Bill of Rights Day
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Bill of Rights Day

October 13, 2019

I would say what the Bill of Rights means to me is that it’s a check on the government’s ability to exercise power over its own citizens and that has actually made us a very successful government for 200 years in terms of specific things and what means the most to me I think probably it’s the fact that this freedom of the press in this country because what that means is that there’s no state newspaper telling me what I ought to think I’m able to read make my own opinions about things and know about what’s happening from all the different perspectives because almost every newspaper has a different way of presenting the news and it really is thought-provoking the Bill of Rights I think what the Bill of Rights means to me is that as a citizen I can gather with my family and friends to discuss anything that we like the things that we like about our government the things we like about our society and about politics I remember my family came here in 1966 and we left a country that was run by a military dictatorship and in the early 70s that was a very tumultuous time in this country we had Bobby Kennedy was assassinated Martin Luther King was assassinated the Vietnam War was going on and my brothers and sister and I were talking about whatever the politics was happening at the time and my father came in and he asked what we were talking about and he became very fearful and and I said to him that we have certain protections in this country the Constitution guarantees our right to be able to discuss these kinds of things well the Bill of Rights what it means to me is an important balance in the Constitution of course we all enjoy the protections of the Constitution but I think what the Bill of Rights does is it gives us protection also against the federal government I was formerly a criminal defense counsel and what the Sixth Amendment does is that it protects the liberty interest of individuals who are accused by the government of committing crimes so it ensures that they have a right to a speedy trial that they have a right to a trial by jury that they are advised of the charges and the cost for the charges against him that they can confront their accusers they can compel witnesses on their behalf and most important terms of job did I used to do they’re entitled to assistance of counsel in putting forward to the defense

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