Bill & Melinda Gates Talk Taxing The Wealthy
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Bill & Melinda Gates Talk Taxing The Wealthy

October 18, 2019

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  1. Luke 12:48 "For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more."

  2. Common guys.. Nobody's gonna talk about that arrogant interviewer who seems to be extremely jealous and angry about their wealth. What a disrespectful behavior from his side.. 'Billionaires shouldn't exist ' What the fuck did that mean.. Looks like he just invited these two great humans just to insult them. Shame on that interviewer!

  3. tax the billionaires and you won't have innovation. take Tesla for example. it only continues to expand and innovate cause they keep getting richer.
    tax the billionaires and you'll have unemployment. why bother keep running Amazon if I could just take my billions and live the rest of my life well?
    tax the billionaires and you'll have slower charity. They'll have less money to help other people, or invest in new ideas.

    There is no guarantee that the the government will use the billionaire's money to the benefit of society. Money with politicians only gives a greater margin for corruption.

  4. Bill Gates might have been shrewd and agressive business man, he bet the competition and bankrupted quite a few competitor companies, copied ideas illegally, dumped the founding partner etc when he was young, however atleast after retirement he is being aggressive in doing charitable work, innovating new tech for helping poor that's the difference you dont often see in the billionaires they hoard the money till they die….

  5. Very glad we gave people like this in our world….!!!! We need these two need to figure out how to mold out some predecessors. Lol

  6. Melinda Gates – slept with her boss within 12 months of being at Microsoft, barely attended after that but was still paid and eventually quit completely never to work another day in her life and now demands respect for giving away her husband's wealth.
    What a great role model.

  7. The rich don´t pay taxes, the middle class do. Not all rich people are willing to pay taxes like them. Whenever the poor asking to "tax the rich", it´s the middle class to suffer

  8. The look that she gave the crowd at 4:02 made them stop woaahing before they got a chance to woooaho, the art of face expressions and making someone shut up without saying a word is fabulous, i respect this art very much.

  9. Financial systems and frameworks should be more forgiving towards bankrupts as well, without lifelong penalties in keeping them in public record in some countries such as Singapore.

  10. 4:18 uhh why wouldn't you want your government doing scientific research? The most cutting edge scientific researches are done via public dollars…

  11. if you guys think these satanic duo help people then i really feel sorry for you lol. there is no billionaire in this world that is not part of the satanic elite cult.

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  13. Gates is a perfect example of a successful enterpreneur who screwed people to get to where he is, and now that he is so dirty rich, he realises what is more important than his wealth – his legacy, what he will be well remembered for. He got the wealth, now he wants immortality, posterity.

  14. Here's a thought if I earn it, let me keep it. I can always gave away any amount that I desire, which BTW is what the Gates' have done.

  15. "Billionaires shouldn't exist." The people who believe this ought to understand how wealth is created: Wealth is not taken from someone else. Wealth is created. Amazon didn't exist 30 years ago, and now its the most valuable company in the world. The value of this company comes from the value it is giving to consumers. They didn't take value from some other entity and then immediately hand it to the consumer-They created that value, and they created that wealth.

  16. How rich is a billionaire ? Bill gates has a 66,000 square foot house. I read that the cost of the house based in his net worth is the equivalent to the average person buying a pizza.
    One billion is a thousand million. He has many billions.

  17. Wow..Adamo ed Eva…. perché non vi fate carico di sti figli di puttana che avete virtualmente generato con i vostri abominevoli algoritmi di avidità???🤣🤣🤣🤶😈👽☠️🧚👾👻🎃💀😇😎🛸

  18. 4:02 Lol Melinda like stfu. I doubt the people in the audience understand their own wealth as Americans compared to the actual people benefiting from the Gates foundation in the 3rd world.

  19. I love them soooo much they are my favorite couple ever! I wish they would run someday or back Andrew Yang.

  20. Governments are too corrupt and dumb to innovate, this is why we need philanthropic billionaires — there just isn't a better way to help people.

  21. Bill Gates needs to run…..Melinda needs to run as well or at least be able to write some laws. They made their $$$ thru hard work, they give back, understand the working class and on our side, America as a whole plus the most simplistic, diplomatic, democratic, humble billionaire couple.

  22. Why don't you give poor people something to eat and a place to stay, and maybe some clothes? If you don't have the basic needs fulfilled I doubt you'll be that interested in a cellphone.

  23. Such a warm good man, i also would want to be taxed more, i couldn't sleep at night know im paying so little, the more the better and just think how many people you'd be helping.

  24. "Well, we're trying to give it away faster." , Fantastic answer! the RIGHT answer! just catch Trump Ever saying such a thing…. like never…

    To whom much is given, Much is expected… another fantastic quote… the Right way to handle extreme wealth is the sharing of it and how can others be helped with that blessing

  25. so as far as Capitalists go, Bill and Melinda Gates aren't the worst in theory, but in practice, they only seem to barely half-heartedly espouse supposedly left leaning ideals. for example, if you made a six figure income, and you go to some retail store you're dropping a couple grand on clothes o whatever, and the cashier asks if you want to donate a dollar or two for charity…

    like, don't get me wrong, it's better to give something to charity, than nothing, and i'm not going to pretend that the Gates have no positive effect on the world, because obviously they at least do more in terms of philanthropy than the majority of the highly wealthy, or at least, to the best of my knowledge, feel free to correct me.

    but we really need to reconsider the mode here, the system that allowed for the existence of wealth hoarding in the first place. i'm not saying the Gates are pure evil, but let's look at an analogy, an imperfect one, but follow me here…

    if a pimp asks women to voluntarily work for him, making a small fraction of money that the pimp gets out of the sex worker's labor, and the pimp owns hundreds, nay, thousands of sex workers as employees, but then the pimp decides "you know, people might catch on that i'm extracting surplus from the people who work under me, i should donate to charity to counterbalance my karma."

    now some of you (bootlickers) will say – "well they aren't slaves, they agreed voluntarily to work for just barely enough money to afford rent, utilities, food, and bills. they need to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and go into perpetual debt for student loans or get into a tradeskill which not everyone are even capable of handling such work so sucks for them, guess they deserve to starve and be homeless. might makes right, the weak shall perish. Deus Vult!"

    and if that's you're sentiment, then that's fine, but you're kind of an asshole.

    for those of you who are not vehement bootlickers and are open to a different point of view, i suggest checking out Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky. it's a book but also a documentary film if you just want to watch that.

    i also advocate you to check out videos by Peter Coffin (especially the Very Important Docs series), Thought Slime, NonCompete, The Serfs, Libertarian Socialist Rants, Philosophy Tube, ContraPoints, Hbomberguy, Angie Speaks, Shaun, Three Arrows, and Vaush.

  26. while Gates was building his company, he NEVER would have talked about high taxes on the wealthy……he's a fucking hypocrite

  27. The GATES and OPRAH know better than to run for office!!!

    WHEN or IF you run for office, thats an insecure ego thing that is craving attention OR you're extremely pissed off at the prior DOUCHEBAG!!!

  28. Until Mr. Gates starts paying for mine ( and everyone else's) healthcare he needs to shut the fuck up, dude could buy a house for every person on the planet but wants to tell everybody else to give their money away

  29. It's no secret that Bill Gates could be a real asshole back in his younger days of building one the our nation's most innovative corporate empires(second only to the Apple Corporation,sorry bill), but these days, along with his wife belinda, is one of the most admired and respected billionaires America has produced!

  30. I worked for Microsoft about 10 years ago through a temporary agency as a long-term, full-time employee along with about half of the employees there while the other half was hired directly by Microsoft. They had better pay and benefits. They had their own parties. The morale of that place was so low and people's self-esteem were some of the lowest I have ever seen. Yet Bill is known for his philanthropy and compassionate work around the world. I thought about writing him a letter. I couldn't reconcile the man on the media like in this show and the one I was working for at the time.
    It is precisely because we humans are so flawed that we need the systems that we create to be the ones that create equity. We can't just wait for the billionaires to feel like being generous on a given day.

  31. Yeah – folks like these don’t impress me with their “philanthropic” giving. They should be paying at least that much in taxes. I wish I could decide what to spend my tax money on.

  32. He wants the world, and he also gets to spend his tax dollars. People like to hear what he gives away to needy people, but if he were serious, he'd run for office, not make lasers or kill us, virgin whores, nor have to be accountable.. ouchy. :'( . I like Putin. I do not like the gangs or the NWO much. I don't like to use that term but yeah.

  33. Iggy Azalea is guilty of all the crimes. Do not ever come close to her ever again, especially if you have no idea what type of people she is surrounded by!

  34. Australia just increased
    The tax rate at the bottom of the tax scale. 80% of population.
    And the top of the tax scale
    Just got a tax ,,cut,, 5% of the population.
    Do the maths and you will see
    That now as a population we
    Pay more taxation

  35. Our capitalism system would function fine if it was regulated better. It’s ok for billionaires to exist. But the problem is people with power use the government and their own influence and power to manipulate the system to unfairly take away from the upper middle class to poor. Improvements should not solely be thought of a just taxing the ultra rich.

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