredible, I
got, it’s a (muted) seven. – You see that the spider
and dog both come in, and they go like, the dog
goes “Kugrash, my mentor “I’ve come to, oh this guy’s big.” And turns and runs out the door. – Yep. (everyone chuckles) – And you see the spider says, “We shall play another
time Kugrash of the sewers. “I have answered your
call, but I am too scared.” (Brian’s speech is muted out) – I think you should
bring that spider back. Ooh I like him. (Ally’s speech is muted out) – He’s (muted) punk. He says he’s gonna show up,
and then he doesn’t show up. – Jack of all trades. – Sophia it’s gonna be you. – Okay so… I want to sorta listen to if
I hear anyone on the ceiling. I’m tryna figure out if Becky might be up there through the roof. – Give me a perception check. – Okay. It’s gonna be… (dice rolling) 19. – You don’t think she’s on the roof. – Okay, then I am gonna run through here, and go through here. – [Brennan] Oh (muted). – So one, two. Oh, I’m gonna let them both
get opportunity attacks on me. – [Brennan] Cool, you could also do the flurry of blows thing,
and do the, you know like– – Okay, I’ll do that. So I’m gonna come here, and
I’m gonna flurry of blows one of them. – Cool, make an attack. (dice rolling) – Okay. Oh. – Wow. – I don’t think I’m gonna hit either one. – Wow. – Do the bardic or– – That is a one and a two. – No, but I do get to add… I’ll add, let’s see, let’s go
for the four this and so… Does 14 hit? – 14 does hit. – Okay what about 12? – A 12 does not hit. – Okay, well I’ll hit them a one. (dice rolling) And that’s gonna be seven. – You hit the injured one dead. (poof sound) – Sweet, and then I still
have two unarmed strikes. Can I go at the other guy? – Yeah, if you want. – Yeah! (dice rolling) Okay, and then, oh that’s
kinda crooked but whatever. Then I’ll, okay… So I’ll do– So 19, yeah they both hit. Let’s just say that. – Cool. Hell yeah, go for it. (dice rolling)
(dark drum music) – And then… Six. 15. – Toast. – Sweet, and then I’m gonna
use my drunken technique to take a dash, and then hop through here. – [Ally] Whoa. – [Brennan] Okay so you flurry right? – Yeah. – So you don’t take a next opportunity, and your speed I think, plus 10 plus the 10 you get from the– – So I’m 60. – [Brennan] So it’s five, 10 15, 20– – Oh I can do acrobatic. – Oh right yeah. – [Emily] You want me
to do acrobatic check. – So it’s just five, 10, 15, 20. Yeah just give acrobatics
to clear the hole. – Okay so I got a 16. (dramatic music intensifies) – [Emily] Is she in here? – [Brennan] She is not in there. – What’s in there? – A pizza parlor. – [Brennan] A pizzeria. A little pizza parlor. – [Siobhan] Oh nice get a slice. – [Brennan] So again that’s
gonna be five, 10, 15, 20, 25 30, 35, 40. – [Ally] Jump into the next one. – [Siobhan] I want the next hole. – [Emily] I wanna to go into here. – [Brennan] 45, 50. – Oh, we can’t back you up there. – This is… This is insane. – That’s okay. – [Brennan] You get in the pub. – Ooh, lively. (Ally laughs) – Hell yes. – Oh you’re in the kitchen. – [Brennan] You’re in the kitchen. – What’s in there? – [Brennan] So that’s gonna be… Yeah you, give me one more acrobatics. (dice rolling) – Okay. – Hell yeah. – (Emily mumbles her speech) – You are standing… – On a lit stove? – Not on a lit stove. You’re like, how we’re gonna you up here? – I could be on the stove. – [Brennan] Cool, you’re on the stove. You look out, and hear Becky– – Yes! – Over in this room
talking to another bugster. – I look through that little porthole, and I’m like “Caught ya (muted)”. – You guys see like you
pow pow pow pow pow, take out these two roaches. (Siobhan laughs) And just you’re acrobatics now. When you go through both of these holes, you are not parkour leaping, you’re more just flinging
your limp body like– – Can we say in one of them
I do like a home plate slide. – Yes absolutely. – So I’m covered in ooze. – [Zack] Oh gross. – Yes you’re like (splatter sound). – [Emily] Okay. – You guys are here. There’s like people,
there’s like pizza people that are all tied up in this room, but there’s no active like monsters. There’s like some little ones. You’re in here with a big roach, that’s your movement in action. What an insane move. – Woo! – That’s going to be– – I think I beat my chest and
chug my camelback of wine. (Siobhan guffaws) – I’m going to need you now to make a, I’m gonna need to make another
constitution saving throw. (dice rolling) – Constitution, okay. As close as it could be. Okay 16. – 16. One, two, three.
– 16. (dice rolling) – You take 22 points of damage. (computer sound)
(electric blast game sound) – From that guy? From Becky. – Oh. – What’re you at? – Eight. (Emily giggles) – Yeah Becky looks at you and goes, “Um, you’re a, you cannot come
in here, this is trespassing. “We’re making a hive!” Voom.
(splatter sound) – And sucks the water
out of your body again. – Oh thank you. – I look so good. – Good (muted). (Emily laughs) – [Brennan] That is now– – Pete’s like. – [Brennan] And then Becky
backs over into this corner. That’s going to be Kingston. – Kingston? Okay. Wow wow wow there’s a lot going on. – [Ally] Yeah yeah. – Me and Misty trapped by bugs. Everybody’s ’bout to have
to fight that big bug. I guess I’ll cast sacred
flame on the bug next to me. – Okay. – So it has to make
dexterity saving throw. – It fails. – Fantastic. – I’ll roll 2D8. (dice rolling) Six and seven 13. (blasting sound) – You light this thing up, it is toast. – All right great. And then can I move just down this way. – [Brennan] Yeah, just take
six squares of movement. – One, two, three, four, five, six. There we go. – Hell yeah. That’s gonna be Pete. – What is dash again,
if I take a dash action? – It just means your
using your action to move twice as far as normal. – Okay, I’ll do that to get
as far through as I can so… If I’m floating does it
add anything extra to my– – You don’t need to make acrobatics check to get through the hole. – Cool, yeah I’ll do that. – [Brennan] So it’s just gonna
be five ten, 15, 20, 25, 30. 35, 40, 45, 50, yeah you make it, you’re floating here above the cockroach in the kitchen with Misty. But that’s full turn,
that’s your movement, unless you have a bonus action, that’s your movement and your action. – I don’t have a bonus action so, yeah. – Hell yeah, cool. (woosh sound) That is going to be the bugsters. This dude rushes through,
through the bathroom, he’s gonna go, one,
two, three, four, five. He’s gonna take some swings at you Pete, flying up there near the roof. – Cool. (dice rolling) – That’s a miss. That’s a hit. – Can I cast shield
again, for five plus AC? – Yes you can. – Would that– Then I would be up to 18. – Okay, unfortunately (mumbles)
he got higher than a 18. – God damn. – Wild magic roll. – Hmm? – Wild magic. – Oh yeah. – I’ma need you to make
constitution saving throw. – Okay cool. (dice rolling) Seven, I’ll use my bardic. – You’re blessed. – [Ally] With another seven. So it’s 14. And a three, so 17. – 17– – And then what do I add? – You see that this bugster goes, “I’ve been getting really
into biting people recently.” (grotesque insect noises) And latches on. Deals you six points of damage. (computer sound) What are you at right now? – Now I’m down to 13. – That is bugsters turn. I don’t think there’s anymore
bugsters left out there. – Thank you for the bardic. – That’s now going to be Misty. – I’m gonna just risk an
attack while (mumbling) from these little buggy guys, and come round where Kingston is. – Where Kingston is? – [Siobhan] And I would like
to cast phantasmal force in front of this hole. – Oh awesome. – And I would like to cast it in the form of the building inspector. And the building inspector is like, “No, nobody there’s
asbestos in here absolutely “can’t come in here.” – Hell yeah, does he make wisdom save or something like that? – It’s an intelligent save. – Ooh, he’s not very intelligent. (everyone cheers) – If it’s a human shaped
target, a phantasm created to appear as a
creature can attack the target for 1D6 of psychic damage as well. – This beetle rolled a two. Which gives him a negative
two as his final roll. – Oh he’s real dumb. – [Brennan] Real dumb. Again every person, every
phantasmal thing you make always looks like a costumed version. So there’s like beautiful
building inspector. (slow enchanting music) Young woman, like a good shining smile, little like official thing,
little white hard hat goes like, “Sir, you absolutely can’t
be renovating in here. “You haven’t gotten
the proper clearances!” Pow pow pow pow pow pow. (pulsating sounds) Go ahead and roll damage. (dice rolling) – Five. – Ooh! – You see that the beetle goes like, “Ugh I’m sorry, I thought we
had everything checked out. “You know I got these guys on retainer, and my crew they wanna work!” (screams) Yeah you see, incredible. Ricky it’s gonna be you. – I’m just gonna run
forward as far as I can go. – [Brennan] (muted) yeah dude. – [Zack] So I’ll take, can I do– – [Brennan] So that’s
five, ten, 15, 20, 25, 30– You can get 30 here. – [Zack] Okay, I’ll take it. – Go head and make an athletics check. – [Zack] Yeah. (dice rolling) That’s yeah, 20. – [Brennan] Hell yeah. So that’s 40, 45– – [Zack] I’m gonna go
through the left door. – [Brennan] Okay. – [Zack] Well. – [Ally] What’s your health? – [Zack] I’m pretty good
right now, but I’m wondering– – [Ally] Cool. – Make one last athletics check for me. – [Zack] Ooh, that one’s only a nine. – Okay, you do not clear this– There’s like some webbing
here, you gotta like slash away at a little bit. – Cool. – But you make it all the way there. – Probably should heel jaw. – Shoulda what? – Heel jaw. – The beetle leaves this entrance, and begins to stalk down and
try to pummel through this way. Let’s see if it can even make it’s way through the shelves. (rolls dice) Oh that’s a nat one. (rolls dice) You can be like “Alright alright listen, “I’ll find another way through.” And you hear a voice say, “You will find no other way through there. “My number one job is to
make sure that little roaches “don’t eat the Oreos and Kit Kat’s” (rest of speech drowned out). (Emily laughing) (bustling fire sound) And you hear the beetle go, (screaming), as La Grande Gata does
something horrifying to this beetle into the room. – Good baby. – That’s going to be, that was Pete. Ricky, beetle, Kugrash that’s you baby. – Sweet I’m in this pathetic little duel with this little guy. (Ally chuckles) I’m just gonna say yeah (muted) buddy, and I spit on him, and I’m
just gonna run away from him, (everyone chuckles) and get as far as I can get. – Just spit on a roach. – And he misses the opportunity. – [Ally] (muted) you buddy. – [Brennan] So you’re gonna
go five, 10, 15, 20, 25. – That’s as far as I can get. Oh you know what? Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna use my full
action to do a dash action to try to get through the hole. – [Brennan] Yep. – [Brian] Cool. – [Brennan] Cool. Just go ahead give me
athletics or acrobatics to make it through the hole. – Oh god. (dice rolling) – Acrobatics was pretty good. – Acrobatics 18. – [Brennan] Hell yeah,
you scurry your little rat (muted) over here. You’re on to the pizza parlor. – [Emily] Yeah! – Hell yeah. – Are people in your aura now? Are they? – So now I wanna use a bonus action to, I can move the aura 60 feet. – (muted) yeah. – So I wanna move it in the
middle of the room, there. – [Zack] Where’s the whole thing? – [Brennan] Great put in
the middle of the room. These two roaches are coming for Sophia. One of them hits. I’m gonna need you to make
constitution saving throw. (dice rolling) – It’s gonna be 18. – 18, no poison damage you take six points of piercing damage. (electric blast game sound) (Emily whistles) Sophia’s that you. – Okay, I’m actually– – There’s a door right there so you– – Yeah I’m gonna burst through this. I’m gonna patient defense. I’m gonna use it or cast, who am I? I’m gonna use a key point
for patient defense. – [Brennan] Okay. – So I will be able to
use the dodge action. – [Brennan] Cool. – And I just wanna jump through here, and go after her. – Cool. Gotcha cool cool. Give me an acrobatics to
move through enemy spaces. – Okay. (dice rolling) That is 21. – Hell yeah. – You easily clear the movement. You’re on the bar here. I’m gonna roll some attacks against you. (dice rolling) They got disadvantage though. – Wait, but I have dodge. – Dodge is not disengage. – I thought dodge was– – Dodge is everyone has disadvantage to try to hit you for a turn. – Oh, okay sure yeah, I’ll do that. – Cool. All of them miss. – Yeah! – You have plenty of movement left. You jump– – And then I wanna go for her. – You see that she’s just
standing in the corner. (Emily chuckles) She was like getting the spell
energy ready and she goes, “Come on, we’ve been fictional for so long “we get to be real today. “Won’t you let us be real?” – “That is so heartbreaking,
but you can’t take other people’s reality away to be real.” (sound of ice breaking) And then I (muted) attack her! Does a… Okay I’m assuming that a 25 hits. – 25 hits. – And then does a 20 hit? – 20 does not hit. – Ugh. Okay well I’ll hit her once at least. – Jesus Christ. – Hit her for nine. And then I’m gonna use my left hook. (dice rolling) – Oh I think she’s– – [Siobhan] I think she’s dead. – Emily, I’m gonna stop you right here. You run across, you gear up. (blast sound) You’re like “Here it comes”. You get ready for this whole
like combo move bicycle kick. You see that she gets
the spell energy ready, and you swing out, and you see, you hear a voice in the
back your head again once again saying– – Oh my god. (sounds of air whistling) – “Aye kid, knock ’em dead.” (slow battle music) Voom! The fist on your golden ring glows bright, flames streaks off of your
fist, and you obliterate this bug lady’s head. (Emily gasps) – I’m looking through the hole
and I’m just like “Awesome”. – But I’m so drunk that I
don’t know that I did it, so I hit her dead body for another eight. – Okay you just see like
a gruesome sight of this Sophia pummeling this dead body. You see that the bugs all begin to… The bugs start to turn like, what were giant cockroaches,
become like cockroaches, beetles, but now rhino
beetle, but some other thing. (sounds of bones crackling
and insects crawling) They like become like
clymeric and changing, and they just float up. (sound evaporating sounds) And you just see that The
Umbral Arcana beings to return, and the rent area begins to leave. The beetle is totally
gone in the other room. The bugsters, the roaches,
all of them vanish, and disappear. – Whew. What about the people who are dumbed up? Can we free them? Or they freed themselves? – You can go and start freeing them. – [Siobhan] Yeah. – All of them remember what they saw. – Great. – So they start going
like, “What happened here? “There were bad bug people,
is this like a flash mob?” – Yeah it’s flash mob of sorts. – [Siobhan] You’ve crawled
every where, you heard of him? They’re great guys. (Emily laughs) – You see that one of them goes in, and you see that The Umbral
Arcana starts to like seep back in. And you can tell that he
kinda doesn’t believe it, but he goes like “Yeah,
yeah those guys were crazy. “They know–“. – You know we’re Practical
Jokesters on TruTV? – I love that show. Yes, this is an episode of Practical Js, so it’s four funny guys. – A branded viral campaign. – [Brennan] I love this. I love TruTV. I love especially Adam Ruins Everything. – Yeah.
– What a show! – What show. – [Ally] What a show baby. – Tune in. You see that, they sort
of like wander out, but you can tell they remember somewhere. Somewhere they remember. – I wanna, if I see any
of them, I wanna be like, “Look I just found out magic is real too, “it’s a real (muted) kick to the face “if you know what I mean.” – (muted) to the face. (everyone laughing) – Where do you guys gather as the battle– – Probably in the bodega. – [Brian] Yeah, why don’t
we go in that cool bodega. – Yeah, it sounds like your
with swords and stuff, right? – What should I bring? What should I bring Sof? – What’s up with this
mirror that I pocketed. – You guys leave. You guys see that as you guys go back, you see that La Grande Gata
is there waiting for you in the bodega going (grumbling). – La Grande Gata I pledge myself to you. – “You pledge yourself to me?” – Yeah I do take pledges. – “I have none in the past but–” – Well you got one now. (grumbles) – “Your service is honorable. “Can I jump up into your arms
and you do chin scratches?” – Oh my god, yes. (purring sounds) – You see the cat jumps up,
snuggles into your shoulder, and goes, “You are valiant servant. “And I like to nuzzle your shirt, “you don’t mind if I get
some of my hairs on it.” – La Grande Gato, Gata, you
can do whatever you want. – She’s gonna (muted) that cat. – She’s insanely drunk. (Ally’s speech muted out) (Emily cackles) – Yeah you guys are in the bodega. It’s covered in treasures. Le Grande Gata looks
over however, and says “Something is missing from
the shelves of the bodega.” – Oh you gave me the ring. – You gave me this mirror. – “No, something else.” (everyone gasps) – Oh no. – Oh no, did the cockroach take something? – You look up, and you
guys see a shattered piece of glass on the back that
was like display case, and ornate display case. And underneath it says written in gold, “They key to the city.” (Emily gasp) – In a bodega? – “And what is wrong with a bodega?” – Nothing, no truly nothing. – “These stores are the
pillars of communities.” – Totally. – “You can get a bacon, egg, and cheese, “and a coffee for like 2.50.” – I create water on like
the smoldering parts of it. (spraying sounds) – You start to put out the fires. – Just being careful. Just gotta be careful. – You see that the cat’s
eyes, you know this beautiful, yet heterochronia of
like blue and green eye. – You’re really magic, can
I ask a very selfish favor? – “Ask away.” – I want two different
color eyes like you. Is that magic capability? – That’s what you’re gonna ask? (Emily chuckles) You drunk (muted). – You see that the cat
smiles, reaches up says, “To administer this
most powerful of magic, “I need to lick your nose.” – Lick away. – “The texture of my
tongue is very sand papery. (Emily laughing) “Are you sure it won’t discomfort you.” – No, anything to get
those different color eyes. (licking sounds) – She’s (muted) making out with that cat. – Your eyes are two different colors, you have brilliant blue,
and one bright green eye. – Oh my god, I’m Bowie. – Aye I’m sorry cat, did you say that the key to the city is gone? – “Many treasures were
held here in the bodega. “Ancient wonders of
worlds beyond dreaming. “We also have Ho Ho’s and the entire “of Hostess cake products. – Fantastic. – Can I cast locate object. – You can! – Whoa! – Ricky, you feel the
key moving quickly away across the bridge to Manhattan. (eerie ghostly sounds) – It can’t be any of these guys, because they disappeared. – “You have much work ahead,
and I need to take a nap. “I am very sleepy cat. “Good luck adventurers.” And that’s where we’re gonna
stop on this episode of The Unsleeping City. (guffaws) (mid-tempo hip hop music) Nice. Guys, that’s all for this
chapter of Dimension 20. “But wait more full
episodes, call out to you. “From the realms beyond “Will you come to their aid? “And sign up for your free trial today!” (medieval music) You arrive in the Irish
pub down the block, still somewhat covered
in webs as people sort of leave and walk away. Some of you look worse
for wear than others. – What a fun night. (Ally laughs) – I’m trying to get on your level. (everyone laughs)

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  1. Me: okay, it’s 3 am definitely time for bed
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  2. This is my favorite of your D20 series!! I actually thought it was done but just reached last episode yesterday, then this graced my notifications! 😀

  3. Welcome to the OFFICIAL D20 Channel! Subscribe and ring the bell to catch all new episodes and other surprises!

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  8. You guys should add some cut scenes and pictures along with the sounds maybe animate them slightly like history channel style where you like make the arms move and the background and fore ground shift over each other. If you could animate small effects and overlay them onto the model that would be cool too. Spells like fireball and lightning would be simple to just use stock immages or footage of a ball of fire or a bolt of lightning to throw onto the I think using viewer art would be especially great because it is economical and creates strong fan engagement while the many art styles would create a beautiful New York-esque mixing pot where the differences become the strengths and can be matched to the scene. A darker picture of Sophia could be used for like her in battle while a cuter picture could be used for her at the wedding or talking at the home. I think it is all this extra world building going above and beyond that makes these worlds so captivating. I swear the video game arcade episode of Fantasy High was like holding me hostage with my emotions!

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    Now I'm just hoping that Ricky gets a small perception bonus should he think to take full advantage of his new dog senses to make smell checks or whatever.

  15. Timestamps for those who are interested!
    Potential Spoilers ahead, clearly.

    01:50 – The Most Confident Roll
    06:20 – The Facebook Post of Socialist Doom
    09:40 – Misty's response to a noise complaint
    10:40 – Misty gets a mirror for exposure
    14:58 – The Original Bugs in the Neighborhood
    16:30 – Soph wants a Bodega toy too! (Also! Chinny Scratches)
    18:00 – Laundromat Bystanders
    18:45 – They are both mice AND men!
    20:25 – Ricky is a Good Boy
    23:30 – Ricky is a guard boy!
    25:35 – Hey, Kingston / Chinny-rubs
    28:14 – Stilletto fists & More Chinny-rubs
    33:30 – Misty gets real, and Ricky is… still a good boy, to be honest
    36:47 – Ricky's Back, baybee!
    39:00 – Kugrash Summons Fearsome Beasts!
    41:27 – These Fearsome Beasts Are Cowards!
    45:00 – Pub Unlocked
    50:33 – Phantasmal Building Inspector
    52:39 – No Roaches On The Shelves!
    56:00 – End Becky
    58:00 – Dealing with the Bystanders
    58:45 – Shameless Plug
    59:30 – Everyone just wants more of this cat and I can't blame them
    1:00:50 – Uh-oh
    1:01:30 – A selfish yet adorable favor
    1:02:30 – Ricky is a clutch boy

    I probably missed some, but, hey, it's a start!
    Siobahn's hair is looking absolutely fantastic, and I'm always blown away by Brennan's ability to improvise within a narrative! I can't wait to find out what happens next!

  16. So what I've learned through six episodes of The Unsleeping City is that Brennan LeeMulligan really hates hipsters but then again who doesn't.

  17. This episode is the embodiment of what Brennan said about Emily "[She] is one of the best DnD players in the world; endlessly creative, so fun to play with, she was also sent from hell to kill me."

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  20. Sorry, Emily. David Bowie didn't have heterochromia. One of his pupils was permanently dilated. It's a common misconception, though.

  21. New headcanon: Adam is part of the unsleeping city. All of the teleportation and summoning are his real magic, but everyone just equates it to TV editing.

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    – Inside check -> Insight check
    – Key point -> Ki point

    Edit: Also, thank you.

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