BREAKING! Putin: If Trump Abandons INF Treaty, We Are Entering New Arms Race
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BREAKING! Putin: If Trump Abandons INF Treaty, We Are Entering New Arms Race

November 29, 2019

I have a question on the INF Treaty, the subject being discussed these past few days not only in our country and in the US, but also in Europe. Due to the specifics of these arms –intermediate and short-range missiles – the Europeans could become hostages to the US if Washington withdraws from the treaty, as my colleague said yesterday. It is not clear yet if Washington is withdrawing or is revising the format of this document, however, whatever the case, if Trump and his administration move beyond words, what steps will you take? This question is addressed to both leaders. This problem did not come up yesterday or even three days ago when the US President announced it. It came up earlier, and as you might have noticed, and we did notice, the United States Congress had already earmarked expenses for R&D on intermediate and short-range missiles. This means the decision has been taken. Once research and development is underway – and they do not do it so it can sit on the shelf and collect dust, it means that the next step will also be made. The budget was passed, the Congress approved it while a political statement was made several days ago. Yes, indeed, there are certain questions regarding progress in missile technology and the limitations undertaken only by the United States and the Soviet Union, now the Russian Federation. However, what worries us is that the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty has been scrapped. Now we are talking about the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. And the future of a new START Treaty on limiting strategic offensive arms is unclear. If all that is scrapped, then nothing will remain to limit arms growth. The situation will then become very dangerous, in my view. There will be nothing left but an arms race. Now regarding Europe. Of course, the key question, if the United States withdraws from the INF Treaty, the main question is what will they do with any new missiles? If they deploy them in Europe, we will naturally have to respond symmetrically, and the European countries that agree to this, if it goes as far as that, must realise that they will put their own territory at risk of a retaliatory strike. This is an obvious situation. We will go back to Pershings in Europe. I actually do not understand why Europe should be brought to such a high degree of risk? I see no reasons for that, but let me reiterate, this not our choice, we are not pursuing this. In answer to your question as to whether we will be able to respond – yes, we will, and this will happen very quickly and efficiently. What is the formal pretext for our partners’ withdrawal from the INF Treaty? Accusations that we are allegedly violating it. However, as usual, no evidence of this is produced, whereas the United States has already violated it by deploying Aegis anti-missile defense launchers in Romania, by placing them on land, on the territory. What have they done? The Aegis launchers can be used for offensive missiles, not anti-missiles. They only need to update the software and that’s it. This can be done in hours. We will not even be able to guess what is happening, we will not be able to see it from the outside. The US has already violated the treaty. How about unmanned aircraft? This is in essence also a direct violation. Drones are no different than intermediate and short-range missiles in this respect. This is an old trick, when nobody shouts ‘Stop thief!’ louder than the thieves do, but it will not work in this case. We are carefully analysing everything that is going on in real life. But let me repeat, we are ready to work on this with our US partners without any hysterics. What matters is what will follow, which decision will be taken. I would like to add that this is a matter of concern for Italy as well, since we are talking about intermediate-range missiles. For this reason, we cannot remain indifferent to the fact that this treaty may be cancelled. I told Mr Putin that I was very young at the time of Pershing missiles, and have no desire whatsoever to return to a time that we have managed to leave behind us. I will also inform President Trump during a telephone conversation that Italy will do everything it takes, as it usually does, to make sure that dialogue remains possible on this matter. We must focus on other cooperation opportunities and we must avoid any disruptions that would be a concern for everyone.

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  1. Putin showing the world he's a strong and clear leader, as always.
    But I think he's in a far better position to be like that than Trump is.
    Trump still has to fight the fascists that surround him at his level, without causing a civil war in his country. And he has to do that while constantly being under attack by an aggressive US mainstream media and a divided population.
    While Putin has cleared out the area around him, years ago. He's in full control of his armed forces, most of the Russian mainstream media respect him, and the vast majority of the Russian people love him.
    But I believe there's something major going on behind the scenes in the USA right now. Trump didn't just wake up one day and decided it would be a sweet idea to become the POTUS. I believe he's part of a larger (concealed) group. A group that is working against the global fascists that want their new world order. Just like Putin is doing.
    I think it's about time the two get together in person, so they can become more efficient in fighting the global fascists together.
    So I'm not that worried about this whole missile treaty issue. I believe Trump knows exactly what he is doing.

  2. I m from romania and i m afraid..what will happen in case of war?i dont understand why my country accept missile from u.s ..i m with putin :/

  3. This has a simple piece to the puzzle, European nation's refuse to allow the USA/NATO to place the missiles in there territory. This accomplished in a United MOMENTUM.

    The NOW for the human dynamic is trade, education and exchange of technology.; this is strengthened by infrastructure development and FLOW of INFINITE FREQUENCY.



  5. The Russian economy cant even participate in an arms race. It's the size of New York state. The Soviet union dosen't exist anymore.

  6. United States are ruled by a criminal zionist mafia they give the orders and the puppet president obey. They are ready to start a nuclear war and they dont give a shit about the consequences

  7. i dont know alot about this but "arms race"?? 600 billion usa against 50 for Russia? that wont really be a race…..

    i only say what i think im not for or against putin or trump in this

  8. America loves to race. America benefits from competetive racing. As long as we don't have to clean up your nuclear mess at the end, again. Please keep your weapons safe this time.

  9. Is this a diversion created purposely to save MBS the Mafia Bin Satan ? I wonder how much he must have paid to both the US & Russia ? I had some trust in Putin that he's man of his words, but after all, he too is a politician.

  10. Quit doing things you're not supposed to do and you wouldn't get sanctioned! Why have some kind of deal when you can't stick to the deal either! Snake in the grass!

  11. Most nukes are aimed at Mother Russia,it will 100% take longer than the rest to cool down in the event of nuclear war.

  12. No one folowed this treaty. It was a toilet paper treaty.funny how u.s. says were dropping treaty and 2 weeks later russia advertises a rockit that already breaks the treaty. Well done puttin double talk much its funny ey?

  13. Fun fact if russia or the u.s. just detonated half there nukes in there siloes. We all die.good times right.they dont even need to launch them.:)

  14. These dogs think they are the only one living on this planet. They are taking the whole world into darkness for their madness for power.
    I think its time Russia and europe join hands otherwise there would be nothing left except dust to rule on.

  15. Trump thinks he have got some balls. Americans always behaved like that to other Nations, sad, very sad. But hopefully Russia will push the button first, I would.

  16. Russia economy will collapse again under the weight of arms race in Cold War II. Russians are already cut off from Swift system and, need to pay in Gold for all Western product imports.

  17. What happened to last time Russia gotten an arms race with the US. Russia fell history will repeat itself the private sector of the USA. has more money than Russia China and half the world knows about so be careful what you wish for.

  18. Putin secretly broke the treaty, and now he is acting mad? This time you are not dealing with an idiot president like Obama and Bush Jr. Got it vodka drinking comrade? Hard to believe Putin is even

  19. Our Military's can send out the Women,Gays & Transgendered Soldiers of the Army to fight em, that'll show Russia we mean business!!!! 😛

  20. Verge of WW3, courtesy of the Jews. Voltaire was right in his predictions that they may cause the extinction of mankind.

  21. They been in arms race all along, a new one is nothing new lmao, but whatever, they want to renegotiate, hopefully they can come to peaceful agreement better for everyone, I'm not quite ready to die just yet. Or I should say, I'm not quite ready to bring upon the world change that it needs. So it would be unfortunate

  22. Putin I am with you and we need 3. World War to cut down population and get rid of lazy cancerest people who feed of others and pray on less fortunate

  23. لم ينطق بوتين يوماً إِلَّا بكلمة الحق و العدالة و حقوق كل الشعوب بحياة كريمة على الارض بعكس كل رؤساء أمريكا الذين لم ينطقوا يوماً إِلَّا بالاكاذيب و النفاق و الاستكبار و العنجهية و العنصرية و سيادة امريكا على القرار العالمي تماماً مثلما كان هتلر النازي الالماني يخطط و يعمل لاجله

  24. Anyone ever thought about this: we are all leaving comments on this YouTube video not even realizing that we may not be around to see the next 10 years of life because of the United States and Russia? So while you're reading this it's kinda like we don't exist because eventually nukes will fall world wide. We might not even be here 10 years from now. Reality sucks.

  25. 700billion a year vs 70billion in funding…an arms race would not fare good for Russia. Nobody in US wants war with Russia or even have any reason for the US to attack Russia other than thinking they would attack us.

  26. As an outsider, I would say we are developing these systems. Who is setting us all up for failure? We are getting close to reaching full transparency on the spectrum and I hope we all can respect each other and learn these lessons fast before we all doom ourselves.

    IMO: We've got to tap out some things out together as a loving species and focus on getting to space holistically and safely.

  27. I just figured out the truth: Guatemala felt the pressure of the INF treaty nonconformance so they are looking to coup Trump and than take his tower back with them to their swamp city. Victor Ponta was a spy for Guatemala who could program those defence missiles to actually work but he had to return to his clone.

  28. If those Clinton scum had not have given China our nuclear secrets then there would be no need to advance the arsenal.

  29. I keep telling people Donald trump has always been Mr Putin's enemy and he will always will be Putin's enemy so as long as the elite are around, he tries to be friends with Putin and when he learnt that Russia isnt like other countries and won't ever bow down they pulled out of the treaty, and just look how Russia said no more to the petrodollar and then next minute you hear that trump wants to pull out of the treaty, but this is just the start of things other counties are following suit and are starting to realise they can too pull out of the petrodollar, and if that happens then you watch how they're will be full out war between the remaining us allies and the free countries, but none the less things aren't looking as high as they at the start

  30. Short range missiles in Europe would make sense to the neocon/non elected establishment. America cannot be threatened with them and it affords a relatively low risk way to annihilate Europe and Russia. A hypersonic nuclear first strike from the territory of a competitor becomes an attractive possibility with a local uncoordinated nuclear exchange an attractive proposition to an organization of despicable psychopaths. Quarantine the USA.

  31. Perhaps he saying he out INF because no use evan producing yellow cake mucho granda things to BAKE for the GOOD people superpower sur la table.

  32. Its all about sovereignty
    And at the moment Europe is so corrupt that there needs to be war and UK is with Russia 100%
    The people that is maybe not government!!!!!!!!

  33. Well if you didnt break the treaty by developing that land based nuclear bomb then the treaty would still be intact. All your fault mr putin. Lets destroy this world with nuclear bombs is what you really want.

  34. Putin has to be careful what he says we have all access to trade via seas we could cut the life line off from Russia only the European main countries get gas from Russia us and the US do not need anything from Russia they need us to be able to sail our seas!! People seem to think Russia could take us on 😂 we have been surrounding Russia since the Cold War!! Russia has shrunk not grown the EU has taken the baltic states Russia will never be able to with stand the aggression!!!

  35. Putin can't afford to get into an arm's race. His country is broke.

    He already lost the cold war arms and Russia went bankrupt.

  36. The United States will be destroyed by the Russians sooner or later.. not because of their country. . It's because of that bloody trump. Solutions to this problem is to get rid of trump from the oval office…. case closed….

  37. putin kill everybody stop talking bullshit let die together pls do it press button u have ball i think u dont dare do it finish the world

  38. u cant bcos of country man and ur gr friend baby u die for another nation never think u stong nation we god who judge

  39. who despises a vile person but honors those who fear the Lord; who keeps an oath even when it hurts, and does not change their mind; Psalm 15:4What did you say was the name of your god?

  40. Mr Putin need to nuclear who's stolen DL print I'd sherry Martin to stop em I'm religion Sharia only left Christ Jesus 6 yr one hand prayer friend of god

  41. jpf7007 et pour tout le monde aussi.., LOAD TRADUCTION FRENCH TO INGLICH PLEASE. ; La Russie de la Fédération fait partie de L'ORIENTATION DES NATIONS UNIES avec tout l 'Europe et l'occidental ENTIERS associés avec des juges des cours PÉNALES INTERNATIONALES en soyant actuellement en sous contrôle judiciaire à Donald Trump et Vladimir Poutine 24 h sur 24 h continuellement à l' annéeet 7 jours sur 7 pour sécurités intercontinentaux sur toute la planète entière avec cette enquête de la FBI fourni par l 'ORIENTATION DES NATIONS UNIES en fesant face à l 'exécutions à Donald Trump et Vladimir Poutine EN CAS DE CONFLIT NUCLÉAIRES RUSSES ET AMÉRICAINS MONDIAL en interseptant d'abord ces 30000 missiles nucléaires de 100 megatonnes +chaque par des antimissiles patriotes intercontinentaux et des sattelites lasers et etc instantanément le plus que possible EN ÉLIMINANT TOUTES RACES D 'ARMES NUCLÉAIRES INSTANTANÉMENT DANS L'ESPACE aux cas où avec cette sentence de cette salle d'audience INTERNATIONALES de ce pallais de justice international de ce procès PÉNALES INTERNATIONALES judiciaires de ces cours cour pénales internationales de L'ORIENTATION DES NATIONS UNIES reunis avec la Russie de la Fédération on n' en parle même pas et de tout l 'Europe et l'occidental entiers avec ces chambres de ces plateaux d'exécutions extrajudiciaires intercontinentaux à Donald Trump et Vladimir Poutine en cas de conflit nucléaires stratégiques Russes et Américains de comme je le répète avec des procureurs de la couronne INTERNATIONALES judiciaires et extrajudiciaires intercontinentaux et des jurrys EN PLEINE décisions prises par des juges des cours PÉNALES INTERNATIONALES de ce pallais de justice international de L'ORIENTATION DES NATIONS UNIES avec tout l 'Europe et l'occidental ENTIERS de comme je le répète surtout avec la Russie de la Fédération bien évidemment on n' en parle même pas et que de toutes utilisations d 'armes nucléaires stratégiques et les PLUS puissantes quoi que ce soivent ou des toutes les types sont mortellement infiniment INTERDITES par l 'ORIENTATION DES NATIONS UNIES avec sa loi sévère et infiniment extrêmement sophistiquée de ce pallais de justice international de L'ORIENTATION DES NATIONS UNIES de comme je le répète encore une fois rempli de jurrys et des procureurs de la couronne INTERNATIONALES judiciaires et extrajudiciaires intercontinentaux dans ce pallais de justice international de L'ORIENTATION DES NATIONS UNIES dans ce temps ci d'aujourd'hui !!!

  42. If you stopped making radioactive missiles with infinate range and submerged nuclear drones then why do you whine about the US pulling out of treaty that you russians violated first ? Stop whining and start building some good ol' nukes .

  43. We have the 100S of military bases set up in strategic positions around the world. Russia we have you surrounded just in case you try something stupid. We have more aircraft carriers and subs alone than the entire world combined. Russia you economy is trash. The state if California has a bigger economy than your entire country. Sit down and Stfu and continue to do what we tell you to do. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  44. The US is being forced out of the treaty by China’s military build up. Russia has already breached the treaty anyway by deploying intermediate range missiles. Putin is the con man. Must remember. He’s former KGB.

  45. at least the US notify their withdrawal so they can upgrade their nuclear capability but the Russian has no intent to withdraw but they already upgraded their arms secretly act of traitor to their commitment resulting into a big problem to the world.

  46. #Donald open new doors for new deals about NUKE for Russia and China.
    #I am the messenger!.
    #Let them, USA take a first step for new deal.

  47. What treaty? Russia has been blatantly violating the terms of the treaty for years and we've been too spineless to confront them about it until now.

  48. I agree with Putin, war will kill millions, he wants to avoid war and trump keeps trying to start one, world war 3 is inevitable

  49. Bolton feels confident that he can out storm everyone in military strength yet when he starts a world war no one will be eager to come to the assist of USA backed into a corner once Bolton sets that nuclear missile on course he feels justifiable to claim entitlement to assert . Once he creates another skeleton fallout zone he should not cry and try to say he did not contribute to the “Crimes Against Humanity Allegations that will once again be placed before him rightfully wether he continues to deny these charges their will be no one that will be able to truthfully defend his claims . John Bolton is not going to be able to win this battle simply because he supplied the ammunition that is evidence of his evil participation of aiding his ego into a trap of his own design

  50. In from UK and if I'm honest most brits love putin nice to see someone who's priority is there country unlike UK us and the rest of Europe

  51. I am a regular subscriber in America…please give us good English translation (if possible.) Many here need to hear from President Putin and Russia. Many citizens are Russian people's friends.

  52. New arms race lol they never stopped making nuclear weapons since they made the treaty they never respected it so here in the USA they should start making new nuclear weapons with nuclear reactors like the new Russian nuclear weapons

  53. When the world was enjoying some actual sweet years of peace.
    Russia: Make no mistake, Russia can easily take out all of NATO before it goes out. Even if it doesn't touch US.

  54. This time the arms race with the west will be like Putin Getting his one gallon gas can and pouring it into his rusted out , bald tires , running on two cylinders Ford Pinto leaking gas while driving though a Forrest fire. Vs The west’s cogs-worth formula one race car followed by a nuclear powered fuel tanker with ten thousand gallons of gas . He will lose .

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