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Boris Is Proof That Britain Needs A Constitution | Full Frontal on TBS

September 27, 2019

Welcome back. This week, the
UK Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Boris Johnson’s unprecedented decision to suspend
Parliament was illegal. Opposing politicians are calling for Johnson
to resign, or, if he refuses, to hold a vote of no confidence. But even if Parliament passes
the motion, Boris Johnson could “still” refuse to leave, because there’s no law that explicitly
requires him to. Britain doesn’t have a proper written Constitution.
Reporter: “Architect Matthew Taylor is concerned that Johnson is flouting the conventions of
Britain’s unwritten Constitution.” Taylor: “In the past it’s relied on a lot
of trust and good faith, I believe that the people in charge are doing the right thing.
But if they switch to not doing it, it’s very easy to start abusing a system like that because
there aren’t enough checks and balances in place.”
That is the most well-informed, thoughtful person to ever dress like the EU flag.
The British government relies on precedents and conventions that, for centuries,
have just been understood and respected. But now, Britain has this:
“You’ve lied to the people of London.” Boris: “Oh get stuffed.”
*Johnson tackles a kid (flash) Boris Johnson trips a kid ending on “oh shit, sorry”*
Parents, don’t let your kids play sports with Boris Johnson and Britain, write down your
shit! A written Constitution is the only way to
clarify laws, the role of the monarchy, and to prevent
this peaky blinder from calling squatters’ rights on Downing Street.
That’s our show. Goodnight!

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  1. I was under the impression that all democratic countries had a constitution, since mine, the USA, and some others do.
    On a different note: having a constitution is meaningless in America. Except for gun ownership.

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