Bible Was Incorporated Into Constitution Through 7th Amendment
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Bible Was Incorporated Into Constitution Through 7th Amendment

September 9, 2019

we talked recently about David Barton
who’s this american evangelical Christian minister and
conservative activist the last time we talked about it was a few weeks ago we played a clip of him saying that a
theocracy does not exist if there are elections in
other words if you have a any any country where there are
elections no matter how fraudulent or stage they are it is not a
theocracy of course he seemed to be forgetting about places like Iran and
Saudi Arabia and attic in etcetera anyway now he’s
back in this is video from a a little class that he did where he
explained how the Bible actually is part of the
Constitution through the 7th amendment the Seventh
Amendment says in suits at common law where the value
in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars the right of trial by jury shall be
preserved and no fact tried by a jury Shelby otherwise reexamined in any court the United States then according to the
rules above the common law so what he argues is that the that common law includes biblical law its total idiocy here’s a little clip
with him explaining that involves but never hear about 7
percent were hardcore abolitionist and I seventy percent said abolish the
laws of nature house labor you can’t point to any spaces and ensure
acid doesn’t exist same time with abortion out here we believe in evolution
creation there’s no species and there’s a built-in John Stillwell Palace all process delivery or created
21 the same thing with homosexuality well i
the cable after two or three species out ten million how to easily there is always an aberration there’s
nothing matches a as a guest blog major that’s what the american law books call
homosexuality a crime against nature where you at all this out here that are
the laws of nature yeah this is where you get the laws
Rangers got this summer I’m is a you not getting as let me know but let
me tell you right up front you don’t put it off let me tell you you
don’t murder let me tell you don’t steal see the laws
of nature and the Los Angeles got those listed prices got together and Lawson Nigella Lawson nature’s God
that’s what this rebound bond scriptures now became
seldom Emma the Constitution if he had a hard time following that I
don’t blame you and for a guy who claims to know so much about nature he seems to be ignoring completely the
fact that only humans worship gods that only
humans have homophobia is any of that natural if it’s unique to humans it seems the
run counter to sum up his argument about nature isn’t the concept upheld counter
teenager why would you torture your children in olive eternity with natural about
that I don’t think that typeof argument would release way a guy
like David Barton now yeah at the pope recently even to it
said that how is basically a literary device I but you know I here you have people that are just
taking things way too literally the people in the room going mmm who he
Hannah and idiot always sounds like a genius to a group of idiots and that’s exactly
what’s going on here the seventh amendment insurers the right to a jury trial in
certain civil cases and it prevents courts from overturning
a jury’s finding a back it doesn’t say that the Bible is part of the Constitution it fits the
there’s this guy fills the room with people and
they think Obama some kind of incredible genius in thinker it doesn’t make any sense

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  1. He's forgetting the fact that animals aren't even mentally/intelligently capable of committing these sins that humans are able to.  But I do agree that some parts of human society should be modeled after nature. Especially when it comes to GMOs vs real food.

  2. So… animals don't kill/ eat each other nor their children eh? Well, fuck you Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.

  3. Hell no, the bible was NOT incorporated into the constitution thru the seventh amendment!. Oh, hell no!.and anyone that says that is a damn fool that believes in fairy tales, and other bullshit!.

  4. He is probably extremely proud of himself that he found a possible loophole in a sentence that when misconstrued and spun in a certain light may have parallels with modern biblical language. That this one passage proves that America has an established religion and can establish religious law in contradiction to the rest of the constitution is one of the dumbest arguments I have ever heard.

  5. animals in the wild don't brush their teeth, therefore dentists should be outlawed.  They aren't in the bible or constitution either.

  6. Theocracy was actually a word first used by Josephus to describe the government created by the Jews. They still had human rulers, the man is an idiot. Someone should tell the catholic church that celibacy does not occur in nature. 

  7. Unless I'm very much mistaken, he's trimmed his beard, as expressly forbidden in Leviticus. What's that? You don't pay attention to those old laws unless they support your prejudices? How convenient.

  8. He's right tho, no other animal aborts its young mid-term.  They bring it to full term before they decide if they're gonna abort or not.

  9. Sheer desperation. The death knoll on religious superstition is tolling, but the fanatics will become more and more annoying until Reason takes over.
    Religious beliefs are meant to enrich one's life, not ruin other people's lives.

  10. so, this guy's premise is that the founding fathers were too stupid to say what they meant. how patriotic of him.

  11. I love Pope Francis <3 and that saying something coming from an atheist. Still having my fingers cross that he makes some revolutionary changes on his deathbed like lifting celibacy from catholic priests or condoning contraception for everyone or something. Well see.

  12. there's no species besides humans that read and write. is this idiot advocating to outlaw literacy? actually, he's a conservative, so he might be.

  13. all that guy is doing is making an appeal to nature logical fallacy. It doesn't matter if something is natural or not it can still be fucking retarded. Rape is natural. Cancer is natural. And what is this guy even talking about, how is murder not natural? O.o

  14. Animals have been observed homosexually acting in nature. They also do far worse than abort their young, although they do impose those rather often as well. Various species mothers actually kill their young when a new alpha male emerges, so as to make resource space for the young of the children to come from the new alpha male.

    It is really, really stupid to use nature as a means of justifying morals, as nature has none.

  15. Why do you guys talk so highly of the pope? Who is he? Where in the bible does it talk about there should be a pope? Who is he to re write what God says? the pope is just a pop icon everyone looks to when they should look to Gods word for answers. you guys swear like the pope is God and he has the right to say what right and wrong

  16. Oooh I want to play his game to,the constitution says we have the right to bear arms,that really means we can have arms,legs are however optional.

  17. 1)If we to have the Bible as part of our law code, we'd have to decide which Bible (KJV, NIV, etc.) 2)Maybe not abortion, but fratricide is common in nature. Among birds, a bigger nestling often pushes a smaller nestling out. Sharks have been known eviscerate their siblings even before birth! Be careful when using nature to excuse human behavior!

  18. "No species kills its young still in the womb" 

    Yeah, they do the merciful thing and abandon their unwanted offspring to the predators. 

    And suppose an animal, a moose or bear, for example was pregnant, and ate something that resulted in a miscarriage would we know if that was a conscious decision or not without further study? 

  19. David Barton has been refuted repeatedly by legitimate historian. He basically makes stuff up as fast as historians can fact find to correct his nonsense. 

    Just in his clip, I picked out 2 falsehoods. First, LOTS of animals kill their own kind. The primary cause of mortality of lion cubs is infanticide by male lions when they take over a pride. The dominant female meerkat of a troop (or is it a clan) has been observed killing the offspring of subordinate females. Male hyenas reside at the bottom of the social hierarchy of their packs and females of rival packs have been observed harassing make tearing at his ears, legs, and tail. Males hyenas caught and attached in this way often are left with scars and missing ears if they are not killed outright. Jane Goodall observed and recorded infanticide among African wild dogs. Like the meerkats, dominant females may raid and kill the pups of subordinate or unprotected females. Goodall also observed and recorded infanticide and cannibalism among chimpanzees.  She also observed male chimps of a troop banding together, seeking out rivals who separated from the main troop and killing them individually. Animals in nature can be much more vicious and ruthless to their own kind. Barton just doesn't know what he is talking ab out.

    The other statement he made was concerning homosexuality. Same sex sexual behavior has been observed in thousands of species. Some birds are known to mate for life. Sometime, male or female birds bond with another of their same sex to form life long pairs. Some male pairs have been observed stealing the eggs from their opposite sex neighbors or taking over a nest with eggs of other pairs. The male same sex pair share the incubating of the eggs, and raising the chicks just as the opposite sex pairs do. Those opposite sex pairs who lost eggs will often produce new eggs and raise another clutch of chicks. Domesticated sheep have been observed having about 10% of rams being exclusively gay and these rams will pass by available ewes in heat to mount other rams. Among the other 90% of rams, a fairly high percentage have been observed as regularly mounting both rams and ewes. Again, David Barton just doesn't know what he is talking about. He makes stuff up and expects (obviously with some success) that other will believe him. 

  20. Arguing with someone like Barton is a complete waste of time. He's very, very stupid. One might just as well argue with a cat or a dinner plate. Barton is neither willing, nor able to understand logic, reason and basic reality. And what does that say about the people who listen to his insane ramblings? He's an idiot magnet. 

  21. In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.
    This incorporated the bible into the constitution? Uh-huh. I think the dude needs to quit smoking that burning bush.

  22. 3:02_'An idiot always sounds like a genius to a group of idiots.' -David Packman
    Gonna have to remember that one. 🙂

  23. Barton confuses "natural law" (that's the law of nature and of nature's God stuff) with "common law" (judge created case law = legal precedents). Common law is just as secular and human created as statutory and regulative law. In a courtroom, natural law has no legal status but common law certainly does. 

  24. What's undeniable is the fact that many within the science's and those within the academic community bolster that fossilized cells found on mars as proof positive of once existing life within the cosmos, but inside the womb they are no more then just a clump of cells,, not viable as life.

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