Best Full Frame Canon Lens for Video — Canon 6D Mark II Footage and Photos
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Best Full Frame Canon Lens for Video — Canon 6D Mark II Footage and Photos

October 27, 2019

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  1. ⚡ QOTD: What is one of your favorite lenses? LMK! 👇 👇 👇 Also, check out my TOP 3 budget lenses picks for Canon DSLR cameras in this video here ➡️➡️➡️

  2. Hey man I saw your video about the Ronin-s and I love to know if you think that is a smooth gimbal especially in the pan movement. I already try the zhiyun crane 2 and I notice that in the pan movement is not very smooth. Please let me know! Thanks

  3. love the review sean!!! i really do… but i was looking for more of a review of the actual camera not the lens.

    Trying to find the best camera that can shoot in low light that doesn’t have all the grainy in it.

  4. I love both the 16-35 f2.8 and 24-70 f2.8 (latest versions) they’re so buttery beautiful and using the digital in body stabilization works perfect for what I do!!!

  5. Love your vids as always, one thing I'm learning from you is speech. English is my second language and is very difficult for me to make videos with consistency, since my accent does not allow me to put the word properly in order to talk about what ever content I would be speaking about.
    Any advise?
    Thanks in advance!!!

  6. Why are Nikons not used for YouTube videos? I am in the market for a new camera for my lifestyle blog and have a couple of good quality Nikon lens from my old D90 so I hate to switch to a canon. I’m looking at the entry level canon based on your review. Is there a comparable Nikon that you would recommend or should I just bite the bullet and make the switch?

  7. Quick question, when using the EF-S lens on an 80D do you still have to consider the 1.6 crop factor or is it a true focal length. For example, if I use a 24mm EF lens on my 80D it equals 38mm, but if I use a 24mm EF-S is it a true 24mm or is it still 38mm? Thanks for all that you do for those of us in the photography and videography community.

  8. Our favorite lens for vlogging is the 16-35mm f2.8 III. Our last 14 vlogs are shot with that lens and 6D Mark II. We were trying that camera since August and finally got it for Christmas. Maybe not the most indicated camera for filmmaking but perfect for our type of vlogs. You can check out and watch what this camera is capable of!

  9. Favorite Lens is the EFS 10-18mm! No doubt! Great for vlogging. It's a standard for vlogging! Ever since I got it, I'd been using it so much!

    I'm looking forward to grabbing a 6D Mk-ii. I feel like it's going to increase the quality of what I am capable of doing on videos, but I think I'm going to squeeze out what I can out of my Rebel T6S and current setup as well!

  10. Hi! Just for clarification…so i don't have to multiply crop factor when using efs lenses on crop bodies as well as aperture? Thanks Shawn

  11. Thanks really good info I was thinking about the canon 80D but now after listening to you on this review I am going with the 6D Mark II with the 24/105 L glass keek up the great work it helps folks like us the make our buying decisions

  12. Great with the flip out screen. Though I see WAAAAY too often that it makes the shooter glare at the screen from time to time. And that, is no good. /:

  13. I'm not even have chance to have it use but i know by your show it very nice ,that why i wish have it one for video my channel .

  14. Hi Sean, I am a new subscriber to your channel and masterclasses. I am having a hard time downloading your Gear Buyers Guide so was hoping if I contacted you here, you may be able to help. I subscribed to your channel and your masterclass. I received your auto emails with the links to download the buyers guide but they are both broken links. I did try to reply to the email at you email but that also was kicked back. I love what you have to share and I am very interested in the gear buyers guide that you have to offer. I am on the budget side of the fence so for me it will be an invaluable tool to kick start my video making process. Many thanks, Laura.

  15. Hi Sean, I subscribed to your email and tried to download your video guide but get an error… Any suggestions on how to get that? Thanks!

  16. You talk about the eos line and 80d and 60d mk Ii which camera for video that has great features for the buck

  17. hey Sean! love your channel and I learned so much from you when I started mine. not about this camera however do you know if using tube buddy and vid iq lead to youtube account suspension? thanks!

  18. Actually… on an APSC, the sensor multiplies the focal length of all lenses EF-S and EF by 1.6… so the 18mm is equivalent to 28.8mm and the 24mm to 38.4mm. EF lenses can definitely be used on APSCs. If you understand the crop factor, you can use this to your advantage in some situations. I got an 85mm for portraits and it was really a 136mm on my 70d and it gave me great shots. But the aperture also has to be multiplied. A 1.8 is more like a 2.8 on APSC. This is why 5.6 looks ok on a full frame… 5.6 on APSC is an unusable 8.96. I also got the 6Dii over the holidays. I'm so happy with it. The set up I was used to with my 70d and sigma 18-35mm (apsc lens), I was able to make work on my 6Dii… on the 35mm end of the lens there is no vignette. Great video!

  19. Nice one! Also this video could also ve named, 'could i use full frame lenses on croped cameras? Nice one!

  20. What does “full frame camera”mean? A Canon T6i had a selfie flip screen but I’m not sure that it is full frame.

  21. I use canon 16-35mm f 4.0 L 95% of the time with my 6d mark 1 for landscape. Nice video👏 maybee upgrade from the model 1.

  22. I am confused between 80d and 6d
    Which is better for photography
    I like portrait and landscape photography

  23. I love your reviews!! Looking to jump into Full Frame myself. If you can, perhaps do a review of the Canon 6D Mark ii vs the Sony A7iii? Price point they are the same, however both have key differences.

  24. Thank you for the review , apreciated but i have some views on my side, Canon L lense were good but not any more, SIGMA ART line is slowly hitting them,
    2. as a professional vidographer i dont think u want to use that Kit lense, say zoom in true it will extend but wat about the f stop, not constant, something to consider,
    3 its not Fast
    4 i wud not recomend that lens, have u been paid to talk

  25. Hey Sean, I use a 16-35mm F4L on my 6D2 – you should check it out – it's much lighter than the 2.8, and it has IS for video.

  26. I dont understand. That is an old lens. Anthe all the new lenses are USM….
    And what about the internat stabilization of the camera? Its useful! I have it!

  27. How does this camera perform video wise? Do you think it's good for a entry level pro who does weddings, etc? I already have a gh5 but want a second camera that's still decent with video but also takes great pictures. Thanks!

  28. Sean, great Vid. We shoot on the same camera but with 40 and 50 mm EF lens. Isn't the 16-35 Mm lens a better wide angle lens?

  29. Thanks for confirming the 6D Mark II and lens. We will purchase it today. Soon you will be at 1,000,000 subscribers !

  30. F3.5 to F5.6 is plenty fast if you're coming from aps-c to ff. All the numbers, including f stops written on any lens (both efs and ef lens) are meant as reference to 35mm format. So if you are used to shooting with an EFS 15-85mm F3.5 – F5.6 lens on aps-c it is in actual fact a 24-136mm F5.6 – F9 full frame equivalent (canon 1.6x crop factor). So the EF 24-105mm covers similar focal length (you lose 21mm on the tele side) but your f stop is a true F3.5-F5.6.

    An F3.5 on a full frame is faster and brighter than a APSC camera using an F2.8 lens (because the true f stop would be 2.8×1.6=F4.5 on the APSC)

  31. Hi 🙂

    My 6D MKII doesn't let me put the video at 23.98P. Only at 25P and 50P, can you help me please?

  32. As an actual Videographer, it hurts to hear you say "selfie-screen". Can we please not make that a thing?

  33. Is the STM that much of a difference over the STM that is makes it worth getting the changing aperture versus the constant on the L series?

  34. How wide are you? I noticed your water bottle on the desk looks like it's in dream mode. lol I saw a video that was shot by the Canon 6D and there were all kinds of moiré and artifacting on the brick wall the guy shot. I found another review that mentioned that it's a real problem for the 6D. Did you experience anything like that with the MarkII ?

  35. I'm currently using T5i with kit lenses to film youth sports. Looking to upgrade Camera: 6D Mark ii, t7i or 80D? Any suggestions?

  36. My fav lens that I don't have yet is the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS ii L lens. I don't have it yet, but have looked at a lot of images and reviews from people who have used it and most people rave about the versatility of this lens.


  38. Great buddy …this was what i was waiting for 🤩..
    I use my 14mm f2.8 samyang but great lens but no IS …
    Gonna buy it right away …via your affiliate link 💙

  39. Dude. Sensor size does nothing about septh-of-field
    It is factored by focal length, f-number and distances

    Standing at the same place, same distance from subjust on cropped of full-frame you will get the same result from the same lens and setup.

    Only 2 things.that isn’t, amount of noise and angle of ciew that you get so on cropped the picture become tighter.

  40. 6D II do not have ALL-I, for me first 6D is better and about the dinamic range too… But you need to use manual focus…

  41. Thank you Sean! Great review. It's 2019 and I'm still thinking about getting the 6D MarkII. No I don't care about 4k.

  42. This video can not be good video, which will be good and best name for video with this camara please???answer iam Bangladeshi and your subscriber

  43. Well explained video. I also bought the 6d ii but it came with the same lens you so love. I wanted to sell it to buy a 16-35 L or 24-70 L. Both with f2.8 aperture. Why? Because I already have a 24-105 L lens and would really prefer another L glass lens.
    My problem is which to get.
    What would you suggest? 
    I am not interested in video work. Point and shoot in low light at open-air concerts as well as daylight moving subjects are my main interests.
    Looking forward to another video on wide angle lens!

  44. I went to check my 24-105mm lens, and I discovered that mine is USM, but at first I didn't understand why. Now I know that it is the L glass, but it still came with my camera as a kit lens.

  45. I love this lens on my 80d and on my m50 (with speed booster) …. Surprised me on how much I enjoyed this lens … Video autofocus is great !

  46. the only problem I have with this is that this lens is for someone with a cheaper camera… if someone is spending over a thousand on a camera body they should have the budget for L series lenses. And the F4 L is usm version used is like $500-600

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