Bill Warner, PhD: Cairo Declaration of Human Rights (Islamic Human Rights)
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Bill Warner, PhD: Cairo Declaration of Human Rights (Islamic Human Rights)

October 25, 2019

I would like to talk to you today about the Cairo declaration on human rights, which was a document put together in 1990 after the United Nations had come out with its universal human rights. So the Muslims looked at that and said: “Well we don’t like the universal human rights. We will put together a document about human rights.” We can learn something very interesting about Islam and about us as Kafirs from this document. It is about a 2 to 3 page document and it has some lofty language. Which at first seems to be wonderful. Until you look at it really closely. For instance, it starts off by saying that all human beings form one family whose members are united by their subordination to Allah. Whoa. Human beings are those who submit to Allah and that’s our first insight into the true nature of this doctrine. And it goes ahead to say all man are equal in terms of basic human dignity. Well, not really because in the Sharia, and it establishes that the Sharia is the foundation of this document. There are Kafirs and there are believers and Kafirs are not treated equally under the Sharia. Another thing they say, is the right to life is guaranteed to every human being. It is forbidden to take away a life except for Sharia prescribed reason. What might those be? Well there’s the usual ones — that you murder somebody. But then there are other reasons to take a life, which I personally don’t like. For instance, it’s okay to take the life of a Kafir if they are involved in jihad. Well, you see, I don’t like that. That doesn’t really give me a lot of rights. Another reason that you can kill somebody is, buried deep in the back of the Sharia text, is that both parents and grandparents shall not be considered guilty if they kill one of their children. So in other words, honor killings are built into the Sharia. Men and women have the right to marriage and no restrictions stemming from race color or nationality. Ooh. What are we missing? Yes, religion! Because you see there are many prohibitions on Muslims. A Muslim woman is not supposed to marry a Kafir male, but a Kafir woman can marry an Islamic male, a Muslim male. Why? The children have to be raised as Muslims. Then there is one is almost a joke. A woman is equal to a man in human dignity. Right. And then he goes ahead and in a Sharia text to give prescriptions on how a woman is to be beaten in the appropriate ways and to do this. So much for equality. Then another one. This one I really like. Everyone shall have the right to enjoy their fruits of his scientific, literary, or artistic work. Well, not really. Because you see, any art which portrays Mohammed or Islam in a bad way is strictly forbidden. Then we have one that sounds great. All individuals are equal before the law. Not under the Sharia, for instance, a Kafir cannot testify in a Sharia court against a Muslim. That’s the equality of law. Now how about this one. Everyone shall have the right to express his opinion freely. Yeah! You try going to Pakistan and say something bad about Mohammed and you’ll see how much right you have to be free. You’ll be dead. Now, it ends with a simple statement. All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this declaration are subject to Islamic Sharia. It is a case where the little print takes away everything that the big print promises. Because there aren’t any rights and freedoms inside of the Sharia for the Kafir. Human rights are only for Muslims. Kafirs don’t have any rights because Kafirs are not humans. That’s what this doctrine is about. So, so much for the declaration of human rights under Islam. Thank you.

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  1. "Pissful" Islam's ideology is entrenched in unabashed total falsehood of "Taqqiyah" ("holy" Islamic lies in the way of Satan Allah) sans any "spirituality" or "morality". Caveat "Kafirs"

  2. "Pissful" Islam's ideology is entrenched in unabashed total falsehood of "Taqiyya" ("holy" Islamic lies in the way of Satan Allah) sans any "spirituality" or "morality". Caveat "Kafirs"

  3. A highly informative presentation Dr. Warner.  Wondering if you might do a video regarding Islam's relationship toward the Arab-Jewish Conflict over the region of Palestine?  The mainstream media entirely neglects Islam's involvement, even base, within this perpetual warfare against the Kafir/Dar al-Harb and it appears that the Jew, through Israel and this "conflict", would be the epitome of examples of Islam at work. 
    Thank you for all your hard work and kind regards…

  4. The CEO of the Coca-Cola company has integrated his islamic ideologies into it's latest marketing scheme.
    #ShareaCoke is phonetically and subliminally suggestive to
    The Coca-Cola company has YouTube commercials commemorating Ramadan, but tends to refer to Christmas and Hanukkah as
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  5. The CEO of the Coca-Cola company has integrated his islamic ideologies into it's latest marketing scheme.
    #ShareaCoke is phonetically and subliminally suggestive to
    The Coca-Cola company has YouTube commercials commemorating Ramadan, but tends to refer to Christmas and Hanukkah as
    Seasons Greetings and
    Happy Holidays.
    Search keywords-
    ShariaCoke Ramadan

  6. Thanks for your exhaustive research, Dr. Warner.  Spread the word.  We'll do the same.  The darkness of Islam is so carefully obscured that many Muslims aren't even aware.  As an example:  Islam recruits a lot of blacks despite the fact that no one enslaved more black Africans than Muslim Arab slavers– all in accordance with their holy scripture.    

  7. Thanks for that, Bill. I was already aware of the rights of the non-believer but I am sharing this in hopes that the uninformed might watch it.

  8. twist in twist or not… due to polygamy and bearing multiple sons and daughters they could out populate other religions but their violent ways could eradicate or slow their population growth  hmmmm…

  9. We learn to what end? What is anyone doing. One day it will be to late to take action. The muslims do not learn about us. They kill. They gain control. They impose their will. You him they & she talk & complain. This issue will not be solved on line.

  10. I think that they made this Cairo declaration of "Human rights" because their world is completely different than ours. Honestly….the fact that anyone is allowed to kill an apostate on the street tells a lot about how different their world is than ours.

    but I think that we all should respect their world. we all are supposed to respect and protect the animal world…

  11. considering publication date of this wonderful speech 2014   1990 bullshit declaration of these smartasses can be reviewed as their efford in the plane of universal ethics or simply universals .these asholes considering chronolocial past not pre history but through Woodrow Wilson 14 article (and nothing else )obtain their half ass sovereignity as a mandate of british and French in when wheeeeeeeen 1910's????1920s ????lol when da heck they established a brick elementary school ?graduated teachers from their own academy ??when they harvested their first phd academics ????after which inherited titles of ruling goverments even hostile take overs?? regardless such lecture is absolutely right on spot in the world we live in historical socioantropological background of unvalidty of their epistemology ontology powerty and shallowness of their academy with very very very harsh statistical data references must be presented that may be in such case these asholes may take a look review referred information in their very own shit loaded illiterate past and respond or review hopefully revalue validity of such bullshit other than that this wonderful lecture only serve acceptance of what perceived as their truth by them their world view justifies how wrong they are but never ever brought the fact that they are still ignorant bastards whom can not produce one straight phd academic since 1910s in their shit hole country and piece of shit culture which was nothing but a province of ottomans since almost 1000 years until 1910s it is okey to drop politically correct approach and explain them with references how underdeveloped they are instead of dealing with the peitemology of such bullshit they can not comprehend %99 epistemology among their very own half ass academics  and none of these asholes for the sake of being politically correct shouldn't be welcomed by western academics if they are not eligible to bullshit after review a couple thousands related pages .subject human rights is no more than a political demagogy of some western wanna be and at the mean time power addicts who has no social concept .I can go and locate one by one each and everyname produce such bullshit document but I bet surprisingly most bound to come to day light as production of western academy with failed assilimilation and acculturation .still wonderfully compressed great informative lecture.

  12. This declaration has nothing to do with non muslims! it was signed by muslim countries to set limits for practices of the rights among MUSLIMS in accordance to their religion.

  13. I cannot believe the ad that played before I watched this vid was for! I'm cracking up! Keep it up Bill, ppl need to KNOW

  14. Brilliant video. As a Muslim I don't agree with the Cairo declaration and it's version of sharia. Sharia has changed throughout the years the way other laws have but the Salafis and other people who don't agree with the UN human rights declaration think their version of sharia is the right way. It's not. Sharia is supposed to be free and basically the same as EU law but if you go to a Muslim majority country it's not and this really annoys me as I was taught that Muslims are meant to be tolerant of everyone including the ones that the Cairo declaration says aren't human. The people who say that this version of Sharia explained by Dr Warner is correct is wrong. The Sharia law which is the same as EU law is the correct version. The hadith and Qu'ran which Sharia is based off of is this EU type law but many Muslims won't agree with me and I'm upset that people don't see this as the right way to preach Islam

  15. I read this a while ago, I came to the conclusion that its meaning was only muslim men who were human beings, considering that women and children have no rights other than those given under their husbands or father/closet male relative. Have I over thought this? I would value your opinion Dr Warner.

  16. Dr. Warner needs to do some more pounding of the Washington and state politicians with this subject matter against our pubic policy and U.S. citizens! CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood are trying to change public policy!

  17. I'd like to see texts with reference to the actual document rather than lip service.

    A non-muslim is alllowed to give testimony in Islamic court.

    Muslims believe in the Bible, Jesus, Virgin Mary, Torah, Moses and consider Muhammad as a prophet like the previous ones, so how a non-Muslim is not considered a non-human is a new one to me.

    You forgot to mention special rights and protection granted to non-muslims living in Muslims states.

    You've produced a filthy and dispartial video that only serves your agenda to spread hate.

  18. Brilliant! All Islamists practice this "snowflake" job. Complete lies. It is pure dystopian, Orwellian 'Newspeak'. speak out against it & your labelled a racist or a Fascist.

  19. The uighar muslims in china have built an ''ancient'' town to try and say it proves their rights to china… bizarre as these buildings are made of cardboard and polystyrene…

  20. 5 strong analytical questions to Muslims (do this at your work for instance) to open the eyes of Westerners and Muslims as well:
    1. The Suna of Muhammad says that Muslims must be punished for leaving Islam. Sahih al-Bukhari 4:52:260, 6878, 6922 Do you agree with this? Or do you condemn this teaching of Muhammad?
    2. Muhammad was a killer of pagans, Jews and Christians who did not agree with him. bn I 464 Tabi 8: 27-41 Do you agree with his example? Or do you condemn Muhammeds example?
    3. Muhammad repeatedly adviced Muslims to deceive Kafirs to advance Islam. Qur´an 3:28 The Qur´an has over ninety verses that say that Muhammad is the perfect example to follow. Do you follow the perfect example of Muhammad at this point? Have you ever deceived a Kafir? Or do you condemn it?
    4. Both the Qur´an, the Suna of Muhammad and Shariah of all schools says that a husband can beat his wife. Qur´an 4: 34 Ibn Majah 1986 Do you ever beat your wife? Or do you condemn the Qur´an, Suna and Hadith on this point?
    5. Shariah says that it must rule over the Kafirs. Qur´an 9:29 Do you agree with this? Or do you condemn it?

  21. ARTICLE 1:
    (a) All human beings form one family whose
    members are united by their subordination
    to Allah and descent from Adam. All men
    are equal in terms of basic human dignity
    and basic obligations and responsibilities,
    without any discrimination on the basis of
    race, colour, language, belief, sex, religion,
    political affiliation, social status or other
    considerations. The true religion is the
    guarantee for enhancing such d

  22. ARTICLE 2:
    (a) Life is a God-given gift and the right to
    life is guaranteed to every human being. It is
    the duty of individuals, societies and states
    to safeguard this right against any violation,
    and it is prohibited to take away life except
    for a shari’ah prescribed reason.

  23. ARTICLE 5:
    (a) The family is the foundation of society,
    and marriage is the basis of making a family.
    Men and women have the right to marriage,
    and no restrictions stemming from race,
    colour or nationality shall prevent them from
    exercising this right.

  24. During the 1971 Bangladesh war for independence, members of the Pakistani military and supporting Islamist militias called the Razakars raped between 200,000 and 400,000 Bangladeshi women and girls in a systematic campaign of genocidal rape.

  25. You are cricizing Islam so much! You may have outstanding amount of knowledge, But I promise you, your knowledge is very limited towards Islam. You have no Idea how limited your knowledge is…
    on the other hand, please, Do you even know what CULTURAL RELETIVISM means?

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