Bill of Rights: The Right to Appropriate Healthcare (with audio descriptions)
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Bill of Rights: The Right to Appropriate Healthcare (with audio descriptions)

October 19, 2019

Hello and welcome! This video is brought to you by the Minnesota
Department of Health. We are going to show you about the rights
people have when living at group homes and and residences that are supervised. You have the right to appropriate medical
and personal care based on your needs. In this video, you will see an example of
how a person was not provided with medical care. Katie. What? What are you doing? I am not feeling very well today. You are fine. I am not fine. I need a doctor. I got the bubblies, the cough. I got sweats. I am just not feeling good today. You are fine. You do not need a doctor. Yes, I need a doctor. You need to go to your room. [Resident coughs.] I need a doctor. I’m going to make dinner. I need a doctor. What you just saw was a resident who felt
sick, but was not offered medical care. You have the right to medical care. The resident said she needed a doctor, but
the staff dismissed her request. While the resident might not have needed a
doctor, the staff did not take her request seriously. Medical care might include staff taking her
temperature, or calling a nurse to see if she really needed a doctor. Ignoring the resident’s request to see a
doctor violated her rights to appropriate medical care. If you, or someone who speaks for you, feels
that the right kind of medical or personal care is not being provided, you can file a complaint.

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