Bob Mintzer – Jazz Composition and Arranging Masterclass

October 7, 2019

Composition is an intergal part of certainly
any jazz musicians repertoire. There should be some level of intention when you go to
write something. There should be something you’re writing for. The comp in this particular
tune in six/eight is…Another really key component initially in being a composer is
just having some piano or keyboard skills. Quartal harmony, when you stack up forths.
At the top note of each chord is outlining a melody. Every time you sit in a big band,
you’re studying arranging, if you’re paying attention. If you wanted to add more in the
way of color, you could drop down that trumpet four to a ninth away, right. I had the piano
double that in thirds, so it would be…I have the whole horn section playing this huge
unison, actually it’s a three octave range. The trombones and the saxophones pick up the
melody…Zooming out, seeing the big picture, how do all these instruments fit together?
How do you use composition to really make that work?

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