Bill Gates Wasn’t Impressed With Donald Trump
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Bill Gates Wasn’t Impressed With Donald Trump

August 23, 2019

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  1. i like how bill gates can say anything he wants to about trump and trump can't even tweet back about it


  3. If some old man comes up and tells you a frighteningly detailed description of what your daughter looks like to you, when he has met her PRECISELY ONCE, you should be very concerned.

  4. Well HIV and HPV are both mainly the DNA affecting sexually transmittable diseases which operate rather similarily given that frame.

  5. i went to sleep and, wake in time for the wedding. that was my invite. but i mist every part of it. when i saw her mother. that woman should be the face of. growing old geacefully. she look radiant gorgeous beautiful naturally. nothing fake.

  6. “If the fairytale is being married to the sixth in line for the throne of a constitutional monarchy that has no real power and exists only as a tourist trap” 😂

  7. This Trump is such an idiot Bill Gates just shakes his head. H e
    Could buy an sell him ten times over. What a jackass for president

  8. One would think Spanky would want to distinguish between HPV & HIV prior to going bareback with porn stars…

  9. Wow, I like how Trump confronts Bill Gates on negative side-effects for vaccines. Gates seems to be unaware of the fact, that Barron is likely to be one of the children who suffer from it. And Gates is perky enough to promote them into his face?
    And no less for a fishy thing like HIV. HPV and HIV are the same, it's both fraud, and Trump seems to know. Sadly Gates seems to lack humor.

  10. Actually, the standards set by the Monarchy, especially the Queen, makes what happens there rather better than the behaviour displayed by the nutcase who occupies the White House. Don’t knock it, it works.

  11. Doesn't really make a fuck that Bill Gates wasn't impressed with Trump….Trump didn't get elected by one vote from Bill Gates. What does matter is that the working class American people are impressed with Trump which should lead to a second Trump term in 2020! MAGA! KAG! Put that in your pipe and smoke it libtards! Lol

  12. Bill Gates has killed more humans than Trump! Those vaccines are terrible for humans but great for the medical business. Wolf in Sheeps clothing! He's banned in several countries! Don't believe me look it up!!

  13. Lol, the comments are gold! They will be even more entertaining when Trump wins again in 2020 and totally re triggers the left! 😂😂. TDS is real!

  14. Half America Is not Americans,but illegally immigrants n Elites with money,Gods money n it will r3turn back to Him n the bill Gates n Rothschild's,Carters, Bush (2),Clinton's, n those everloven Obàmas ,All Globist n no border people,Traitors !! All part of Muslim Brotherhood n George W.always had that sneeky smile n weird laugh as if Guess What I know n you Dont ? His Dad always telling us of A Thousand Points of Life , Remember ? All are a Lying bunch of "Nuts ", we the people chose to protect us ,not Kill Us !!

  15. I don't think it's necessary to make fun of British monarchy and British royals each and every time you talk about them…

  16. I'm guessing Trump has HPV. Every time I hear some stupid thing Trump says, I think that HAS to be the most stupid thing he'll ever say, and I'm always disappointed. Always. Trump's followers don't catch any of this because they don't know it either.

  17. When you make fun of the royal family you are making fun of the UK, the royal family represent the UK, no matter anyone’s opinion. I thought you were rude 🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


  19. Don't forget your enhancers, and try a deal with the Devil…
    We'll bring back accentual meter and automatic verse and nursery rhymes. We'll watch "Breaking Away." You will be as great as me!
    "Baa, baa, Mephisto'les,
    Are you selling pills?
    Yes, sir, yes sir,
    Three bags barely filled;
    One for mild masters,
    One for dumpy dames,
    And one for balling boys
    Who pine at prickly pains."

  20. If Trump truly did have unprotected sex with Stormy Daniels, he almost certainly has HPV, which is likely why he asked. In North America, nearly 75% of sexually active adults get infected with 1 of the 2 main strains of HPV that cause genital warts. The scary part is that a recent study in the US showed 23% of sexually active Americans are currently infected with at least 1 of the high-risk, cancer-causing strains of HPV. These strains of HPV are asymptomatic, and most people who find out they have it find out by being diagnosed with a cancer caused by it. People who have had multiple sex partners (ie pornstars) are EXTREMELY likely to be carrying both the low and high-risk strains of HPV which are incredibly contagious and can be transmitted despite safe sex practices, and as a member of the herpesviridae family of viruses, infection is for life and there is no cure. Nearly every porn star has the infection, and I really hope the President of the United States was not stupid enough to have unprotected sex with a woman who has unprotected sex for a living; it could have cost him his life.

  21. Stephen Colbert is a total fraud! He lives in a all white homogenous neighborhood just like Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Clintons, And all the rest of the were fighting white supremacy crew. White liberals and there hype men are all the same!

  22. I cant imagine two more different people than Gates and Trump in every concievable way from real intelligence, empathy, real success and wealth, low ego, honesty and integrity…the list goes on.

  23. .The stock market is falling because the tax to corporations and the 1% have run their course with no re-investment by companies.. Like everyone with a brain said, companies bought back their own stock and did not expand their businesses. They paid investors dividends and did not raise salaries. In fact, some companies are doing lay-offs. Secondly, his vanity tariff war is dragging the economy and scaring off investment. Interest rates have to rise as inflation rises. He is clueless about the economy and how it works. Piece of ignorant shit wannabe dictator.

  24. Trumps plan right combat HIV is to put on a condom if Melania ever lets him touch her after screwing porn stars and prostitutes “bareback”!

  25. The only people that could find Colbert funny are hardcore idealogues
    Get out of your echo chamber and search "gates Trump". Gates has called Trump open-minded and pragmatic. Colberts dishonesty is a DISGRACE

  26. I love Stephens "trump" impersonation SO much that I re-watch his monologue clips !! 🤣🤣🤣👍👍 Major props !! Someone PLEASE make a Colbert does Trump combo mash up clip 🙏 with emphasis on the ones when he makes himself laugh !!

  27. Trump is the second President during my life time you can’t trust near your daughter, or any woman for that matter.

  28. I don't understand why anyone would even care what Bill Gates thinks? Is he supposed to be someone "special"? As for Colbert, on the ladder of professions, a late night stand up "host" is one rung above trained bears, simply because he can "speak" while hitting that X mark on the floor. Oh please, anyone who takes him seriously is as retarded as he is.

  29. I feel like if Bill were to trash talk Trump to his face, Trump wouldn’t even comprehend that he just insulted him.

  30. Bill Gates is okay and does a lot to help people all over the world. I have to agree with Bill in that I'm not impressed with Trump either!

  31. Yeah you finally found out that Meghan is an American. See her perform in the Royal court and during Royal gatherings. It's like putting lipstick on a pig. It takes a special person to be a Royal and Meghan has a long way to go before she discovers that trait. It could be worse, she could be Ivanka Trumpty

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