Blagojevich: I broke no laws, crossed no lines
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Blagojevich: I broke no laws, crossed no lines

February 22, 2020

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  1. I'm a republican and I think he was set up so Obama's buddy, Rahm could come in and takeover and that's exactly what happened. Crooked politicians should be held to the same laws that we have to abide by! Sick of the double standard laws!!

  2. Bloody Democrats pointing the Finger at Blagojevich, what about their corruption and involvement in all these wars from Vietnam to now, making fake information to justify their attack on Iraq, Iran, their Involvement in afganistan , which by the way the CIA is still white washing the heroin money, to Syria etc the millions of people killed from old to the unborn. Hillarys emails, this is her own emails she kept on in her own personal email address, which is a federal offense to do so and on top of that, lets not forget she deleted 31,0000 government, classified emails, proved her corruption and involvement in these wars! The democrats should stop pointing their fingers to others when their own back yard is field with so dirty skeletons !!!!!!!

  3. He did his time. First time offender, non violent, no victims. He was sent to prison because 0bammy thought he would tell on him not being eligible for the presidency and for other similar reasons.

  4. Why admit to something thats not true.. more research has to be done on the Politicians who convicted him ..There were some sneaky people involved in this corruption

  5. I used to be A Trump hater , but not any more as he/ Trump released this guy as i saw him/ Rod and his family a day ago and i saw the spark/ light on his daughters's eyes that says my Dad is innocent . So i saw the light .

  6. By definition of "quid pro quo" there needs to be an element bribery, extortion, or both; there's none here. This was a DEM political lynching against Blago who served time for no offense thanks to a corrupt Judicial system. The DEM-Swamp tried hard against Trump to impeach him for "Fake" charges that eventually failed.

  7. I remember the news media about him….that was BEFORE. When I trusted the news media. I thought of course they tell the truth.
    What a fool I was.
    Now, I watch the news so seldom because is all most all FAKE NEWS. So…I am going to have to do research on this guy myself…so I know what he actually did. I KNOW most news agencies are fake NOW, so who knows how far back it goes.

  8. Blagojevich whines about his HORRIBLE prison experience. He was in Englewood Federal Correctional Institution, the 3RD MOST COMFORTABLE Federal Prison in the USA. It is a NOT a real prison. It is a frigging Country Club, where ''guests'' enjoy pool, softball, gym, ping-pong and foosball. Inmates can spend $360.00 per month on a variety of commissary items. Popular items include snacks, ice cream, food, over-the counter medications, and clothing. It is one of the least violent and least crowded federal sites. At night, after the final count, inmates have been known to venture off to Walmart to buy cigarettes. Some have even headed out to the golf course for trysts with girlfriends. Blag worked in the law library and taught classes on the Civil War and World War II. one of his last jobs was an orderly at the camp, paying $8.40 a month! Sadly, he could run for federal office, including the presidency.

  9. All of these Trumptards taking Blago's side just because Trump commuted his sentence. If Hannity had done a show two weeks ago using Blago as an example of corrupt Dem politicians you all would have been piling on. The stupidity in Trump's cult is mind blowing.

  10. Good God, another "victim". Your sentence has been commuted but you are hardly a free man. The orange clown now owns you. Sucker.

  11. I was living in Chicago when Gov. Blagoyovich was railroaded into prison. the scum who persecuted him, including Obama, the mayor daley, in fact every piece of filth politico in Chicago turned their back on this man. he faced it alone except for his loyal family, and did his time, which was completely unfair to begin with. every scumbag politico who either attacked him or turned their back on him has committed far more crimes than Blagoyovich ever dreamed of committing, including the raving homosexual Obama, who managed to skate on many crimes including illegal realestate deals with the help of a gangster, whose name I can't recall, who later went to prison, but no one touched Obama. apparently Obama was known to be a future president, and had some heavy backing from dangerous people. and this nation suffered under one of the worst criminal and treasonous presidents in US history, Obama, while a good man, Blagoyovich was imprisoned.

  12. So many of you believe this guy? He's corrupt. Was convicted by a jury of your peers. Every appeal turned down. He's just following the Trump line that unless you agree with him, everyone else is corrupt/liar/fake news. Open your eyes before it's too late … oh, it already is!!!

  13. im a very right wing person but i believe Blagojevich he was taken down by the thug Chicago liberals good for Trump getting this man out of prison even if hes a democrat

  14. Just like Trump… "everyone is lying about me, everything is fake, I'm the victim, I've never done anything wrong, the system was unjust to me (but worked for all the real criminals),….."

  15. Why do you suppose Trump pardoned a DEM. The GOP is using the system to squeeze votes out of moderates and Trump is using his power to undermine the law of the land. He is dragging the US back to the days of the Wild Wild West. The sheriff is tarnishing every single star on the banner and his supporters are enabling him.

  16. I’ve just watched this guy interviewed by Anderson Cooper and now this guy. The Fox interviewer might as well not be there! Cooper at least interviewed him, he asked him investigative questions. It was mentally interesting. The Fox interview was white noise in the background!

  17. You've got Hillary smashing hard drives while under investigation, Biden on video bragging about withholding a billion to get his sons investigator fired, half our intelligence agents manufacturing fake information in a coup attempt, Obama illegally wiretapping Trump as a Presidential candidate and they go after this guy over some allegation about shaking down the CEO of a hospital? That's effing child's play. So why? Why did they go after him?

  18. The corrupt illinois senate, controlled by dems for decades, runs EVERYTHING. My guess is that this governor, who ran on draining the swamp, had the power to shake up the establishment and he was acting like the head honcho instead of minding his powerful senators, so they got rid of him. Something like 4 out of 7 illinois governors left their office to go to prison. So having a corrupt governor is the only way they keep one. He was setup with corrupt prosecutors, a corrupt judge, a corrupt appeals judge. The guy didn't break any laws, he was charged with "thought crimes".

  19. I am a Republican…
    I live in Illinois…
    And I even thought he was railroaded….
    They should have waited to see when the money changed hands, it never did…

  20. If he talking about liberations.. Trump will be no to Abraham Lincoln.. he just double face as liberator.. stands without knowing the border line.. of religions.. and aborted all.. lifting sk8ns.. !!. Inside and outside racist..

  21. Mr Blagojevich do not even think about flying in an aircraft of any kind. That seems be the “standard operating procedure” for the deep state. And if you do fly, please do not use a commercial carrier.

  22. When you compare the interview by cooper, gallagher is respectfull and lets Blago talk, does not accuse him or attack him and most of all does not use profanity. Sadly fox news is the only conservative tv news station that is getting more and more eroded and turned into another liberal bias station like the rest thanks to some of the reporters that are there to 'balance' the view. This is not what Roger Ailes had in mind or old Murdoch. They wanted to be different that is how they balanced the left not by adapting like cowards their sons and turn wherever the wind blows while loosing the integrity and trust in the process. Shame on Fox leadership. at least take a position in something in life and stick with it. you spineless rats.

  23. Good luck Rod, wish you and your family the best.. oh, and here's a tip, use Harry's razors, get em at Walmart, guaranteed no cuts..

  24. Hey Mr. Blagojevich. I will tell you someone else who is innocent as well! HIs name is Schafer Cox and he was running for senate and framed for false charges by the nefarious administration during your conviction! So sho that true appreciation and recommend commuting that poor young man in an Indiana Federal prison that belongs with his family as he has children that need to be with their father! Fox News sure isnt going to do anything for unfortunate Schafer!

  25. So he was caught on tape trying to sell Obama's Senate seat. He is a criminal. I'm just wondering what's up Trump's sleeve. I don't hate or like Trump. I just know his not stupid. He's got an angle for almost everything he does.

  26. It does not matter what form of government you have if the people running it are corrupt. There is nothing worse for the people of that country.
    This man is from the swamp. He does not even know the difference between right and wrong.

  27. Blago, can't you just shut your mouth and go home. Wouldn't it just be fine to go home, have a beer and get a NON-Political job.Keep a microphone away from your face and be extremely thankful Trump isn't partisan.

  28. Tell it to the Children's hospital you extorted… FOX CROOKS & FRIENDS! Trump has also EXTORTED charities but you all say this is the candidate of faith lol bye bye Republic….

  29. Wow this interviewer did not call him out on anything. He just let Blagojevich ramble on and on nonsensically. Pretty pathetic interview. This is exactly why I don't watch these idiots on Fox Noise. Well, that and a million other reasons.

  30. The acceptance of a pardon confirms that you are guilty of the crime. This is no different then pleading guilty initially.

  31. That’s what the dim lawyers do lie about others unmerciful, changing rules are what the Dims to just look st Presidents Trumps impeachment farce. They demon rats are sick sick sick.

  32. He is right about a legal system that is not working . But he is the last person to be complaining about that and just uses it to shift blame. Disqusting

  33. Very hypocritical how Bloomberg’s NDA’s are dissected & criticized, rightfully so, but you ignore the stack of criminal & civil lawsuits & subsequent payoffs to the many women Trump has sexually abused? They all are guilty. Lock them all up.

  34. Blagojevich is claiming his prosecutors were corrupt but the problem with that is the guy who signed off on his wire tap is now a Trump supporter. He was caught red handed. Convicted by a jury. Blagojevich is sick. He learned nothing in prison.

  35. Of course every other governor who got the chance to appoint a senator acted without any fund raising efforts. Every time a senator or congressperson is appointed to complete a term there are deals and payoffs involved.

  36. Thank you Mr President for showing grace to this family and others. May each one who has a second chance to use that to reach back and pull others up as well. Blessings

  37. Such a friggin liar. Disgusting that Trump got this conman out. A gift from one con man to another. America is going down the toilet.

  38. watch the interview on CNN also. totally different from this softball questions on trump's supporters mothership fox news

  39. Trump bringing change American people have been hungering for ? NO, only the Trumpeters are on his side. Never use the words American people when referring to Trump. He has divided the nation. Why do you think the majority of Americans want him OUT !

  40. "…where you have uncontrollable prosecutors who have no accountability, who are politicizing their power and using them against political figures, taking routine things and turning them into crimes that are not crimes." A blind Trumporat seduced by the piper.

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