Bernie Sanders’ Call for a ‘President Who Believes in the Constitution’ Backfires
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Bernie Sanders’ Call for a ‘President Who Believes in the Constitution’ Backfires

October 14, 2019

This isn’t likely to make him feel any better. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the socialist
who’s presidential campaign hit a snag last week when he suffered a heart attack in Las
Vegas, tried to use a Twitter post on Sunday to imply President Donald Trump doesn’t
really support the country’s founding document. But when the blowback came from Trump supporters,
it hit hard. In the tweet, Sanders wrote that “Maybe
I’m old fashioned. But I believe we should have a president who believes in the United
States Constitution.” That’s almost funny, considering Sanders
is seeking the nomination from a political party that has shown precious little respect
for the Constitution in recent years. Whether supporting gutting the First Amendment
through “campaign finance reform,” destroying the Second Amendment with gun control laws,
or trying to eliminate a key part of the Founders’ vision of a democratic republic of states
by wiping out the Electoral College, Sanders and the modern Democratic Party have proved
it over and over again: They’re pretty much the opposite of a political
movement that believes in the Constitution. And there were plenty of social media users
out there who let Sanders know they are onto him. That last tweet sums up the part about the
Constitution liberals apparently refuse to understand. The whole point of the document
was to limit the powers of the central government of the United States. For decades, the whole point of the liberal
movement has been to expand those powers. No matter what modern Democrats claim to believe
— especially that clown car crew running for president — it’s tough to see how
they have any real interests in upholding the Constitution when they’re building entire
campaigns around liberal themes like eliminating the right to bear arms or trying to overturn
the Electoral College. Sanders and his party will pay lip service
to the Constitution as long as it takes for them to gain power at the ballot box, then
do their best to chip away at the protections it provides for Americans. The fact that millions of Americans know that
is the main reason Donald Trump is in the White House today. Sanders is still home recuperating from his
heart trouble and, according to a report last week from ABC, plans to take part in the next
Democratic debate Oct. 15 at an Ohio location that is still to be announced. Every American of goodwill wishes Sanders
well in his recovery, but the torrent of scorn his “Constitution” tweet received isn’t
likely to make him feel better at all.

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