Bill of Rights with The Freedom Four
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Bill of Rights with The Freedom Four

September 18, 2019

First Amendment: It guarantees the right to
freedom of speech. Say what you want and you won’t be detained. What we need for keeps is my right to say…
say… Second Amendment: The right to bear arms. And keep a regulated militia in case the government
gets bad… bad… (See? That was the end of the Second Amendment Part.) Third Amendment: The lonely solider can’t
stay at night. That’s a violation of our rights. The lonely soldier’s all alone at night. He’s all lonesome, some things will never
change. The lonely soldier’s all alone at night. At… at.. night. Hold this “L”. You can’t search my house without a warrant. That’s a violation of the Fourth Amendment. It’s within my rights to deny the request
he’s made…. made… Our rights are deep! A person can’t fall too deep. All these rights are given to, no matter what
these rights go through… through… (And that’s it.)

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