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Bernie’s Bill of Rights

October 22, 2019

the first point I think has to do when roosevelt was alive he talked about and economic Bill of Rights and economic
bill a fraction of a lot of discussion now from my conservative friends about
freedom freedom and you got many republicans
today this is really true who not only oppose raising the minimum
wage they oppose concept of the minimum wage because their definition of freedom is that if you’re a high unemployment area
somebody will hire you are three bucks an hour that’s freedom because the government
does not involve there is no minimum wage and you ruin your employer just worked
out you are working for three bucks an hour stocks freed up and if you are working are 60 or 70 hours a week without
overtime tax freedom because the government
should be involved in mandating all the time of booking conditions are
in your establishment is terrible that’s freedom well I think what robert is talking about is a is a very
fundamental and philosophical discussion that we need to
have if you have today are unemployed are and
you don’t have a job you don’t have any income by your three-person doctors freedom
enough you know of fifteen you can’t get into a doctor’s
office you stop what freedom is about and I think what most Americans
on the fam not all to be sure is the freedom is not just
the white vote every four years Obama over
Republican friends are working hard to disenfranchise many many people if I
just freedom of speech especially the time
when the corporate world controls a lot of your radio and
television and the Internet freedom also means basic economic rights that if you know what I
the vast majority of the american people squabbling to keep their heads above
water if you can afford the educate the college if you can’t
afford to pay your work your mortgage are are you really living in freedom
under freedom mean and I think to other countries around
the world that under fairly that economic security is an essential
part of what freedom is about the people have liked to have
health care that if you don’t have a job they have a
right to a strong on employment compensation system that
when you get all you have the right to a strong
retirement program that if you are a baby in a sense you
have the right to get good quality child care see you have a fair fought are in life so I think you know what raises a
question: part that there may be some point we could spend are also program on and that is what
does appear to believe it doesn’t go beyond iSuppli are the
political right to vote or to the right to read what you want that’s freedom
that’s important people fought and died for those
freedoms flying up to believe the way you talk about freedom you’re
also talking about economic rights as well at the FBR to talk about as brilliance home

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  1. Unfortunately Democratic politicians that work for multinational corporations are just as responsible as the Republicans for the decline of human (humane) rights.

  2. Freedom in many respects depends on how much money you have. What freedom do you have when you're poor and make less than $40K per family household? How much freedom do you have in purchasing health insurance, or what car to buy, or owning a home, or sending your kids to school?
    Conservatives and Libertarians like to talk about pulling up your bootstraps, but they never give the other side of that statement: That if you're unlucky to be born poor or end up poor, you have far less freedom.

  3. Freedom means freedom you fucking idiots… Freedom doesn't entail any other benefits then motherfucking FREEDOM… That's IT… Jesus fucking Christ… Cry baby whiny bitches…

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