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  1. Can we all agree that this is the stupidest song that ever launched a legitimate band ever? Has anyone listened to Paul's Boutique? Seriously. Listen to Paul's Boutique. Again and again.


  2. I just remembered that I have some whipped cream in the refrigerator and my lady is sound asleep on the couch. hee hee hee hee .
    I think she could use some pie.

  3. seems like just yesterday this was new, man how did I go from bein 13 years old listenin to this song to 47 in a few days? I partied as much as I could since they fought for it.

  4. a little after everything I've been smoking longer than my old man and all the coughs in the corp are real! sempre fi- Mars 4th floor penta.

  5. Fun fact: they made this song as completely over the top satire, but so many people liked it unironically that they had to keep playing it.

  6. The officially unofficial theme song….old school. I'm singing lead (and drumming) here, in '77, age 19. In the 60's, Smokey was my singing idol.

  7. I am legit 13 and would rather listen to this then Katy Perry or Taylor Swift or whoever the hell is popular. Fuck them, this is real music.

  8. I think Beastie boys and motorhead and ramones are the 3 most acceptable bands from all music lovers

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