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November 11, 2019

No vaccination in our nation. No
vaccination in our nation. Sir do you want to sign this petition going against
the mass vaccination of citizens of this country? No of course not. Yeah well get
over here. How about that yeah what are you gonna
do about that Hey, hey, what’s happening here? Why did you do that to that man? Who are you? I’m a cop why? You’re a cop? Yeah What are you doing? I’m going to take you down. Alright turn around. Since you assaulted an innocent man, Unpeacefully protested and assaulted an officer I have the right to
search your car He fought back. What do you mean I’m blind. Hey you know what keep your mouth shut alright that’s an innocent man right there. Alright now give
me your keys. Maaaan Is this your firearm? Yes sir. That’s my second amendment right isn’t it? Is it licensed under your name though? Well that’s a different story. Perfect, got you on that too. Man you’re just doing this because I’m a Calvinist. Keep your mouth shut Peace, love, Calvin Hey, stop talking. What’s this an alcoholic beverage? That’s iced tea. Sure it is Hey keep our mouth shut what did I say? Guess what? Now I got you on all this, you’re gonna go away for a long time, let’s go. Hey what you looking at? Watch your step. I said to watch your step. Before you sit down, preceding over the court today will be your honor Sage Ramos. Thank you for the applause. You may be seated sir. Thank Officer Soliday. So uhh, Mr. Barkhurst Got a lot of charges on you huh bud assaulting an officer
open alcoholic beverage in your car unpeacefully protesting, unlicensed weapon
and assaulting an innocent man What do you have to say about yourself? Oh well I plead the fifth Oh really, well I’d also like to inform you that your truck has been impounded by the state and you
won’t be receiving any compensation Are you kidding me? That’s a violation of my fifth amendment. Well I mean I can give you this Kickback card if you want. No, I don’t want a Kickback card, I want my truck Well you know what? That’s just the way this court rolls okay? What kind of court is this man? Where’s the jury? Where’s my lawyer? And what kind of judge are you? I’m the best judge in the state okay? I can do everything myself alright, You know what? I’m not going to stand for this. I’m going to lunch. That was a good recess. Order in the court. Alright let’s go back to where we left off I’d like to call to the stand, Damian Gomez. Get off me. Over here, come on I don’t have all day Mr. Gomez, I’d like to hear your account of what happened that day It all started one day when I was walking home from Rite-aid This crazy guy, Ran up on me and started beating me down. Took my stick and broke it which I would also
like to press charges on him for. $9.99, it was expensive. Yeah I can see your justification for that I just wanted to say anything he is being charged for, he’s guilty Guilty? Guilty, completely guilty. That’s ridiculous. This is ridiculous. Those are lies I saw it all. He’s a reasonable witness He’s blind shut up, okay I think that’s, I think
that’s about it you know. You can go now sir. Okay, well I think that’s about all I need to hear you know. Think uh I’m gonna give you a 1 to 2 million bail. 1 to 2 million? Hold on I can’t pay that Well uh, then I guess I have no other choice than to give you death penalty sir Hey, stop before you do that Who are you? Burt Macklin FBI, you have no right to do that to this man FBI? This is my case sir That doesn’t matter this is a federal case now. Come on get out of here What the heck. Come on I’m taking you to a federal court instead we’re going to California Alright sit down, so since this is a California court you will be treated differently, you’re gonna have better rights Alright now since the state violated your rights, we get to try you here in the state of California as a federal case Wait, does’t that violate the state’s tenth amendment right? What do you mean the tenth amendment right? Well you’re violating their rights by taking the case from them, right? That doesn’t matter, they violated your rates so we were able to take the case and make it federal. I’m kind of thirsty, do you think I could drink some of that water? No this is my water dude. That’s violating my ninth amendment right, shouldn’t I be treated fairly? No this is my water Well besides that alright We reviewed your case and looked over the charges and everything and unfotunately We’re gonna have to give you the same charge, the death penalty What, wait wait, wait, hold on What? The cop who arrested me never read me my Miranda Rights. Are you serious? Yeah Dumb officer Soliday Alright, well I guess you’re free to go then HeeHoooo Wait hold on can you get these cuffs off? No, get out of here Another long day What? What are you doing man? Why are you on my couch dude, get away from my dog man. I’m a U.S. I was told to be quartered here for night by the government That’s a violation of my third amendment right, what’s wrong with you bro? I’m just doing what I’m told I need to go to sleep. Get up, get up. Get out of here What do you think this is bro, The Holiday Inn? Get out of here bro Get out of here man By the way you have a letter on the table Shut up, get out of here What a weirdo Summoned back to court, are you kidding me?

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