BEYOND THE FRAME | Bonhart, Vilgefortz and Nivellen
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BEYOND THE FRAME | Bonhart, Vilgefortz and Nivellen

September 10, 2019

Ah, hello! Does wet passing fill your dreams? Are weak, meek openings your waking reveries? Do you pleasure yourselves at the thought of your 3-3 glorious draws? So you must think you know all there is to know about the cards. When to open with a “BANG!” When to bluff and lose. When to lead your foe on. But you do not know what lies beyond. So I am here to tell you. To tell you what lies… BEYOND THE FRAME. This time we examine folk not seen before. By whom? – you ask. By those wretches who have partaken little or naught of the world inhabited by witchers. Today we discuss three powerful men. Tautology or oxymoron? I ask you. They all hail from a time before the Wild Hunt’s descent and thus can be read of in manuscripts most ancient. The first – Leo Bonhart, a mercenary most vicious. Coin his king, Mammon his god. One who took pleasure in inflicting brutality, suffering and pain. He wore three medallions – a cat, a wolf and a griffin – all trophies, all earned, for he killed their previous owners. He had a run-in with the famed Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon. How this ended I will not betray in hopes of encouraging you to read the relevant tale. The second – Vilgefortz of Roggeveen, a member of the Council of Mages, described by the sorceress Yennefer as “young,” meaning just under a century old. Common knowledge paints him as exceptionally talented, tall, handsome, well-built and possessing of a lovely voice. So an all-around knob. As Bonhart, so Vilgefortz proved a fan of resolutions most cruel. Witness this scene from the tales of The Witcher. Can you guess the victim? I’ll tell you this much – it wasn’t Regis-ide… And lastly – Nivellen, an unfortunate, cursed soul. He dwelled in a solitary manor, in Redania, in the woods near Murivel. The local folk scared their children with tales of his monstrous exploits, calling him names like Fanger and Degen. Idiotic… But as man-beasts go, this was a wealthy one. So local merchants, in exchange for a portion of his wealth, would lend him their daughters for a year at a time. Cruel – but not on Nivellen’s part, who believed that one of these lasses would prove his true love and break the curse that held him in beastly form. Pimply, scabbed, horned, with a piggish snout, and a maw worthy of a gravier, he perhaps came closest with a lass named Fenne, who thought him mad and played along. She would disrobe and pounce upon his back, and they would rush out and scare whoever they encountered. A tale most joyous… and tragic. I encourage you to seek it out. So lay down your cards and run your eyes across some words, for change. There you have them, Gwenters one and all: three thoroughbred males – make of them what you will. And join me next time for who knows what.

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  1. Te 3 postacie to jedne z najciekawszych. Jak czytałem książki to czas mi leciał bardzo szybko zwłaszcza jak pojawili się oni

  2. For those interested, you can find episode 1 and 2 of 'Beyond the frame' here:

  3. More of this please! I've played all Witcher games but some characters are from the books and I have no idea who or what they are!

  4. Aż naszła mnie chęć znów przeczytać książki, aby przypomnieć sobie niektóre fakty. Jeśli ktoś jeszcze nie czytał to serdecznie polecam.
    Mnie osobiście Sapkowski zachęcił do czytania książek. Kiedyś unikałem ich jak ognia, gdyż myślałem, że inne książki są tak samo nudne jak lektury szkolne. Sapkowski mnie pozytywnie zaskoczył 🙂

  5. Потрясающий формат передачи, отличный ведущий. Ждём следующие выпуски дабы освежить знания о лоре этой прекрасной саги.
    P.S. Игра слов шикарная

  6. OH I love that show!!! Please make more! I can't wait for more storys about other characters and monsters. The Aguara maybe, one of the most badass thing in the witcher Universe.

  7. More videos like this please. This was really well made and helps explain who some of the characters are for non book readers. Big reason some of us play is because it is of the witcher world

  8. Nivellen story is an adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast. We know that the witcher universe offers dark interpretations on every day stories (like we've seen in Blood and Wine expansion). A cursed beast, living in a manor falling in love with a deadly Bruxa.

  9. Спасибо)) Здорово и интересно! Порадовало наличие качественной русской локализации)) Такого формата видео могут сподвигнуть игроков прочитать книги, чтобы окунуться во Вселенную Ведьмака))

  10. Nivellen's most beloved maiden turned out to be a bruxa, a devilish form of vampire which could morph itself into any creature by magical influence. The same magical influence she possesses tricked Nivellen into comitting atrocious murders in his sleep – something he would never normally think to do. This magical influence didn't trick the wildlife, however, and by gauging Roach's reactions, Geralt of Rivia was able to identify and slay the vampire, effectively saving and curing Nivellen as it's revealed she was using him to hunt for her meals all along.

  11. What did you do to my boy Pasak?
    We need some salt in this game, some drama, some spiciness. Bring him back you kurwas.

  12. Beyond the Frame episodes are super interesting and well performed – please don't burrow them into A Round of Gwent anymore, just post them as standalone, like this.

  13. "I'll tell you this, it wasn't regicide." Hah. hah. hah. Well played. Even though I've read the books so none of this was new to me it was still enjoyable. I was begging for a Bonhart card before he was released because I had a bizarre fascination with the bastard. I don't "like" him but I'm so interested in how he became such a dispicable monster of a man.

  14. You guys let me down a little with that tease of "i encourage you to find out what happened yourself by reading the book"… I wouldn't be hear if i had the time to read the book xD

    But i do appreciate the introduction, makes me want to look into the books which I wasn't very aware of.

  15. Отличное видео, которое побуждает прочитать книги, так что кто еще не читал, обязательно прочитайте!

  16. Please deo more of these they are really good and I find them fascinating. The lore beng explored and someone cheesy like your man der is kinda cool. I like that his eyebrows are as big as his beard.
    Wheres the glue? ger3

  17. Стоит отдать должное компании CD Projekt. Великолепная игра, очень интересный канал на ютубе. Продолжайте в том же духе!

  18. I really like the Gwent community, but if anyone in here can tell me which Twin Peaks character this dude bears an uncanny resemblance to, I'm going to like it even more.

  19. i've been playing it for 2 days now, the game is good but they keep on ruining my winning streaks by matching me with people that is twice my rank and level im not saying that they are not beatable but they are almost impossible to beat when they are using cards that is simply isn't available to me yet because of my rank.

  20. Vilgefortz the only man who defeated, destroyed and humiliated Geralt with a fucking stick and Bonhart the one that damaged and traumatized Ciri's psyche

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