Bose Frames Review: The Headphones of the Future Are… Sunglasses | WSJ
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Bose Frames Review: The Headphones of the Future Are… Sunglasses | WSJ

August 28, 2019

– When Apple’s Air Pods first came out I kind of thought they looked stupid. Actually I still kinda
think they look stupid. I mean they look like the heads on an electric toothbrush. I feel much cooler wearing the new Bose Frames which work
like a pair of headphones but look just like any
ordinary sunglasses. And best of all, not at
all like toothbrushes. Here’s how they work. They have speakers and
microphone on the inside which play music or
podcasts or whatever else which sounds like it would end up playing everything so loudly that anyone around you could hear you, like you’re the monster who listens to music on speakerphone in public. But Bose has some really clever noise canceling tech that actually manages to mask the
sound that emanates out. It doesn’t kill everything, but unless I really crank the volume the most it’ll sound like is the sort of leaky headphone audio you
get from Apple’s Air Pods. Basically don’t use these in the quiet car but out in the world you
won’t disturb anybody. I’m so intrigued by these Frames because it turns out I
wear my actual Air Pods for hours, basically every single day and I do way more than just listen to music on my headphones. I listen to podcasts, I make phone calls, and especially with these new models, I’m using the Air Pods to talk to Siri throughout the day. It’s so much easier to use Alexa or Google Assistant or
Siri to say, “call Anna,” or “remind me tomorrow morning to pick up the dry cleaning” then it is to dig out my phone and try to do it that way. Air Pods and all these other truly wireless headphones I’ve been testing are designed to offer
the same kind of utility but in your ears all the time. But the problem with headphones is that they’re headphones and I really, really don’t wanna live in a world where everyone
wears headphones 24/7. How will you ever know if anyone is listening to you? We need a way to have digital and real world audio at the same time, but shoving giant hunks of plastic deep into your ears is not the solution. That’s what works so
well about these frames. Right now, for instance, I’m listening to the new Taylor Swift song but I can also hear the world around me and anyone who might wanna talk to me. It just makes sense. You have real headphones for when you wanna shut everything else out and something like Frames for when you want your podcasts or notifications but still wanna be part of society. Along with the Frames, Bose is also doing some really interesting augmented reality stuff that I think is the future for all
these headphones too. I can get audio walking
or driving directions which isn’t particularly novel, but I can also get directions with an app called Naviguide. – [Woman] Head north on Front Street. – And if I double tap on my sunglasses while I’m navigating, it’ll use the GPS in my phone plus the sensors in my sunglasses to figure out if I’m looking at any of the interesting
landmarks in its database and tell me about it. It’ll even look for
popular restaurants nearby and read me Yelp reviews. – [Woman] Mixed is currently open and has a rating of 3.0 stars with 75 reviews on Yelp. – There’s also some AR games like this one where a super computer is trying to take over the world and you can talk, type, or even communicate just by shaking or nodding your head. – [Man] Do you understand? – All these features are
pretty primitive right now but they’re really cool and Bose is opening up the tech that powers it all to
lots of other developers. The real beauty of Frames is that, well they’re not headphones. I have to say I thought these would be kind of ridiculous, but I find myself wearing
them all the time. It’s great to have a computer in your ear, but it’s even better when it doesn’t block out the real world and it’s even better still when instead of making me look ridiculous, they make me look awesome. (upbeat music)

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  1. Great video and great points. The other major point that I plan on making a video about is how open ear headphones are also great if you have tinnitus. Which it to say you will not be as exposed to as much deep bass with open air headphones. Trust me. You do not want tinnitus. I highly recommend AfterShokz Air headphones if glasses are not your thing.

  2. I use mine all the time now. Since I wear prescription eyeglasses I sent to a place online and they made custom lenses for them. I now use them for everything

  3. So it’s like Zungle bone conductive sunglasses/frames? Except it uses regular audio that can still b heard? With the extra sensor features it’s almost as cool as the zungle brand

  4. Sounds cool just wish he would've spoken more to the sound quality beyond noise leakage.
    Weird when audio product reviews neglect actually mentioning the audio…..

  5. Really cool, but I live in Ireland so sunglasses are only suitable 2 weeks a year and look silly indoors.

  6. Wsj is a large company, there must be a better role for David behind the camera. I am cringing whenever he reviews or introduces a product.

  7. Thats horrible comparing it head to head with wireless earphones. So, how about when you're indoor? Unless you wanna just wear it all day all night anywhere. Thats a different product not a replacement to your wireless earphones.smh

  8. Consumer electronics have gotten only marginally better the past 5 years. I still prefer my wired headphones over Bluetooth.

  9. Are they the type that induct sound through the skull? He didn't make that clear. Get him back on maybe?

  10. Totally idiotic product. “It’s great to have a computer in your ear.” Yeah dude, totally, as you stroll around SF on your Bird scooter listening to a computer tell you how many stars the restaurant you’re zooming by has… as you get mauled by a truck because of your augmented reality experience. What a disturbed society.

  11. A review with no word on sound quality!? Seriously, unacceptable. This means they must sound terrible

  12. Dear Wall Street Journal,
    Let's not and say we did.
    You may not hear sirens, firetrucks or police coming near.
    While we're at it, let's not ever have a nice and friendly conversation with any random human being ever again. 😒
    " Oops sorry bro, this one goes in you're mouth, and that one in you're ear"
    Quote from the movie "Idiocracy" 🎬🎥
    Peace ✌

  13. To much expensive.
    Not even give fast charger in box 😡. While paying high price which can't justify price also.

  14. You can just start using airpods as soon as you get into the car. Oh wait you are Gona switch to these glasses.
    Plus not taking your word coz "Taylor Swift “ seriously!!?

  15. These solve no real world problems. If you want spatial awareness while walking around or at work, then bone conducting headsets from After Shokz such as their excellent Trekz Air, is the solution. A couple of different sunglass model may or may not fit for comfort and appearance. Not to mention that many people wear corrective lenses or PPE.

  16. I was doubtful about how often I use it but bought it anyway to do a short YT review. Turns out Iike it a lot more than I thought and am using it almost every morning on the commute to work! There is something to be said about freedom of having something in the ears! Good points David!

  17. Bone conduction headphones are not new, not even in glass frames. But I see Bose, I put it in wish list.

  18. Almost brought this, but when I found out that it has a 3 hours battery life and 3 hours to recharge…. Frighten me off.

  19. This would be great for blind people, only add a sensor notification when ever an object is nearby to alert.

  20. We don’t need people who wear earphones all the time. We need people who wear sunglasses all the time. :p

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