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BMX Frame Geometry | EXPLAINED

August 27, 2019

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  1. Thanks for the awesome vid Brant! The only things you missed which weren't too massive but are worth a mention are chain stay grind plates like on the deco self titled frame and taller head tubes like on the s and m tallboy, Sunday excelsior and wtp frames

  2. Can you do a how to setup straight cable brake setups and how to adjust springs properly
    I just go to my local shop. Bike worx to get the cable cut or springs properly setup

  3. Dude, this is the BEST frame description ive ever seen !! Ive been killing myself trying to figure out what size I nned for a frame to ride flatland & a little street ( but mostly flatland ) ,you said most flatland frames are 18 " 19 " , but I'm '6 1" so I would probably need like a 20 or 21 " ? I'm guessing . or would a 18" or 19" be better, seems to me that would be to small , but more controllable , I don't know ..hmmmm , all these new school bikes have me confused, I'm 44 and been thinking about getting back into bmx ( when I say a little street , just mostly grinding and stuff, nothing to major, like I said mostly flatland

  4. Hi, great vid! I'm currently writing my engineering diplomma which will compare modern dirt/trails geometry with typical street but I have a great problem finding some real trails frame with 21' TT and some classic street bike with longer seat tube and 21' TT too. May I ask you for help in finding nice example for both? they don't really need to be 21' TT, but I would need them to have the same length of the top tube ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thoughts on this frame? Itโ€™s $100 full chromo 20.5

  6. what is the angle between standover and toptube? what is the angle between standover and bottomtube? angle between toptube and bottom tube? angle between chainstay and seatstay?

  7. anyone knows if it would make much difference for me (i`m 6ft2) to switch from a 20,5 inch frame to a 21 or 21,5 plus from a 9 inch bar to a 10… just wondering i feel way too tall for my bike, help

  8. You DID however forget about wtp and stranger doing the hydro form headtube but itโ€™s ok not many are doing it

  9. Just wanted to say thanks for this video, it helped me choose my current bike. I'm 61 and have been riding since I was 26 and as I'm older I needed a bike that was easy to ride and that I felt safe on. I'd been riding a 2017 Wethepeople Atlas 24" which is a great bike but felt a bit too big for skatepark riding so needed to switch to a twenty inch. After watching your video I decided a trail bike might be my best bet so bought myself a Wethepeople Volta. I gotta say this bike more than makes up for my lack of skills and I feel rock steady riding it. Thanks again for the great advice.

  10. Bro my Khe evo 0.3 came it came with the wrong parts "cheap stuff" i took it back the drop outs were drilled uneven and welded bent but…. I found a 2016 Fit Dugan 1 for $125 not a. Year old and bro are u from PA too?

  11. Good stuff Brant! Just finished my S&M CCR build, and wow, quite a difference from my "return to bmx" bike, Fit Mac complete! I was aware of the geometry numbers(and took into consideration) but once I got to throw a leg over the new bike, I was kinda surprised, its a whole different beast! I also noticed how twitchy my fit felt riding the local bowl, so I'm stoked to now be on a bike that will be a lot more stable.

    Had I not known about geometry, this would be a great video to understand and help in choosing a frame. Would recommend this to anyone that is seriously getting into riding.

  12. Great video honestly, the only 2 thing I believe you missed was headtube types like integrated and push in cups. Also different bottom bracket types like Euro and Spanish which can affect what cranks you have to run..

  13. Great video, but noticed that you mention tyre height. Having larger tyres raises the whole bike like you pointed out, but it doesn't have an effect on handling as the distance from BB to axle line is fixed. Tyre height isn't worth mentioning in a video about geometry. I'm just pointing this out so kids don't rush out to buy new tyres to change BB height ๐Ÿ™‚ There is no way to change BB height in correlation to your axles unless you had a frame with vertical dropouts.

  14. Thanks to this video, I made a well-information decision on my new frame. I always felt like the geometry of my bike wasn't right for me, but now I actually know. I'm going to this guy first from now on for informational bmx videos. Thank you for creating this video!

  15. Good knowledge brother…. I been riding since I canโ€™t remember when but you opened my eyes to how my bike is set up and how it makes a difference

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