Bill of Rights (Bruno Mars Parody)
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Bill of Rights (Bruno Mars Parody)

October 10, 2019

Oh~ these rights, these rights make our government look so successful The first, amendment gives freedoms like religion, free speech, freedom of the press (student journalism) assembly and petition y e a h I know, we know Number two gives us the right to bear arms The third, gives us No quartering of soldiers in peacetime But anytime someone wants to search my house I say here’s the fourth amendment No search or seizures without reasons Cause I got the Bill of Rights I have the Bill of Rights and when they try to strip my court rights away from me The fifth amendment gives me due process you have, you have the right to remain silent if you want to anything (2x) you say can and will be used against you and the sixth amendment guarantees you criminal rights o h ~ you know you know the seventh amendment gives you rights to civil trials cause you deserve every right and when you’re guilty no excessive bail or cruel punishment (lol) you know its the eight its the Bill of Rights there’s not a thing that I would change unless there’s an amendment then we will vote for rights I know the ninth protects my enumerated rights Cause they’re amazing just the way they are and the final tenth reserves powers for the states the federal government didnt take The Bill of Rights ~ (2x) these rights are amazing just the way they are With the Bill of Rights there’s not a thing that we would change cause these amendments protect our civil rights and liberties these ten rights yeah they make us free and they’re the amazing rights from our country thanks for watching :3

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