Boris Johnson confident parliament will back his new Brexit deal
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Boris Johnson confident parliament will back his new Brexit deal

November 23, 2019

This is a great deal
for our country, for the UK, I also believe it’s a very
good deal for our friends in the EU. And what it means is that we,
in the UK can come out of the EU as one United Kingdom.
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
are together and it means we can decide our future
together, we can decide– we can take back control
as the phrase goes, of our money, our borders,
our laws… Together we will be able to do free trade
agreements around the world. We can build now on our
relations with our friends and partners in the EU.
And it will be a very exciting period
now as we are to get to the positive side of that project.
The extraction having been done, the building now begins.
And I’m very confident that when my colleagues
in Parliament study this agreement,
that they will want to vote for it
on Saturday and then in succeeding days.

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  1. With a minority government and at least three parties declaring opposition to the deal already, I'm not exactly sure how Boris is going to get this through parliament. He will need a fairly large amount of Labour rebels and most of the independents to vote for him in order to succeed and so far, parliament has demonstrated that it is fervently opposed to anything that Boris suggests. The coming few days are going to be interesting to say the least.

  2. My gos as an Scottish American this is hard to watch, how is it possible that he will not do what the people voted for over 3 years ago??? Did he your man Boris sellout the UK to the EU? It sure as hell looks like it from here…Wow

  3. Labour have fought in court for a no deal BREXIT. Now we have a deal they have agreed to vote against it even before they know what as been agreed. More proof these UNDEMOCRATIC REMOANERS never intended to leave whatever the deal was. Pure dismissal of 17.4 million voters. I'll never vote Labour again. I'm ashamed i once did.

  4. Why bother listening to anything Johnson says? There is literally no way of knowing whether anything he says is true or not.

  5. northern Ireland lol this guy is funny,,he give northern Ireland to the eu ,, true the borders WILL be between England and northern all about him ,, isn't it ???

  6. This is just smoke and mirrors to influence algorithms and manipulate the stock market it's all predetermined set to be released at a certain time of year when they know energy is going to be low and they need something to prop up the market for at least 2 or 3 months LOL it's a sham to keep the central banking system in place so they can force you to stay at your dead-end job in debt the only solution is to Riot

  7. Ireland should also leave and take back our sovereignt. I expect Italy France Spain Portugal and Greece may also line up to do the same.

  8. British Trump is oozing with unearned confidence, just like American Trump. Both would be washing dishes in a greasy spoon had they not inherited wealth.

  9. Johnson represent the english citizens interest and save money for UK and refuse to give money taxes for migrants,respect

  10. The Conservative Party must die for the sake of this nation.

    Read it and get even…

    Ninety-five per cent of this revised deal is the deal agreed with Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May.

    Citizens’ rights. UK money poured into the EU. Ongoing cases at the European Court of Justice. The data of EU citizens stored in the UK. Under this deal, they would all be secured.

    Unveiling the deal, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said: “This text… provides legal certainty and certainty where Brexit creates uncertainty.” Certainty for the EU – yes, of course it does!

    With some clever and devious re-writing, the EU and UK have revived the original Northern Ireland-only backstop but with some small surface differences.

    “We shifted our positions but within our principles,” a member of Team Barnier bragged, soon after the deal was agreed.

    In black and white, Northern Ireland is in the UK’s customs territory but in reality the EU’s customs processes will apply, although it might not always feel that way because of exemptions, rebates and other tweaks.

    Northern Ireland will follow pages and pages of EU rules on agriculture and goods. Items entering Northern Ireland will be checked for compliance with those regulations.

    That reduces the risk of non-EU-approved goods ending up in France, Belgium, Finland or the rest of the member states. The single market will be physically protected.

    Breaches of those rules can be sent to the European Court of Justice, which means the EU’s highest court still administers EU law. The single market will be legally protected.

    And the French President Emmanuel Macron said when he arrived at the summit, Boris Johnson assured him he had the votes to get this agreement through the House of Commons.

    If there’s a hiccup then there’s always the safety valve of an extension to the Brexit deadline, despite what leaders are currently saying. And “die in a ditch” Boris has chickened out – just as he did immediately after the referendum when he ran away – and has admitted, he WILL ask for one.

    So, in a nutshell, Bombastic Bullshitting Boris has shafted us, while dangling a couple of new hospitals in front of us, like carrots in front of the donkeys he thinks we are – and keeping his “European Friends” happy.

    Oh – and he thinks that, thanks to the mindless, trusting, lobotomised peasants who will continue to believe in Boris with the fervour of deluded Justin Bieber fans, he will have saved the Conservative party – which is all he really cares about, in between shagging left-wing women.

    The Conservative Party? Time to kill it with fire.

  11. It's a great deal for the US 👍 they can finally take full control of the UK and dump all their trash into the British market 👍 say goodbye to European standards and welcome to American garbage 👍

  12. Rubbish , unless you are out , you still get scammed by the VAT TAX LAUNDRY ,which is why they want you in , Lisbon treaty takes effect on 1/11/19 , they just waiting for the day to take your Armed Forces. (EUDU) EU defence union ????

  13. Great news,it took a while but better late than never.Once Boris became P.M it was only a matter of time,just needed a leader with the will.He always seemed to be a man of destiny,he always had that X factor even as mayor…..He will now forefer gondown as a hero for Democracy alongside the likes of Churchill,Reagan,Thatcher and Trump.I'm not a right wing voter myself but was always Pro democracy/Pro Brexit,you can't be overturn referendum results….Its been a Great Few Years For The Right,they are still on the rise.Left wing parties keep backing the issues that aren't popular.

  14. The current Parliament will always vote down any means to actually leave the EU.
    Which is why the country needs a General Election.

    To remove the Remainer MP`s presiding over Leave constituencies who are not representing the people they were elected by.

  15. Have you noticed how many lying sleazy MPs are claiming they have talked to the Constituency. A Survey should be taken after an MP claims this and if untrue should be put in Prison.

  16. The remoaner parliament will re-moan. The deal will be rejected. The EU will grant an extension. Everyone knows that.
    So what, exactly has been achieved over the last 39 months? Nothing.

    Time to take it to the streets, if the leaders can't govern for us we must govern ourselves.
    Revolution UK 2019.

  17. Desperate stuff to save 46 years worth of trade deals with our closest and biggest trading partner the European Union…we've done enough damage to the value of the Pound in our pockets already!

  18. I’m finding the mainstream media’s fervent support for this deal really quite disturbing. Yet again we’re being bullied into accepting a bad deal or no deal, by a minority Government.

  19. Boris Johnson plays the numbers game after getting his Brexit deal ►

  20. Let's all hope the deal gets voted down by the opposition parties and the EU keep their word about no extension and we leave with no deal on the 31st.

  21. We need to leave the EU, this isn’t leaving…. it pleases no one. I hope the MPs reject it, then we can have an election, and I hope Brexit Party wins.

  22. He's NO CHANCE of getting the deal through ……… he's eventually going to have to be forced to go for No Deal on the 31st or extend. It's Treason May-Bot's Chequers surrender TREATY with a Northern Ireland tweak then re-heated. How do you think Tusk and Juncker accepted it so readily?
    Wakey-Wakey people …………. Farage is the ONLY PERSON who has the want and will to get us out of Europe in it's entirety. Johnson's a damned Tory …….. and there isn't ONE Tory who wants Brexit, let's face it. A 'Treaty' is not 'Brexit'.

  23. This is only the withdrawal agreement. The DUP annoy me. Just saw interview with leader of small business in Northern Ireland and they will have best both worlds. We need to move on . The opposition parties are just in it for themselves and not thinking about the people. One EU chap said that Corbyn is naive. It is Mays deal or Boris. Corbyn is just talking about the political agreement. They are not going to negotiate another withdrawal agreement.

  24. The scarey thing about all this is, if the vote is tied , Bercow gets the casting vote!. I think if the EU had said this is the last word and if its voted down they will kick us out anyway it would definitely get through the commons.

  25. I wouldn't pay these INCOMPETENT CLOWNS Ten bob a year, never mind 77 Grand a year. The WHOLE structure needs tearing down ready for CLEAN start

  26. "Make a level path for your feet, and all your ways will be sure. Do not swerve to the right or to the left; turn your feet away from evil." -Proverbs 4: 26-27 "The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding." -The Kybalion

  27. What Boris Johnson do we have here? Not the same Boris Johnson who updates "the Brothers" behind closed doors and after a couple of ports . The body language and choice of words is far less convincing and sincere than that of what we have come to expect from the real Boris Johnson. His deal is hardly anything other than May's dead horse of a deal.
    We need to know what role is expected of the United Kingdom in regards to European military unification, NOW!

  28. Regardless of what is agreed, we will always have four perpetual years of living under E.U. laws and regulations. That is quite acceptable for the E.U.

  29. So that's why Michael Gove decided to run.. Boris hasn't got any backbone.. this deal consigns us to an EU prison forever.. now, far from hoping the government would be able to get past the obstructive Parliament, we need the Parliament to block this, desparately..

  30. I am a 13 year old remainder from London.

    I have a question for every brexit supporter out there.

    Is there an advantage to Brexit and can you give me one?

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