Best OBS Settings for Recording NO FRAME DROPS EVER
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Best OBS Settings for Recording NO FRAME DROPS EVER

October 28, 2019

What’s going on guys the triage product your brain your brain a video in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you the best settings for OBS while recording if you’re here for streaming This is gonna be the wrong video to click on this is for recording only I don’t stream my internet isn’t good enough to stream so I don’t really worry about that The main point of this video is how to not drop frames when you’re playing a PC game like fortnight or maybe you’re playing call of duty on the PC or god of war or something like that and Basically just go into your settings. First go to out-earn. Oh not output go to video This should be your FPS should be at 60 all the time here and that’s what you’re gonna want to put your max FPS at In game as well. A lot of people put it at like unlimited or 120 so they can get more FPS in game. Just put your Put your maximum at 60 you might have like one or two skips here and there I haven’t noticed anything So no, I haven’t noticed any skips in game at all But I don’t know if this is gonna be the same for you guys. You guys might have a different PC than that I have so you might have like a skip I don’t know. I haven’t seen any difference in performance So in game put your max FPS to 60 and I promise you you’re not gonna get any frame drops I have it. I’ve tested it out. I kept getting frame drops every two seconds and I could not record my PC games Well, I finally figured it out put your max at 60. But yeah starting out My OBS might be the might be different looking than yours because I changed my theme to this top one here So, I don’t know. I just thought it looked cool. So I changed it general nothing really there. You’re not gonna mess with stream Next the first thing is going to be output So you’re not gonna want this on streaming and actually make sure you have your output mode too advanced The default will be on simple change it to advanced go to recording. It’s type is standard Don’t mess with the custom output unless you know what you’re doing you’re recording path is where you’re gonna be where the videos are going to be saved to so just Go to browse find the folder that you want your videos to be save to and then you’re done You don’t really have to mess with this recording format mp4. If you know what you’re doing, you can change it to something else I have it on to mp4 because that’s just what ever almost every Editing software deals with as mp4 audio track one unless you know what you’re doing You can change these whatever you want, but I have mine at one all the time Encoder a lot of people have this at times 64 which is fine. I change it to the Nvidia encoder because It’s going to take it’s going to use the graphics card instead of the processor to Encode the video So if you don’t have an Nvidia graphics card or a an AMD graphics card just do x 64 And then it’ll be fine. Your CPU usage might go up a little bit So you might have to mess with some settings, which I’ll go over in this video But but yeah, if you have a graphics card change it to the whichever one it is either Nvidia or AMD Don’t rescale the output don’t worry about that. Don’t worry about custom nooks or settings. Whatever Next thing you come down to rate control and use CBR, which is constant bitrate The sweet spot for bitrate is gonna be 40,000 This is like I said, this is for recording. If you’re streaming this is going to look really high, but this is for recording So it’s gonna be high Forty thousand is the sweet spot If you have like a beast of a computer you can up that to like fifty or sixty thousand But yeah, this is gonna be some pretty decent quality at forty thousand If you watch any of my PC videos, that’s what it’s gonna be or PC gameplay videos This is what its gonna be at if you don’t have that good of a PC You can lower a little bit. I think at about twenty thousand is when the quality starts to get a little like not as great So I would say keep it above twenty thousand. Keep it below forty thousand for sure I might trying to increase this a little bit because I haven’t had any frame drops But keyframe is zero preset default profile main level Auto. These are all the default settings So you really don’t have to worry about them used to pass encoding and then everything else is the same Next going to audio my sample rate is at forty eight thousand and I’m gonna show you why so I know that Windows 10 just had an update so It might be a little bit difficult to navigate but go down here to the bottom. Right right. Click on the speaker icon Thing go to sounds go to Recording and then whatever your microphone The microphone that you’re using just right click go to properties go to Advanced and this right here. Whatever this number is. You want to change it to your sample rate in OBS So mine is 48 48 thousand HD Now just just change it the number I know it’s this is a little different HG and KC, but you want to change it to the number. So mine is 48,000 we’re gonna Change it to that in OBS So close out of that channel stereo stereo. Everything’s pretty much default I have these as default because that those are my default audio settings Being my Astro headset and my Astro microphone. I just keep these at default, but you can select which ones you want Whatever you are using I don’t mess with these settings go to video there’s no real reason to change these to anything lesser than 1920 by 1080 unless your CPU absolutely cannot handle it. But in that case you probably want to upgrade your CPU because It’s just these are just standard settings. So you’re gonna notice it and your recording so you want to have the best quality downscale filter changes 32 samples FPS is going to be at 60 Hotkeys you can mess with that my start and stop recording. Is that f10? You can change it to whatever you want advanced settings process priority changes to above normal Keep this at direct3d 11 Color format. I have a env env 12. I think you can do RBG I don’t think it makes a difference. So don’t worry about it. I should probably change this to 709 But I have it at 601 for now I’m still testing out a couple of settings it this doesn’t make a big difference Maybe a tiny bit of quality increase but not a lot like 1 percent 2 percent of increased quality not too big of a deal You can change this to full right now. I have it at partial again. Not a big quality increase But I’ll have to mess with these settings by myself Audio, I just changed this to 2 default because my default settings are already set And then recording this is gonna be your file name it this isn’t really a big deal uh actually didn’t even notice this drop down but Yeah, that’s actually gonna be pretty much it. There’s nothing really else to change and I think that’s gonna be the whole video I hope you guys enjoyed it if this if this works for you If you guys really like this video make sure you leave a like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time

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