Bed Frame Center Support For Twin/Full Size Bed
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Bed Frame Center Support For Twin/Full Size Bed

September 12, 2019

Hi, This is Candice with The Sleep Shop and
today I’m going to show you how to install the 1-CS2L onto your twin size bed frame.
Now, this center support can be used for a twin or a full size but I have a twin size
here today, so I’m going to show you how to install that now! These are the contents of
the 1-CS2L package. You will have four metal pieces and each of them have a leg, and you
will also have two “C”-clamps, four threaded legs, and a set of instructions. What you’re
going to do now is take a leg, and hammer into there. These come pre-assembled with
this attached to this. Honestly, I think it’s easier to take this off and hammer the peg
into the leg without the foot being in there. To take that of you just unscrew it until
it comes off. You’re going to insert it with the thinner end down inside of the leg. Once
you have it hammered in go ahead and screw your threaded leg back in.
And you’re just going to do the same for the
other side. So these are round holes and square pegs and that’s why I use the hammer, it’s
shaped that way, that way it’s a tighter fit but I can’t get it in there without the hammer.
So, just stick it in there, make sure it’s straight, hammer it in.
Make sure it’s all the way in because if you
have a standard height bed frame like we do, it has to be all the way the way in or it
will actually be too tall. The easiest way to do this is to lay out your two pieces under
the frame and then slide your c-clamp on there, just kinda move it out of the way, pick these
up and join them together, make sure you have these together that way you can slide your
c-clamp over both pieces, and for the twin size you’re going to slide them all the way
together, and then you will tighten your c-clamp. Once that’s done you’re going to clip one
side of the center support to the frame and the other, slide it towards the head of the
bed, and there you go! And you’re just going to repeat this process for the other two pieces
and install that closer to the foot of the bed.

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