Bill of Rights (AP NSL ROCKS project)
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Bill of Rights (AP NSL ROCKS project)

September 21, 2019

The first amendment is comprised Of liberties, gov’rnmnt recognized One of which is the freedom of speech And freedom of the press Freedom of assembly for no distress Freedom of association toooo The second amendment states clearlyyy that guuns are leeegalll The third amendment makes it illegal to quarter troops But only during pe-e-e-eace timeeee The fourth amendment prevents From not having a warrant While doing search and seizure The fifth amendment says No self incrimination No double jeopardy but have due process The sixth amendment sets the rights for coooourrtt caases Assistance of counsel for all, a faiiirrr trial too Speedy trial and impartial jury The seventh amendment says (Jury in civil cases) The eighth amendment clearly states (No excessive fines or bail) No cruel or unusual punishment (no excessive fines or bail) The ninth amendment deals with rights Not enumerated, the people’s rights The tenth amendment gives all fed power To the states and the people too These make up the Bill of Rights Added to appease the objections made by the anti-federalists They said the government would take the rights from people They insisted a Bill of Rights be added or else they would not ratify Finally a compromise was reached So that the bill would be added and so James Madison wrote the BIll of Rights Setting limits to government power (They said the government would take) (the rights from people) (they insisted that a Bill of Rights be added) (Or else they would not ratify)

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