BOOK LAUNCH CRAFTS: Photo Booth Frame and DIY Backdrop
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BOOK LAUNCH CRAFTS: Photo Booth Frame and DIY Backdrop

October 17, 2019

So, I wanted to create some decorative
elements for the book launch of my first book, ‘Her Kind of Luck.’ We’re going to
have a big launch at Berkelouw Books in Paddington with over a hundred people
and I wanted to have some cool elements that represent my book and that you can
interact with to take photos. So, I decided I’d like to create a backdrop
and a photo frame that people can hold to take pictures in. I’m at Reverse Garbage in Marrickville, We’re looking for something we can use as a base structure for the photo wall. There’s lots of abandoned materials here and we’ll see what we can find. This is like a corporate banner. Which I feel is just wide enough It’s a little more narrow than I imagined. I think we can use this somehow the only thing is, it has a round bottom which seems somewhat strange, and it should have – I’m pretty sure – a pole that runs up the back to keep it upright. We did find these plastic things that maybe could go on the end like that… and then stand flat. So I’m hoping something like that will make it stand up. And we just need to find some sort of pole in these tubs to keep it upright Wish us luck! Ok, so we found this board and I’m actually liking this better Because it’s so lightweight and it almost is standing up on it’s own. I think we can use these plastic things to create a support for the bottom and it should stand up!
I like it. We found this frame, it’s $6 and I feel like it would be a good photobooth kind of thing so we’re gonna grab that as well. For a photo frame that people could hold at my book launch, I wanted to do
something a little bit different. This is an idea that a lot
of people use at parties and weddings
and it can be a bit cliché. You see it a lot and I wanted to
do something with a bit of a twist I found this vintage frame at
Reverse Garbage. My book cover has gold lettering so I painted it gold
to match the cover and then I wanted to use elements of the cover art inside the frame so that people can sort of be inside the illustrations of the book and
immersed in the story. Brio Books created beautiful cover art
for my book which includes waves, jasmine which is an element of the story a broken heart, feathers, a key and clover all in the style of embroidery. Because I couldn’t embroider
it in the same style of the book I wanted it to look like cut outs of a picture book. I decided to print out the elements of the cover in colour on white
paper. I knew this was going to result in a white outline and it could
look a bit dodgy I think in situations like that the best thing to do is to lean in.
So, I left a really big white outline around the outside so it would look
almost like a colouring in book and pop out. Clearly cut out shapes I think, if you’re not sure if
something’s going to work, just make it look intentional. I used foam board and printed out some images, stuck them on the foam board and then used a pen knife
to cut around them I borrowed a hot glue gun from my brother never used one before. I’ve been watching a lot of Rachel Burke’s imakestagram
clips on Instagram and she’s always using a hot glue gun so I was like, ‘I can do this!’ and it worked really well to glue the cover elements to the inside
of the frame I also was going to cut letters out of
foam board. the letters ‘Her Kind of Luck’. to go on the inside of the frame. Usually, I would always make something like that myself because I’m always trying to save
money and make crafts on the lowest possible budget. But in this case I had
one week to my book launch I was very anxious. Writing a memoir, by the way,
is terrifying! So I wanted to reduce the amount of time I would spend. I went to Lincraft and bought letters. They were $3 each and then painted
them navy to match the cover and glue gunned them to the frame. For the backdrop I wanted to include elements of pictures of my
great-grandmother Shan-Yi the book is a combination of biography about Shan-Yi
and memoir about my personal experience of recovering from mental illness and
researching her life. So, I wanted a lot of imagery
of her and also to incorporate
some imagery from the cover art I’ve just been to Officeworks
printing… black-and-white printing of images. I spent about $18
on black-and-white printing A3 size and A4 size pictures of
letters and photographs Here’s one, this is a nice photograph… so they will be collaged all over the backdrop and then I also printed out
these big flowers in colour. I did not want to pay for A2 or A1 printing Because that’s really expensive So I’ve printed A3 and the flowers extend
over multiple pages which will need to be placed together to make the whole
flower it was just the cheapest way to do it. and it worked really well everyone
enjoyed taking photos on the night and we ended up with some great snaps
from the book launch people were able to see pictures of Shan-Yi and get a sense of
her life and it created a beautiful atmosphere and a really fun night
for everyone.

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