Big bandsaw build 2: Laminated beam frame
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Big bandsaw build 2: Laminated beam frame

August 23, 2019

The frame for my big bandsaw
is gonna be made very similar to the frame for the 16 inch
bandsaw, laminated together out of lot’s of
individual boards. And, I’ve gathered a whole
bunch of reclaimed wood here that I still need to plane down,
and some of the shorter pieces, that I’ve already laminated
together to make wider pieces for the bandsaw. I’m putting a few
clamps across the joint to force the boards
into alignment. Got the boards all planed,
and if those aren’t enough, I’ll cut up these IKEA
shelves, as well. This is the shape of the
frame I want to build and for a change, I
actually made a cut list that I’ll use for
cutting all the pieces. I spent a lot of time cutting
and planing, and cutting and planing, it really
wasn’t that exciting. Got all the pieces cut,
now I just need to trim some of those to final
width, and plane them to final thickness. I laid it all out
on my old table saw to make sure I had all the
pieces to the right size. And, I already made a change
to how the top wheel mount is gonna work.
I’ll show you on my other bandsaw.
I have these two posts that stick out the top of the
frame, and attached to that are two L-brackets that allow
the wheel mount to slide up and down in there.
But, these posts need to take a lot of load
from the blade pulling down right here,
so they have a lot of bending moment applied,
like this, so making these a bit thicker would
be desirable, but I didn’t really have room.
So, on this bandsaw I got rid of these L-brackets
and instead I made the front three layers of the
posts made out of hardwood and the middle layer is
a little bit narrower which leaves a slot for
the wheel mount to slide up and down, and that way the
whole posts can come from can come from here all
the way up to the front. I’ll start by gluing
together from the back, and I got to make sure
that I’ll get this corner all square. I also glued together
the top corner, and now I’ll let that dry
before I glue this piece to this piece. This glue-up is also
very important, because if it goes
together twisted, that whole twist will propagate
throughout the glue-up and your whole bandsaw
frame will be twisted. Now I’ll need to glue the stuff
that goes on the bottom here, and for that, I’ll just
flip everything over, so I have better access. And, while I had it upside-down,
I also glued in this triangle. All right, next layer glued-up. And, while the glue is still
drying, I’m gonna glue this part onto the next layer. I just waited 15 minutes,
and this is the first part that I glued up this time,
so I’ll undo that and glue on the next layer here. This is now the third layer
from the front, which means there’s hardwood on the
top prongs, right here. Unfortunately, with three
layers glued-up so far, I can no longer use these
two inch C-clamps. With the second last
layer on the front done, I flipped it over to finish
the layers on the back. Last full layer on
the back glued on. After finishing gluing the
front, I flipped it over again, and now I’ve finally glued on
the last pieces on the back. So, now I can finally take the
clamps off the last time. If you’re wondering
how much glue I used. I completely filled and
emptied this container twice in this glue-up.
And, a lot of people ask me what kind of glue I
use to glue the wood, I use wood glue.
Some people find that answer insulting. Now I could finish
this cut by hand, but I’d rather use a bandsaw. In a previous video, I made
the wheels for this bandsaw, which I still need to make
mounts for, for the frame, and that will be the
subject of another video.

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  1. Seeing all those parts land on the floor makes me want to unfurl. Outfeed tables for safety and sanity. or even a waste bin, my goodness

  2. A question about your c-clamps! I notice you clamp many of the small, black ones on to the wood without using protective shims. Do they not mark the wood, or are you just not concerned about that?

  3. Well I was going to try to improve my woodworking skills by buying a more expensive brand of wood glue, but after watching this video I'll just have to try woodworking classes, sharper tools and more effort! 😉

  4. Put a half dozen clamps in a drawer, put on some Barry White, turn off the lights, come back the next day and you can assemble a 1:1 scale model of the Moon: FACT.

  5. OMG!!!! Mathias using glue in a bottle!! amazing!!!
    But the glue plastic pot is there….looking…
    Fantastic work Mathias congratulations. That use of the engineering from the cuts to the design is a unvaluable present to everybody.
    Thank you very much

  6. I really like the iterations and improvements on your projects, and your tendency to reuse wood, it really inspires me.

  7. I really enjoy the fact that these videos don't feel like an episode of "This Old House" or similar shows. Just a normal intuitive guy building cool stuff in his basement.

  8. hey Mathias, i've got a lot of wood from some old storage shelfs. It isn't that thick (12mm) and has lots of screwholes. does that harm the strengh of the frame? whick Kind of wood would you recommend?

  9. I wonder how much strength you lose by cutting off the dogears. I would think you would want as much overlap in the joint as possible.

  10. Matthias, if you asked someone what they had for dinner last night, and they answered food, don't tell me that you would not be insulted by that answer. That is about the same thing you are doing with your wood glue answer.

  11. question: is it a option to make the frame out of plywood? I think this is more practical to build it out of plywood for me.

  12. I don't know why it cracked me up to watch you walk the band saw through the work piece. lol Love it.

  13. hahahaha wood glue sometimes company made mistake by naming there brands that why sometime they become underrated

  14. Old folks used to sing:
    My name is Matthias Wandel and I am very very mean …
    This was the biggest glue up that I have ever seen …

  15. Any particular reason you don't use hardwood for the whole frame? Is it just based off of what you have on hand mostly?

  16. Dear Mr. Matthias Wandel
    Iam NOFFERY…

    I like to see your work on you tube, and want to try to make like your movies on you tube.
    But I can not do it because it does not know the size or dimensions of the objects you make, as for the picture you show is not too clear and just a cursory course can be seen.
    Can you display the working drawings of the tools you created complete with the size clearly that I can download, because I want to try to make it …. !!! Pleas ….

    Thank you very much, Mr. Matthias Wandel

  17. I don't know it i'm going to build… I really want to and it lookes fun! I don't think I have the skills (or the clamps :). any thoughts?

  18. So when have you crossed the point where it would be better to build out of steel?

    Nevermind this is amazing.

  19. Hello sir please give me a template with all pieces size please give us iCreate band show at my shop please give me a templates thank you

  20. I know you get bombarded with comments, but I really believe you should consider this: in a recent vid, Matt Cremona revealed his big bandsaw mill cost 8-10k in materials, bursting the bubble of many wishful thinkers like me. Your next project needs to be a big, wood bandsaw mill- not necessarily as big as Matt's, but bigger than you've done till now, something a woodworker could use for about a 3-foot log.

  21. Youre a very clever man. A joy to watch and learn from. I enjoyed your circular saw to table saw build and am thoroughly enjoying this bandsaw build……..

  22. I bought plans, planned final to 18mm thick and all other dimensions I used cm. There was no legend on to use cm for lengths and widths. Hope I am right

  23. I love watching the way your mind works. It's so fascinating to watch the way you problem solve. Very inspiring to watch and learn from.

  24. Wondering what you thoughts are on biscuits or pocket hole to simplify the construction of layers? Also I don't have near the number of clamps you have. Would it be reasonable to use screws to augment the clamps I do have when gluing layers together? I don't want to cut corners and wind up with a saw that is dysfunctional, but the cost of all those clamps would go a long way towards a store bought saw…..Granted I will always need more clamps.
    Love your videos, I've purchased a number of your plans and a band saw is the greatest need in my shop right now so this will be my first build.

  25. if you have to make it that thick to be sturdy enough wood isn't exactly the optimal material for a bandsaw. steel for the win.

  26. That comment everyone's raving about. I laughed my ass off!
    See, the problem is, they didnt ask the correct question, so he answered the question asked.. if they're wondering if he has a preference as far as brands go, then maybe try asking that. To some people, wood glue is wood glue, to others, theres a big difference. Me personally, I've always liked titebond, II and III are the two very best glues, i.m.o. especially III. It doesn't set up as quick. But when it does, its around 4000 psi holding strength, compared to II at 3750 and the original at 3500.

  27. Due to it's thickness, can I ask why you chose not to use 4×4 or thicker single pieces for the beam? It's not a criticism as I'm just starting out but would like to know the reason for your choice to laminate the beam rather than use thicker stock. Thanks!

  28. I hate to criticize this guy at all ever, but I would have kept more of those corners at the end – for more sturdiness.

  29. Maybe look into making a new set of wooden shoes..hey I noticed … just saying🤷🏻‍♂️

  30. Does this guy ever sleep? Not only would it take forever to build the bandsaw, but he had to design the thing as well, and then he had to spend all the time filiming and editing all his work. This guy is truly remarkable. And on top of it he come across as a really down to earth guy. I love his thriftiness – "and if those boards aren't enough, I'll cut up those IKEA shelves as well". This guy is an icon in the making if he isn't already.

  31. Perhaps people are asking, "what brand of wood glue are you using? Showing respect for your knowledge and talent.
    I would be insulted as well, by your answer of "wood glue" if I had asked. Anyone asking is a woodworker and therefore would know that it is wood glue.

  32. Pretty sure he made this video just to show off his clamp collection! In all seriousness, I am getting very inspired by this build.

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