Bolton: Iran made a mockery of the Treaty of Amity
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Bolton: Iran made a mockery of the Treaty of Amity

November 23, 2019

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  1. Well, I guess that's that. A new medal should be made for Donald J. Trump alone. My admiration for this man knows no bounds. Even while being forced to swat away these idiotic Leftists, he manages to be the smashing executive he is. Just stunning.

  2. Islamist's, Communists/Leftists and Neo-Nazis are in bed together and with the help of their Jihadist and various Militias (Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad,….) are trying to take over the free world!
    It will never happen!!!!

  3. The Ayatollah's Regime has not only made us the Iranian people a mockery of the world but has made our lives a living hell!
    Thank you Mr Bolton, President Trump for helping us the people of Iran.
    Much appreciated!

  4. how far trump will go? he makes all previous administration's pledges worthless will any one trust to usa anymore?

  5. Congrats Fox for hitting 1.8m subscribers!!! That is a further 100k since last week when you hit 1.7m. What is that telling us, and does it suggest a reflection of the political situation?

  6. Bolton shows just how mentaly unbalanced the foreign policy makers of US are.
    Psychopaths who respect no laws as they feel they are a law unto themselves.
    Bolton would be right at home among any fanatical religious cult on earth
    in the past it was with Bush and PNAC nutballs that lied us into Iraq and Afghan wars, many of that group are still influential as a
    behind the scenes cabal of bas influence today.
    A large figure of the cult of Dominionist Christian Zionist who has been responsible for millions
    of dead and impoverished peoples of and making desolate their nations.
    Today he is a member of and mouthpiece for one of most debased degenrrate cults of moder times. Trumpism. degenerate cult

  7. International Court of Justice, a tool of the globalists to take all of us down, to the ground, to the dust.

  8. this is the same treaty that says Iran should open its side of the strait of Hormuz for free trade .watch out since later in the day you cannot bring Iran to the curt for closing its side of the water way since it was the right to so. a treaty is to avoid wars. do you want to go nuclear ?

  9. A few weeks after the Four Freedoms Speech, in which FDR promised US support of any neutral country that was invaded, the American people stood by while the Anglo-Soviets invaded neutral Iran.

  10. that treaty was the same forcing Iran to keep the strait of hourmoz open .now they can allow Russia back in there
    and close it without breaking any law

  11. the American people do not want any more Foreign Wars!!!!!!!! Can you please get that through your goddamn head!!!!


  13. Obama and Hillary single handedly ruined America by tearing up American values in favor of globalism, sowing division and identity politics, and by succumbing to the will of authoritarian corporatists.
    They created turmoil in this new generation, gained power and influence by making sure the middle class was greatly reduced and attacked.
    Trump cares about Americans, not like Obama and Hillary, who don’t care about Americans but rather the favor of the rest of the world.

  14. By supporting the Assad regime, Russia and Iran should be held accountable for any further use of Chemical Weapons on innocent Civilians. I believe President Trump made the right decision to pull out of this 53-year-old treaty with Iran.

  15. Remember US pulled out from UN human right council and told the UN 'we are above the law'.
    Now don't claim we're for human right.

  16. The same basic argument used by Feds in the 18th and19th century to breach treaties with Native Americans…to get their land. This is how white supremacists fools wobble down the road.

  17. What Supreme asshole is John Bolton. He's been out to get Iran since he grew that thing on his lip. If the USA can arbitrarily withdraw from its treaty obligations and the ICJ, why can't other nations? The USA can't 'hold' other nations to obligations it is unwilling to keep. It and John Bolton should go procreate with each other.

  18. John needs to either go to LensCrafters and get his glasses adjusted or buy a new pair of glasses that won’t slide down his nose! How about contacts Mr. Bolton? or Laser surgery?
    The sliding would drive me nuts.

  19. I must be really behind on international politics, either that or there are some conspiracy theorists in this comment section.

  20. I'm more and more inspired with President Trump.  He's a master on negotiations and his logic is fantastic.  He reminds me a lot of Ronald Reagan who loved and knew how to mock his opponents.   "When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat".
    — Quote by Ronald Reagan

  21. Don't know enough about the issue to comment other than take anything Bolton says with a grain of salt and triple check his motives. He is not a solid man and deranged enough to interpret things delusionally to the pointr of starting a war.

  22. Let correct Bolton's statement here. Iran is only supporting Helbollah , they DO NOT support terrorism around the world. Only support Israel's enemy Lebanon and Hezbollah who protect the Lebanese. Bolton you are at treasonous bastrard for selling out to Israel.

  23. As it is today and we listen to this briefing.we are living thru the greatest uprising of our country over all TPP supporters and counter parts.we will hear it again in documentaries about the hump our nation is hurddling to stay free men.we have the best piece of earth and the greatest flag and sovergnty around. nobody gives us orders to do a thing.

  24. Americans are like petulant children that throw tantrums and spit their dummy when things dont go their way. You do realize that to the rest of the World you look Pathetic.

  25. "A violation of US sovereignty" according to you mr. Bolton. So US can violate the sovereignty of half of the world's nations by invading, overtaking their governments and bombing them and when your government is finally found guilty, you are showing your true colors by stating you are above the law. The US government is looking like Hitler's Third Reich more and more with each passing sad

  26. what is wrong with you devil? this is not effect regime of Iran. it's against people of Iran. Iranian are so innocent they suffer from iran regime and usa. just go against iran regime not their people.

  27. Liars and Warmongers will not prevail. Iran never attack US, who did? Who attack USS liberty and try to blame it on Egypt so that US will go to war with them? Liars and deceivers!!

  28. UN top court orders US to lift some of Iran sanctions. Please obey the law (International law). People who disobey the law are CRIMINAL!!

  29. TRUMP the man who came to power claiming to be "anti political islam" is now trying to form a Suni Arab NATO style military force. Trump literally want to be the head of a multi national SALAFI'ST army……. :/

  30. Go freedom of religion in USA. But go also separation of church and state that iran and many middle eastern countries do not have. See what happens in those countries? Kind of like the way England was when we had to fight against their policies and why many people left that country for the new world.

  31. We Americans are FED UP with good ol boys and idiots warmongering this planet. DC is overtun with idiots. WE NEED STATESMEN!!!!

  32. I don't think so. Iran simply pointed out that: Hey, and that treaty you wouldn't let us go unless we signed , WELL YOU ARE IN VIOLATION OF IT ! IT IS YOU !!! B O L T O N !!! Your deep state here in the USA that is making a mockery of the rule of law you only want it to apply to everyone else not you. Like how your people can go around the world , trash out governments, install a puppet, and steal that nations resources. and you guys are so pissed that you can't steal I rans resources I for one am happy to see any Luscaferian like Bolton be fit to be tied. Thank-youn Jesus !


  34. John Bolton is so very corrupt and in the pockets of AIPAC. John Bolton is a true enemy of America and Americans. His hands are bloody with American service man and women. Thousands of American servicemen and women died in Iraq war for Israel and the cost of the Iraq war was all to America. Neocon Zionists and Israel are destroying America. John Bolton is a traitor and he has to be indicted for treason.

  35. Israel wants a war with Iran. Israel doesn’t care how many American soldiers die or get injured. The last couple of decades Americans have been dying in the Middle East solely for Israel. John Bolton is a soulless, evil Zionist.

  36. Just to put things in perspective:
    The USA has 7000 nukes & has been at war 92% of the time since 1776 when the nation was founded by wealthy slave owners. Iran on the other hand, has not attacked any nation for 300 years.

  37. I still don't believe people listening to these B.S and on top of that believe them?They creat war to put billions in their pocket,they don't give a sh…t about you George Carlin.

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