Bill of Rights: The Right to Courteous Treatment (with audio descriptions)
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Bill of Rights: The Right to Courteous Treatment (with audio descriptions)

October 20, 2019

Hello and welcome! This video is brought to you by the Minnesota
Department of Health. We are going to show viewers, like you, about
the rights people have when living at group homes and residences that are supervised. You have the right to be treated with courtesy. The staff in your group home or supervised
living facility are expected to treat you with courtesy and respect you as a person. The staff should not make comments that are
not respectful of you or decide what you can and cannot do. In this video, you will see two staff members
talking about the residents disrespectfully by saying that the residents cannot work. Did you hear these guys want to work now? What? That’s a little unrealistic. Yeah. It’s too stressful for them. They can’t handle it. Yeah, and way easier for us if everyone just
stays here. Yeah. What? I want a job. Right, Rocky? We all have a chance to work. How dare you guys stand there and say that
we can’t. We have the right to work and make money. Right, guys? Right. Yes. In the video you just saw, the staff were not
respectful of the residents because they just decided that the residents could not work. This is unfair. The residents do want to work. There are many jobs that people with disabilities
can do. It is disrespectful for staff to say they
cannot work. It is not ok for the staff at your home to
treat you disrespectfully or to not be courteous to you. You have the right to be treated with respect. If the staff or service providers do not treat
you with courtesy or do not respect you for your individuality, file a complaint.

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