BMus (Hons) Film Composition at the University of West London
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BMus (Hons) Film Composition at the University of West London

August 23, 2019

So each semester I have either two or three
films that I score clips for, we did a black and white film called Nosferatu, we did Blade
Runner, I did Cars the Pixar film, then this semester I’ve done Tom and Jerry. So that
was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write in my entire life. It’s quite nice
when you see people all around the university writing their dissertations and you’re there
with a Tom and Jerry cartoon, it is pretty cool you know you’ve literally got everything
at your fingertips, the whole city is twenty four hours, all the studios are here, Abbey
Road, all of the air studios, all of the big orchestra’s are here and the facilities
are excellent here they just paid one hundred million to have the place revamped and to
get more music studios, when you walk into the building and see the new campus, it’s
absolutely breathtaking. The composition tutors, they’re all professional
composers in their own right, which I think is really good, as it means that they do bring
a wealth of knowledge and experience. Every Thursday we get a composer to come and talk
to us, so we have people, professors from Oxford come and talk or we have a BBC composer,
I’ve gained a lot of connections, especially during my time at the musical theatre department,
I worked with a keyboard programmer who took me under his wing and said if he had any projects
in the future, because he work a lot in the west end, that he would try and get me involved,
I work on the shows because I really enjoy them and at the end of the day as well if
I can get an insight into the music industry or meet someone as well it’s an added bonus.

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