Brexit: Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend parliament explained | FT
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Brexit: Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend parliament explained | FT

November 18, 2019

Boris Johnson has taken
the remarkable step of announcing plans to suspend
parliament for five weeks in order to limit the time
that opponents of his Brexit strategy have to frustrate him. The announcement has provoked
an extraordinary reaction from Boris Johnson’s opponents. The Speaker of the House
of Commons, John Bercow, has called it a
constitutional outrage. Many of the opponents of Brexit
have also done the same thing. They see this as a deliberate
strategy to run down the clock and prevent parliament from
asserting its will in blocking a no-deal Brexit. Why is he doing this now? There are a couple of reasons. The first is that he senses
weakness among his opponents. It’s clear that there
isn’t a majority not only for bringing
him down, but also for putting in place a
caretaker government, which would ask for a Brexit
extension and seek an election. That’s the only surefire
way to stop this government. He also thinks that
Remain is divided in their other strategies. They’re looking for a
legislative approach to outlaw the idea
of a no-deal Brexit, and Boris Johnson still thinks
he can work around that. He also thinks that perhaps
a people versus parliament election, where he
proclaims himself as upholding the will of the
people and goes in a dash to the polls, could
work to his advantage. Finally, he also wants to
show the European Union that there is no parliamentary
rescue squad coming to stop him doing what he intends. All things considered, he is
raising the stakes enormously and saying to people,
if you want to stop me you’re going to have to
destroy my government and you’re going to
have to do it quickly. What this means is that there
will be absolutely ferocious fighting when parliament
returns next week. MPs are going to have to work
flat out to devise a strategy to frustrate this
government or face up to the unpalatable
reality for some of them that they have to bring Boris
Johnson down and put somebody else, probably Jeremy Corbyn, in
place for at least a very brief period. His opponents are trying to
work out their strategy now. They still think the legislative
approach is the right one, but they’ve now got far
fewer days in which to act, unless they can change
the rules and get more time in parliament. It’s clear they have
the speaker onside, but they’ve got to coalesce
around a strategy that works. What Boris Johnson
is doing is legal, but it carries very
severe dangers. The principle of suspending
parliament so that you cannot be frustrated by a majority of
MPs may sound like a good idea when you’re in government. It’s not something you’d
find very attractive if you were in opposition and
it was being done to you. And let’s not forget, this
is an unelected leader of a minority government. The bottom line,
however, is this: Remainers and
opponents of no-deal have often talked about being
prepared to do whatever it takes to stop a no-deal Brexit. What Boris Johnson is
showing by this gambit is that he also is
prepared to do whatever it takes to get
his policy through, and he is daring his
opponents to live up to their own
rhetoric to stop him.

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  1. We are now officially a tinpot dictatorship being run by psychopaths.

    That so called queen is an enemy of democracy.

  2. Well done Boris to suspend parliament, as he is perfectly entitled to do. As the remainers have so vocally pointed out, this stops them subverting the will of the people in the referendum. That is too say we will leave the EU as we are supposed to do, with, or without a deal by the end of October. Media bias is absolute, only presenting the remainer point of view – absolutely shameful. Democracy will be served, we will leave the EU. The media on the other hand needs reform and our parliament needs to decide where its loyalties lie. To the United Kingdom or to an increasingly undemocratic EU Federal State to which this Country has made a binding commitment to leave.

  3. Those making silly comments do not understand how Parliament works. Only 5 days f debate will be lost. Much more important is whether Johnson actually delivers a No Deal Brexit, the closest thing to what we voted for, or betrays with a version of May’s deal.

  4. Remainers have used every anri-democratic trick in the book to thwart the will of the people . Now the same group that did not give a damn about the vote are crying for democracy ! Remainers are not afraid of a no deal failure , they are afraid it will work.

  5. BS as normal from the FT, Boris has "not" taken the "Remarkable step" proroguing parliament. ! its happen this way for centuries in fact Parliament has not sat in late September for the last 80 years.,
    Watch and learn FT.

    Your standards are dropping by the day!

  6. Brexit represents a turning point, not for the EU, but for the UK. 

    It is a sign that dysfunctional authority is not omnipotent…

  7. You mean to prevent the betrayers of the people from thwarting Brexit , surely?
    I'm just worried that he'll bring back May's surrender treaty in a very slightly modified form…

  8. Listen to interview with Jacob reese-Mogg , the speaker is totally out of line shooting his mouth off, HE BERCOW HAS JUST SHOT HIMSELF IN THE FOOT

  9. Johnson's played a blinder of a move here! To be fair, this whole situation needs to reach a conclusion and it never will with the games being played by Corbyn et al. What's more with a REAL threat of No-Deal which the EU have publicly said they do not want – now maybe some actual negotiation might happen. How can anyone negotiate when they are continuously being undermined by their own side. The desicion was made, accept it – I did, it's about time people started working together for the best/cleanest exit instead of againt each other.

  10. Financial Times have posted two videos against what Boris is doing in the last 45 mins. FT must be remainers like the BBC. GET US OUT WITH NO DEAL, BORIS!!!!!

  11. People voted for leave………. parliament wants to remain 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  12. I have never read the Financial Times. If this is anything to go by I don't see many people will eather.This guy is a fool,a total fool,he does not understand that all parties have their conferrences at this time of year, which means parliament would be shut down anyway. Then there is the Queens speach which must have enough time to be written, so in actual fact it only four or five days that parliament will be shut. Oh! then there was John Major, he never would behave in that way now would he?

  13. John Major prorogued parliament in 1997 at a time that avoided debate on the Cash-for-Questions affair. After 3 years of BREXIT debate it's high time the UK left the EUSSR as per the referendum result aka DEMOCRACY IN ACTION.

  14. I can't see the Tory party actually delivering a no-deals Brexit, it would probably destroy the party or at the very least leave them as a minority party for years.
    I CAN imagine them believing, correctly or not, it will deliver concessions from the EU on the deal. Then BJ will bring back May's very slightly altered deal, maybe a rearrangement of paragraphs, and call it NEW DEAL BREXIT!

  15. Boris and the Queen against the rest of the British world! Boris is not born in Britain. He is even not elected by the British people so he needs a mighty friend like a monarchy (the natural enemy of the democracy) to destroy the British democracy – the strongest democracy in our world. I can not understand why the Queen does not stop a US clown but does not believe in the British people but in US clowns? Can the UK survive this? The damage is a tragedy for Britain and the British people. Maybe a civil war can start in Britain? But the British people have to pay the price – always the British people! or do you think the rich monarchy will pay the price? Ridiculous!

  16. I'm sorry to say but it appears to me that the Remainers only want one thing out of all of this misdirection ….. To Stop Brexit. That is against the will of the majority, so who is being undemocratic here! The will of the people voted to Leave and the minority needs to understand that. They have no democratic voice here.

  17. Leavers won the referendum. Brexit will happen deal or no. Better trade deals will be made with more powerful countries outside the EU. Laws will be back in the hands of British lawmakers. Britain will eventually thrive and be an even brighter cultural, economic and scientific beacon for the world 🌍

  18. Did I miss a second referendum? If not, what on earth are these lunatic remainers talking about? Your claims have no reason to exist, people decided for brexit. Your job now is to get best deal for brexit dumb horsefaces, not to question it, or even worse and actually exactly what you've been doing last 3 years, to sabotage it!

    Remainers are the only anti-democratic variable in this equation.

  19. It's time that someone take things in charge and take UK out from EU. They debated for three years, and it is tine to deliver what people had voted for.

  20. its All due to non co operation of few Euro rich nations, sometimes democracy needs to pause and re~start just like machines when it hangs, it's all for Good👍

  21. It’s not an outrage. It’s call democracy. People voted and he now is honoring true vote. Labour would use the tool if they could. But they can’t. Her majesty is all in with leaving so let’s be calm and trust the queen.

  22. Oh Robert it's so obvious and the rest of the FT want to support remain but don't have the balls to stand by what you believe this is why journalists are hated, because your cowards.

  23. After all that's happened since the referendum, could we not at least question whether the people knew exactly what they were voting for? If the will of the people is still Brexit, then why not have a second referendum to confirm it, now that they have a much better idea what Brexit really means in practical terms?

  24. Do you think there are enough Remainer Conservatives who would be willing to defeat the government in a vote of non-confidence, then create a coalition government with Labour, the Lib-Dems and the Scottish Nationalists, and with Corbyn as Prime Minister?

  25. The Financial Times has failed to inform the public of the full consequences of BREXIT which, politically, economically and culturally, amounts to the most disastrous decision since the mass nationalizations of the 40s and 60s which ended Britain as a world power.

  26. The EU is not playing chicken. He may rise his stakes as much as he wants to. The EU doesn't PLAY. It is so sad that you Tommies just don't understand. And the EU doesn't hope for a Parliamentary rescue squad. Because we don't play.

  27. The Brexit is ok, the people vote so. But the brexit will change nothing, cause Britain will use the same financial system. And this have to change, but no one change this. All countries use a system, who makes more and more people poor. This begins with the education system where u learn thinks, what is useless, people here and in Great Britain have to be work for only some peoble who will have all the money. Dont think about it, they say. Look tv, read your newspapers and chat on Facebook. Dont think about, what's the truth, or really wrong. The big mainstream, Facebook too, is only a leading machinery, who show u the way where u have to go. The financial elites, will " kill" the UK, cause here the first time they say "NO" and this the elites dont like.

  28. Parliament is in a perfidious state of insurrection against the sovereign electorate and it has already forfeited the authority conferred on it by the People and violated the social contract which it took an oath to abide by. The UK is in fact a crowned republic.

  29. My question to the FT is what are you doing ? Just reporting the news ? I put it to you if this was a Labour government doing this you and business both largely and very large would be going apperplectic, business leaders are not very happy ,but because it's a Tory government they almost get a free pass . When we crash and burn followed by recession ,will you be shouting from the rooftops "well we warned you " ?

  30. Not going to comment on brexit itself just say Bercow over the last few years have shown he clearly isn't impartial, which he should be.

  31. Referendums are nothing but a political tool that politicians use to give a stamp of popular legitimacy to something that the government is going to do anyway.

    Why are people outraged or even surprised? The government lied in 1975 to get the UK in, and has lied to get them out again.

    The government has recently announced plans to turn the UK into Singapore and is now preparing to spend money it doesn't have on infrastructure etc and encouraging home ownership to get the island ship shape. So if that's their plan, being part of the EU with all its financial regulations and directives is not an option.

    They already have an elitist, right wing, autocratic party, which is determined to stay in power forever, controlling the country. So, they are almost there in achieving their plans.

  32. Exactly – Boris confront them head-on as they have been trying to do to to you by stopping you by any means available! You will succeed because 17.4 million is behind you. Do it for us!

  33. BJ is a reckless, self-absorbed individual who’s dream of becoming a PM have finally come true! He will put any one at risk to keep his position of power! Hs promises are as “cheap” and groundless as those of his Cabinet members!

  34. I'm surprised that a political analysis from something as prestigious as the FT would make such an elementary mistake as to say that Parliament is being suspended for 5 weeks. That's complete nonsense. I came to the FT channel for a neutral and informed assessment of the situation. I really am disappointed that it appears to be no more trustworthy than the average tabloid.

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