Best Bed Frame – Zinus Compact Square Platform Review
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Best Bed Frame – Zinus Compact Square Platform Review

October 22, 2019

Hey, everyone. We’re here today to show you our new Zinus frame and headboard. We’re excited about this furniture It is a great value all the pieces come with it Assembly is a cinch you can get this bed off of Amazon for a really competitive price But you can also get it off the venus website and today 10% check out our link below that coupon there and you also Avoid Taxes if you get it off me so stick around we’re going to show you what’s inside, and we’ll talk soon Let’s open up the box and take a look equip Our bed frame is our box and you are going to be surprised to see that there is only one Actual piece that comes out of the box because all the legs and the slats are actually inside a zipper compartment inside the headboard So we’re going to drop it down We’re going to show you how the pieces are packed in it made it a cinch to get out of the box So these are flecks of pieces along the side you’re going to flap and the side pieces These pieces themselves are relatively light that you can live needs of one person, but all together they Mix the box very heavy to lift again we’ve got all the Parts out of the box these are the legs that go on the bottom and it comes with all the little tools that you need to attach the legs we’ve also got a Illustrated instruction sheet and so we’re looking forward to putting this together We’ve succeeded in actually setting up the frame the supports are really great It comes again with all a little nuts and bolts that you need to screw in to make the pieces tight and stable together So if you take a look at the frame is actually a perpendicular structure, so there’s two Metal bars that cross each other and so they help of course stabilize the frame, and they’re all Connected with these bolts that are included so we’re going to zoom back and also notice that the slats come down faster here, but then they’re they’re anchored by these Velcro strips and The slats here are actually already connected By a Velcro strip that goes on top of the frame itself, so if they’re convenient They’re all properly spaced and you don’t have to worry about placing them Placing them in a nor matter, so let’s put you down Our bedtime is a simple it took us about 30 minutes We’re very happy with the design and the way it turned out the top look of the upholstery There is a little bit of padding everywhere you see here and we stitching in the button detail is really classy at an yet contemporary It’s got a little bit of padding here, and so as a system your mattress you’re going to have a really clean and complete look Looking below the frame itself the max of edge is going to sit on top of this left And it’s going to be flush with the sides of the frame so the mattress is actually not going to be sitting inside the frame is going to be sitting on top of the Slat As a platform that wood So you can actually get to set off Amazon or you can avoid taxes and save 10% on our link below off the venus website We are very happy with the value, and it’s just a great bed frame so we hope you enjoy the video Thanks for watching inside sleep reviews, and we’ll see you guys soon you

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  1. Does the zinus 12inch mattress work for this bed frame or does it cover most of the headboard? Can’t decife beteeen the 12 or 10 inch. Thank you!

  2. Wow, gives you a place to hide your stash in the headboard!….LOL. Nice looking bed. Does it squeak a lot? How do you like it after a year.

  3. Best assembly video for a Zinus. The slats need to be replaced and on some of their beds it looks like it won’t be feasible or easy, but this bed it looks like it can be done. Foam mattresses need slats that are 3/4 inches thick. I’ve never seen beds that come with slats that thick.

  4. Its been a while now, but how's the bed holding up? Is it starting to squeek? Thanks!! I'm looking for a bed frame and read the reviews on this about it starting to squeek.

  5. Sorry I noticed someone else asked this but did you notice any bed bugs? I want to get this but I see there is an issue with an unnamed distributor that's gone to arbitration. I was going to buy on Amazon but just need the reassurance. Thanks for the help!

  6. I'm wanting to order this bed but want to make sure it can substain a good amount of weight. Just to insure the bed is sturdy. what is the max weight

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