Bill of Rights: The Right to Communication Privacy
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Bill of Rights: The Right to Communication Privacy

October 5, 2019

Hello and welcome! This video is brought to you by the Minnesota
Department of Health. We are going to show viewers, like you, about
the rights people have when living at group homes and residences that are supervised. You have the right to communicate privately
with other people. You have the right to communicate privately
with other people in writing, by telephone, and in person if you choose to. And except in rare cases, you have the right
to come and go from your group home when you choose. In this video, you will see that a staff person
who passed out the residents’ mail had opened the letters. Hey there. I’ve got the mail. There you go. Wait. Why is the mail open? Because I opened it. I always open your mail. It’s company policy. It’s my responsibility to know what’s
going on in your life. Well, we have our own rights to have our own
privacy with our mail. Yeah. We do. So, don’t open it. Don’t open our mail. What you just saw was not ok. You have the right to your privacy. Facility staff should not open your mail. You have the right to write letters and send
them without anyone opening them – unless there is a clear medical reason. You also have the right to make and receive
phone calls privately. You have the right to have access to a telephone. If your home doesn’t have a place for you
to make calls privately, they must make arrangements to give you privacy. For your safety and the safety of others in
your group home, the staff may not give out information about your identity to people
who call the home. But you do have the right say it is okay for
them to let people know where you live if you choose to. You should discuss this with your family or
guardian to be sure it is safe to let people who call know where you live. You have the right to communicate privately. If the facility where you live opens your
mail, won’t let you make telephone calls in private, or come and go as
you choose, file a complaint.

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