Bill of Rights by Shmoop

September 17, 2019

The Bill of Rights, a la Shmoop: If the Bill is wrong, I don’t want to be Right. The first ten amendments to the US Constitution
are commonly referred to as the Bill of Rights. This is a bill that actually won’t give
your parents a headache. Things like “Freedom of Speech,” “The
Right to Bear Arms,” “Freedom from Cruel and Unusual Punishment”… …were considered among the ten
most important rights we could have. Little known fact: the right
to arm bears just missed the cut. But a whole lot has changed since the late 1700s. We have rights for women and minorities, overpopulation, pollution, and reality TV. If you were in charge of writing
a new bill of rights today… …what would you insist on including? The Constitution never specifically mentions
children’s rights? Should there be something about that?
Or maybe something should be taken out? After all, it’s a very different world than
it was when we had 13 states and almost everybody lived on a farm. You’re in charge… so go wild. Add some rights, take some out, scrap the
whole thing and turn us into a fascist dictatorship… Wait… don’t do that, actually. Fascist
dictatorships are truly awful. Thomas Jefferson once suggested that the constitution
be re-written every 20 years so it could stay in tune with the society.
Well, it’s been over 200 years… by that account we should have had more
than 10 new constitutions already. It’s all on your shoulders.
Come up with a new Bill of Rights. What do you think should stay put?
And what do you think we should get rid of? Shmoop amongst yourselves.

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