Black Rod has the door slammed in his face, 2008
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Black Rod has the door slammed in his face, 2008

August 26, 2019

The Queen and the Duke enter the House of Lords. The members stand. And as soon as the Queen and Duke have settled on the thrones, Her Majesty will give a nod of approval to the Lord Great Chamberlin after having told the members to be seated. My Lord pray be seated. The signal has been given. The Lord Great Chamberlin tells Black Rod to start his walk to summon the House of Commons. Sir Michael Willcocks in his final year in this role. Being lead by Inspector Andy Richford, and as soon as he gets to the door, Black Rod will find the door slammed in his face and he’ll have to knock for admission. Open the door. Mr. Speaker, the Queen commands this honourable House, To attend Her Majesty immediately in the House of Peers. Dennis Skinner MP: “Any Tory moles as the palace?” Black Rod: “I shall miss you Dennis.” (Laughter) The Serjeant at Arms takes the mace amist as laughter after the expected comments from Dennis Skinner, the Labour MP. Black Rod walking out with the Speaker, Michael Martin. Now a bit of a rush as hundreds of MPs try to get into that precession. Some of them will manage to get in to the House of Lords to see and hear the speech for themselves The Prime Minister and David Cameron, William Hague, Alistair Darling, Nick Clegg, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. And Nick Robinson, who’s watching this with me with me,
a lot has happened since we saw them chatting this time next year. Well, it’s extraordinary. We were wondering if they’d have anything to talk about because there has rarely been a worse relationship in personal terms between a Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition. They get on, don’t like each other, they don’t much – frankly – respect each other, but there is quite a good deal they could talk about at the moment given the symbolism of seeing that door slammed. It is the first year I’ve done this job where history has come alive in that sense. As you see the door slammed, you are reminded what it meant, which is Parliament before the state. It was interesting that Dennis Skinner’s heckle, usually a gag each year, was a gag with a very topical theme. “Any Tory moles at the Palace?” is what he had to say and there’s been no demonstration here but we wait for when the Commons gathers this afternoon to see what the Speaker says and how people react to it. One of the important things we have to discuss here is not just the constitutional position of Members of Parliament but also the constitutional position of the civil service. They are independent in our system and they must be seen to be independent. If you contrast what happens in our system with what happens in the United States, you see the difference. So as the MPs take their place, once they’re in, the signal will be given and Her Majesty will be ready to read the contents of the speech to Parliament. The doorkeeper give the sign. And it’s the Lord Chancellor’s turn to make his way, approach the throne and present the speech to the Queen. And as he did last year, Jack Straw insists on doing it the traditional way. My Lords and Members of the House of Commons…

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  1. all those moaning about it being a waste of time etc. It is only once a year for goodness sake. It is a symbolic tradition going back centuries. If you can't celebrate a significant event in the evolution of British democracy once a year then it's a poor lookout. The way some have commented you'd think it happened every morning!

  2. This is why the most competent people go into business, because there's little nonsense (unless when you have to deal with the government) and there is fucking efficiency. These people, regardless how intelligent, educated, capable, and successful they may be, or seem to be, spend two thirds of their 'political lives' on stupid ceremonies, useless procedures, and in obstruction of own work. And yet, with all their high IQ, when the next revolution comes and they are the first ones to get slaughtered, and rightfully so, they will stand in awe and will claim they can't possibly comprehend why this is happening to them.

  3. Fast forward to 2019 and the current BlackRod will probably start a tribunal for bullying in the work place. The government will shell out 100k compensation for hurt feelings.

  4. American here, can someone please explain this statement to me:

    "One of the important things that we have to discuss here is not just the constitutional position of members of parliament but also the constitutional position of the civil service, aahh, they are independent in our system and they must be seen to be independent. If you can trust what happens in our system with what happens in the United States, you see the difference."

    Is this some sort of dig at how we do things in America?

  5. I love how you can see all the damage on the door fron years of it being knocked on in the exact same place.

  6. I wish the house of commons would repeatedly slam the door in jeremy corbyns face, though i doubt as he’s that stupid he wouldnt even notice

  7. I’m sure brits have great pride in the monarchy and all that and there are some aspects that are cool BUT this too much too much pomp and circumstance just get on with ruling get on with actually helping ppl out the family struggling to make ends meet doesn’t care about all this I can guarantee 🙄

  8. Still people follow this slavery?.soo many people to west time and life to follow these head of world theifs.

  9. is the stolen koh-i-noor in the crown?
    Today, the diamond is on public display in the Jewel House at the Tower of London, where it is seen by millions of visitors each year. The governments of India and Pakistan have both claimed ownership of the Koh-i-Noor and demanded its return ever since the two countries gained independence from the UK in 1947. The British government insists the gem was obtained legally under the terms of the Last Treaty of Lahore and has rejected the claims.


  11. This must be one of the few occasions when protocol permits the Queen's Consort to walk beside her, instead of the traditional two (?) paces behind.

  12. As an American, and natural anti-monarchist, I really like the tradition of slamming the door in the Black Rod's face.

    Good reminder of the place of the monarch, and I kind of wish we'd do it when the President comes to deliver the State of the Union Address.

  13. @ 1:25 that moment when you're going for a job interview and they don't like you, so you get rejected but you so badass they changed their mind

  14. FCK brexit CANCER RUIN UK £ jobs industry food supplies 274 BILLION EU TRADE UK REMAIN IN EU
    2016 so called referendum NULL VOID ILLEGAL SH ITE farage borisj LYING 350M nhs Bus Turks in etc

  15. When i first watched the door slam in the face. i thought the female voice was the Queen and i thought damn she is mad

  16. 😂 You've got to. Be shitting me…. THAT'S how the UK government actually functions?

    No wonder it's turned into an Orwellian nightmare of repression, multiculturalism run amok, and a population terrified of committing any thoughtcrimes.


  17. BLOODY HEll these lot are so weird need to leave these old fashion things back in the 1600s lol dead

  18. Black Rod needs to get some thugs to walk with him; otherwise he'll always be disrespected in this town

  19. 01:31. That wee bit of wood in the lower left has certainly suffered over the years, it would appear .

  20. wonderful. one day all this will be gone and no one will care who we are or where we come from. identity is all that separates us from the beasts.

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