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  1. Can you talk about spacing in the brood box…I have 8 frames and it seems I could fit one more in the brood box. Is this to fit a frame when I get bees? Thank you

  2. Thank you Flow Friends My Wife and Family live in Peru and have a Farm I grow alfalfa as well as Sweet Potatoes ETC our neighbors have of Bees and they have had problems with Ants any suggestions you can offer us,  when we receive the Flow Boxes thanks again?? God Bless Nicolas

  3. I am a beginner and the local club members suggested that with the natural method the comb sometimes sags and one side and causes problems. Would using the first natural method combined wire as a reinforcement help prevent this?

  4. How long does it take the bees to populate the brood box with comb once they have been placed in a new hive?

  5. Some suggestions on the woodworking: Run a popsicle stick (or finger) along those glue surfaces to smooth out the glue to a thin layer across all the joint surfaces. Bonds better that way, and uses less glue. No need for nails at all if you're using a good glue (Titebond III Ultimate, or II Premium Wood Glue). A few small clamps will keep those frames square and true until they dry, and the joint is stronger than the wood itself.

  6. THANK U for this through and enjoyable instructions. As a newbie my passion to begin has been tamed to learn more to ensure I set up my first hive properly.

  7. Can the boxes be coated with clear sealer to preserve the natural cedar wood look. Will it in any way harm the bees. I know they can be painted but I want the natural look

  8. I want a flow hive so bad but Im a college student and I don't have the money😞. I'm trying to convince my mom to get one for my dad this Christmas though, since he's where I got my interest in nature and wildlife from. Hopefully soon they might be able to come down in price as more people order and you can order pieces in bulk?

  9. I thought they were suppose to have that gap at the end for bee space so the bees can move around the ends from alternating sides of the frames with ease? I notice you have the bee space present with the plastic one but not the partial wax one. Why is that?

  10. How many frames do I start with? Should all of the frames in the brood box be the same? Why would a beekeeper choose anything other than the natural and have the bees make their comb? Thank you.

  11. Hi, thank you so much! I would also like to harvest the wax to make candles and stop. How can I do that with flow hive.

  12. Hey, Flow i really loved your idea about Beekeeping , its so smart and economic
    i really wish that you can offer shipping to Algeria in the future so ill start my own beekeeping project , and also i want to know how many KG of honey you can earn in a year when you use 10 flow hive classic araucaria ?
    Thank you so much for your videos 🙂

  13. Can someone tell me if it's best to start with one super and gradually increase over time or two right away. also is their a limit to how many supers you can stack?

  14. Put the spool of wire on that peg that is obviously meant for it instead of struggling having to hold it I'm sorry but you just set off my OCD.

  15. Yo vivo en Dallas,y an llegado muchas honybees a mi quiero matarlas porque son muy necesarias para el medio hambiente,amo la naturaleza pero no me atrebo a puedo.y cobran mucho por sacarlas,y hacer todo el trabajo que hace se me hace dificil.mi 469/231/45/97.digame como sacarlas sin lastimarlas,o que hacer,por favor me puede decir…que hago.

  16. i would like to know if the hole in the inner cover should be kept closed or opened or when it should be opened or closed during the year. thank you.

  17. What do you put on the brood box (except for the queen excluder) until the brood box is ready for the hive super?

  18. Good morning, you're already donating to Brazil. Here the bees' creations are very rough.

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